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All Photos: Franz Mahr

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Tequila is a huge hit in the summer months. It blends perfectly with citrus flavors or practically any fruit. Remember all those parties with tequila soaked watermelons? Francesco knows this and has create The Ramona for these reasons. A Don Ciccio Mandarinetto touch connects this staple to Lupo Verde’s cucina. 

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The Ramona:

Francesco starts of by mashing fresh watermelon and blueberries together, releasing the essence that creates a sensational aroma. A smooth blanco tequila is used along with Francesco very own Don Ciccio & Figli Mandarinetto liqueur, made in D.C., and a splash of fresh lemon juice. A charred lemon and a watermelon stirrer top it off to make this a seriously refreshing cocktail with a punch.

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