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You are hoping to market to the BYT audience?

You made it to the right place.


BYT is a refreshing-but-trusted voice dedicated to constantly engaging our readers and followers.

Real world influence and highly engaged communities have become one of digital’s biggest assets. BYT has been doing things this way from the start.

BYT’s unique online/offline model allows for constant, genuine, STICKY engagement with our audience, which has evolved with us over the last decade, proving both our staying power and adaptability. There is no one out there quite like us (trust us, we looked) and more than ever, people and companies NEED the BYT approach.

And it works:

  • 98% of our audience trusts BYT’s recommendations
  • 90% of our audience interacts with BYT in some way at least once a week, and 80% of them check out one of our channels whenever deciding what to do

So, what’s the next step?

Lucky for you, advertising on BYT is easier than negotiating the rest of the vast Internet black hole. We understand that no two events or products are the same and will create a custom package that works for your needs, across our platforms: from advertising to advertorial to marketing through our social channels, as well as tapping into our friend and client network for partnerships and collaborations.

Just drop us a line, and we’ll go from there.
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