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Monday, May 25 – Uncut Gems comes to Netflix

If your quarantine life is a little too bland, might I recommend the most tense, uncomfortable film to come out last year? Uncut Gems is a masterful balance of dread and frustration, a film that will make you continuously stressed out and laugh at the ridiculous lengths Adam Sandler’s Howard Ratner will go to, either for greed or just for his own sick amusement.

The best Sandler films work because the director knows how to play to the rage that Sandler falls back on in his comedies, but utilizing that rage in a dramatic tone. The Safdie brothers know exactly how to work with Sandler, playing that aggression and childlike goofiness as a way for Ratner to get ahead with the various people he’s playing.

Uncut Gems is a marvel, a film that finds new depths for Ratner to dig himself into. With direction and editing that builds the strain to its breaking point, a brooding score by Daniel Lopatin and one of Sandler’s finest performances, Uncut Gems is one of the best films of 2019.

Tuesday, May 26 – Hannah Gadsby: Douglas on Netflix

Hannah Gadsby’s last special, 2018’s Nanette, was a jolt in the world of comedy. Part standup special, part introspective theater, Nanette had Gadsby playing with tension in the joke format by digging into her past traumas and trying to find a sense of catharsis for herself, rather than supplying one for the audience.

In the trailer for her latest special, Hannah Gadsby: Douglas, Gadsby jokes about how she exhausted all of her past traumas in the last special and now the tank is empty. Reactions to her live performances of Douglas have stated this is more of a straightforward comedy show, equal to the brilliance of Nanette, yet inherently different in what it’s trying to accomplish. After you’ve shaken up the comedy landscape and world of standup as much as Nanette did, how can you even imagine following it up?

Wednesday, May 27 – HBO Max

Of course the last thing anyone in the world needs is another streaming service. Hell, with HBO Go and HBO Now, we already have too many HBO services. And besides, who needs more streaming options in a post-Quibi world?

While HBO Max doesn’t have a massive catalogue of original content yet (the best of which seems to be The Not Too Late Show, a talk show hosted by Elmo), HBO Max does have an impressive lineup of movies and TV shows right out the gate. Of course, HBO Max will feature films, shows and miniseries from HBO, but also entire runs of shows as varied as Friends, Doctor Who, Adventure Time, and South Park.

But the real star of HBO Max is the service’s robust movie inventory. HBO Max is the only place streaming Studio Ghibli’s entire catalogue, and with Warner Bros. Classics, classic films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Citizen Kane and Singin’ in the Rain are readily available. For those that already don’t have the Criterion Channel, there’s also a ton of foreign and classic offerings from there, including the films in Criterion’s massive Godzilla and Olympic films box sets. Even compared to established streaming options, that’s an pretty incredible lineup of content.

Thursday, May 28 – Noisey Night In

Last week, Phoebe Bridgers was slated to open for The 1975 at The Anthem, but as is the case with all concerts, that was unfortunately put on hold. But thanks to the second edition of Noisey Night In, now everyone can see Bridgers live, and with the added benefit of not also having to see The 1975!

Noisey Night In is presented to benefit Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, which provides money for workers in the music industry who are struggling during the pandemic. This second installment of the Noisey Night In features a stacked lineup, which includes Bridgers, Finneas, Claud, Alex Haley, Beach Bunny and Faye Webster. The show airs at 8 P.M. ET on Noisey’s YouTube page.

Friday, May 29 – Space Force

Greg Daniels, the man behind the U.S. version of The Office and Parks and Recreation, has certainly been busy over the quarantine. Just a few weeks ago, he debuted his latest show, Upload, on Amazon Prime, and this week, he’s reuniting with Steve Carell to create Space Force, a comedy about the newest, stupidest branch of the military.

Carell plays General Mark Naird, the Chief of Space Operations, responsible for getting Space Force up and running. His team includes a powerhouse cast, including John Malkovich, Tawny Newsome, and Ben Schwartz, playing “Fuck Tony Scarapiducci.” Space Force also features the last television performance by the late great Fred Willard, who plays Naird’s father.

With an impeccable track record and a history of great rewatchable shows, Daniels’ new show seems like it could be the next great show to binge.

Saturday, May 30 – Ramy

When Ramy Youssef won the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy for the first season of Ramy, he even stated in his speech, “Look, I know you guys haven’t seen my show.” It was a surprise win, but it definitely put Ramy on people’s radar for the first time.

In Ramy, Youssef plays the eponymous lead character, who is struggling with being a good Muslim. Continuing this idea, the second season has added Mahershala Ali to the cast as Sheikh Ali, who tries to lead Ramy on his religious path.

Ramy is a rare show focusing on Muslim American families, and a delightful example of Youssef’s comedy style, which doesn’t shy away from poking fun at his religion, while still being reverent to it.

Sunday, May 31 – Quiz

It’s been too long since the last season of Succession, so how about a three-part series that makes Matthew Macfadyen uncomfortably sweat in the hot seat of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Based on a real event, Quiz follows Macfadyen and his wife, Diana, played by Fleabag’s Sian Clifford, as a British couple who cheat their way through the popular game show. Directed by The Queen and High Fidelity’s Stephen Frears, the limited series seems to be reminiscent of Quiz Show, an in-depth look at what makes a game show, while also breaking down how the show can fall apart.

Enjoy, you content monkeys.