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Tomorrow is National Rum Day so here are some tasty rum based cocktails from Cuba Libre that you’ll want to check out.

Cuba Libre_FRM-14

Cuba Libre:

Starting off with a classic highball, the Cuba Libre has 1.5 ounces silver rum, fresh lime juice, a splash of Coke, and a lime for an extra citrusy bite. Simply, perfectly blended, and not your local watering hole’s typical Rum and Coke.

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Pineapple Daiquiri:

Consisting a dark rum, pineapple juice, a heaping potrion of sugar, and lime juice, this daiquiri is another classic fortunately not frozen for once.

Cuba Libre_FRM-13Cuba Libre_FRM-12


Grilled Pineapple Lado:

Instead of using simpler syrup, beverage coordinator, Vance Henderson adds raw cane juice called guarapo to sweeten this cocktail. Made with Don Q silver rum, the lado consists of a grilled pineapple puree, herba buena (Israeli Spearmint) TORN not muddled into the drink, and guarapo.

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