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Hi! Here is your official upcoming BYT events cheat sheet: small stuff, big stuff, cool stuff, smart stuff, weird stuff – it’s all there.

MAY 31ST:BYT & Capital Pride are back, back, back again – supported this time by the Smithsonian American Art Museum to kick-off a month of Pride celebrations with: COUNTDOWN! Aquaria is headlining! Open bars! House of Sonique surprises! Ball drop at midnight! Tickets on sale now!

SAVE THE DATE: October 24-27, our Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival celebrates 10 years of Comedy & Friendship. Keep an eye on bentzenball.com for details and tickets soon.

SAVE THE DATE: November 8-11, our Death Becomes Us – True Crime Festival returns to DC.DALL ACCESS FESTIVAL PASSES ARE ON SALE NOW come and get them. Keep an eye out on deathbecomesus.com for details and individual tickets soon.

Also browse through some other events on the Events Calendar or check out the Stuff To Do In DC section.

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