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Another week down! Feeling stressed or lonely or just need a little pick me up? Scroll down for some sweet things to read, some good music to listen to and all the different ways you can reach out and help the people around you. We’re glad we’re here with you.

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Read Something

What’s In Your Pantry?: BYT Staff Edition
If you’re a human person living pretty much anywhere in the world right now, chances are you made at least some semblance of an attempt to stock up your pantry over the course of the last few weeks. And as anyone who’s set foot in the grocery store recently can attest, IT IS PURE MAYHEM. And also kind of illogical in terms of what people are hoarding? Panic does weird things to people!

Plus some more stories:
–  DC Government Commissions Local Distillery to Produce 1,000 Gallons of Hand Sanitizer (via Washingtonian)
–  I Spent a Year in Space, and I Have Tips on Isolation to Share (via NYT)
– Love Is Blind Fans, Rejoice! A D.C. Quarantine Version Is Here (via DCist)

Have Fun

Join us on Instagram at 11 a.m. for a Quaran-King makeup tutorial
We are going live with the amazing Ricky Rose! Grab your contour palette and join us on the BYT Instagram for some content that will make your day a little bit better. We’ll see you there!

Help Someone

If you can, these folks could use your help:
– Grab a gift card (or some merch / a meal / etc) and support some of these excellent local businesses.
– Help out the folks who make D.C.’s theatre scene so lively and rich with this theatreWashington relief fund.
– Reminiscing about nights at the 9:30 Club or The Anthem? Buy a gift card here and your money goes to the I.M.P. Family Fund.

Take a Walk

We reached out to some of our favorite people to see how they’re keeping fit:
– “I keep it old school with a deck of cards! Pick five workouts (such as burpees, Russian twists, air squats, push-ups, flutter kicks, etc.) and do them in order. Whatever number is on the card, you do it. That and running outside. ” – Carl Maynard, founder Walk with Locals.
– Yoga educator Cynthia Lorena is “meditating a lot because stresss= suppressed immune system and weight gain. Among other issues.” Cynthia is leading online classes with Bhakti Yoga DC and will be guiding free meditation via Zoom in the coming days.
– “Lots of walking and sunshine; random park bench workouts; letting my neighbors know I’m alive by trying out online (free) workouts from Tracy Anderson and The Class” – Megan McGarvey, lululemon regional community lead.
– “I’m doing lots of yoga and breathwork, along with body weight HIIT workouts from F45 U Street and taking really long walk/ runs daily” – Abby Paterson, yoga educator and founder, Abby Paterson Yoga.

Dance to This

If you’re not listening to everything (Maryland girl!!!!) Rico Nasty is putting out, you’re not living your life right.