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It’s not bad. Really. It’s not.

Last night we had our inaugural Super Best Friends Forever DJ night at Little Miss Whiskey’s. Since LMW has a slushi based drink called ‘The Awesomeness,’ it had to be tried. So I did. And it was sweet. The kind of sweet you expect from an alcoholic slushie based drink.

photo 2 (6)

But I didn’t want to give up. There had to be something to make a slushie based drink more drinkable. There is.

photo 4 (3)

It’s not bad! Really! It’s not too sweet. A few people said it was pleasant. I made everyone around me take a sip so they knew I wasn’t a lying liar. The Tanquiray took the bite out of the alcoholic slushie. I made photographer Franz Mahr take a nice photo to prove that it exists.


Is this a drink you’d want every night? Absolutely not. Is it a nice break that makes summer feel close? Yes.