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Photos By Franz Mahr, Words By Samantha Withall (Beverage Manager, The Hamilton)

The Hamilton is one of D.C.’s best live music venues but they are also giving you some of D.C.’s best food and drink options. We popped over to see what kind of amazing cocktails they are currently serving and which you could be savoring this weekend. For more on venue food and drinks, make sure to check out our BEST VENUE FOOD IN D.C. guide. -ed.



Betty’s Apple: Martini Glass UP

2oz Sloop Betty Vodka
2oz Fresh Apple Juice
Garnish with apple slice

Betty’s Apple one of our most cherished cocktails that has been on our menu from day one. It is so simple in it’s ingredients that one might miss how important and amazingly delicious it is. We use a masticating juicer to extract the freshest most crisp apple juice and use a slight hint of Vitamin C powder (also known as ascorbic acid) to keep the juice from oxidation; thus it’s bright green color, verses the brown color of regular apple juice. We then incorporate purposely the smoothest most inert vodka we could find that was made locally MD, Sloop Betty Vodka, to make sure that it doesn’t take anything away from our fresh apple juice flavor.
150224The Hamilton Cocktails-009

Garfinckle’s Fashion: Rocks Glass

1 sugar cube
.05 oz Liquid from Bourbon Soaked Cherries
2 dashes The Hamilton bitters #3
2.5 oz The Hamilton by Smooth Ambler

Garfinckel’s Fashion is one of the newest additions to our menu. It is a true tribute to a traditional “Old Fashioned” but with a Hamilton twist. First off we feature our own “The Hamilton” barrel of Smooth Ambler’s Old Scout bourbon, which has a heavier rye build and our very own house “Batch 3” bitters.  Pairing these two items was a match made in “Old Fashioned” heaven, and it’s popularity has proven thus.  We are soon to be out of our Hamilton barrel and will be selecting a new barrel ASAP so that we can continue this great cocktail.  Oh, and the name speaks to our location which was once the great Garfinckel’s Department store since around the 1930’s.

150224The Hamilton Cocktails-007150224The Hamilton Cocktails-027

Green Thumb: Coup Glass UP

2oz Corsair Gin
2oz cucumber sour mix ( cucumber juice 2parts, one part lime juice, half part simple syrup, and salt to taste)
Two thinly sliced pieces of cucumber

Green Thumb was born out of an idea I had from a favorite cold soup my grandmother used to make with cucumbers and sour cream.  I generally have an abhorrence for dairy in cocktails, so I knew sour cream was out, but I wanted to create the essence of her soup in a drink. In so doing I created a cucumber sour mix, using fresh cucumber juice, lime juice some simple syrup and a bit of salt, and then all we needed was the gin.  Once I tasted Corsair’s Gin (which to me is like Hendricks on steroids) I knew this was the perfect match.

150224The Hamilton Cocktails-005150224The Hamilton Cocktails-021

Hamilton’s Mule: Highball Glass on ICE

2.5 oz Boyd and Blair Vodka
.5 oz fresh lime juice
.5 oz fresh ginger juice
.5 oz simple syrup
Lime Sugar for the Rim
Topped with Soda

Hamilton’s Mule is our most popular selling cocktail, and it is our play on a Moscow Mule. However, we use fresh ginger juice, and fresh lime juice with just a splash of club soda which really brightens this drink up. the ginger juice offers some great spicy undertones that adds depth. We also feature our house made lime sugar to rim the glass which is a self regulating sweetness to balance out the spice. The key for the great balance this drink offers, is the mouth-feel and that comes from the richness of the potato vodka we use from PA, Boyd and Blair.

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