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Photos By Jeff Martin, Words By Emily Catino

Before Estadio opened its doors back in 2010, Proprietor Mark Kuller and Executive Chef Haider Karoum tasted their way through various regions of Spain in order to get the authentic Spanish flavors that the restaurant has become known for (the recipe for the Tortilla Espanola comes straight from the wife of a winery owner in Spain). The beverage program was created with the same care as the menu. In keeping with the authentic tastes, Estadio cocktails incorporate the rich flavors of Spain.

Tanqueray 10 and Housemade Elderflower Tonic


They’re very proud of their Gin and Tonics in Spain. They’re also pretty proud of them at Estadio. Although bartender Billy Chou doesn’t like gin, he makes an exception for his Tanqueray 10 & Housemade Elderflower Citrus Tonic. Take just a sip of this yummy concoction and it won’t be hard to see why—but it will be hard to stop. This isn’t your ordinary Gin and Tonic, the herbal notes from the elderflower mixed with the citrus and give you a clean and refreshing drink from start to finish.



1.5 oz Tanqueray 10 Gin

4-5 oz Elderflower Citrus Tonic


1.) Pour gin and tonic over ice in a bodega glass.
2.) Garnish with a fresh basil leaf and grapefruit twist. (Tip: Smack the grapefruit before peeling to release the smell—the garnish is all about the smell. Then pinch the twist to get the curl to hold.)