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It’s January and I don’t know about you but one of my (many) resolutions is to spend less money. I want to save that cash like I’m going to do something non-reckless and non-wild with it, instead of my usual budget planning which involves looking at my bank account balance and shrugging. To help me (and hopefully you), we’re bringing back a new and (hopefully) more useful version of our old Free Things To Do in D.C. guide.

Below, we’ve picked 5 free things happening everyday this week. From music to movies to literature to art, you deserve nothing but the best.

Monday – January 20

Tuesday – January 21

  • Learn about that arty boy Constantin Brancusi at NGA‘s screening of On the Wings of Brancusi.
  • Or you can catch the movie Journey to the Depths of the Student’s Soul at Bistro Bohem.
  • Or or you could see Selma at the Woodbridge Library.
  • César Cuautémoc García is talking about his book Migrating to Prison at Politics and Prose.
  • Bring your own vinyl to Songbyrd and force strangers to listen to your favorite music whether they like it or not!

Wednesday – January 22

  • Do some yoga in the Luce, one of the most beautiful spaces in D.C.
  • Saneit Monae is singing some sweet R&B at DC9. There is a $10 suggested donation if you have some cash.
  • Head on over to Slash Run for a free screening of Existenz. Cuddle up with some Cronenberg.
  • The Former Residence of the Ambassadors of Spain is hosting a talk about Hispanic heritage.
  • Go back to Politics and Prose for an author talk with Jeanine Cummins.

Thursday – January 23

Friday – January 24

  • Explore the entirety of the color pink with the art experts at the Hirshhorn.
  • Dance it up at DC9‘s Sexy Back / 2000s dance party.
  • Or you could slide on over to The Dew Drop Inn for some tunes.
  • Smithsonian Folklife is hosting a screening of the Brazilian films Mulheres de Axé and Um Dia no Ilè at Howard University.
  • Because the Folger loves you, they’re putting on a free staged reading of The Bardy Bunch.

Saturday – January 25

  • Get your fill of Robert Frank at NGA‘s double feature of Fire in the East: A Portrait of Robert Frank and Leaving Home, Coming Home: A Portrait of Robert Frank.
  • Drink a beer and get wild to Debt Crisis, The Rememberables and Chilton at Slash Run.
  • Hit up a Chinese New Year party at The LINE Hotel.
  • Get your picture taken with a very fancy camera at the Leica Store.
  • Then hit up Max Fillion at the Songbyrd Vinyl Lounge. There is a $10 suggested donation if you have some cash.

Sunday – January 26