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Before we begin, get your tickets to our SHARKS AND RECREATION Nat Geo After Hours party now. All of our Nat Geo events sell out in advance and then we get emails asking if there are more tickets and there aren’t more tickets and people get upset and there’s noting we can do about that and we don’t want anyone to get upset so just buy your tickets now.

Artist Talk with Claire M and Adrien B – September 6

The amazing inaugural Artechouse exhibition XYZT closes on September 3rd. If you haven’t been – shame on you. To mark the occasion the Artechouse team is putting together an intimate evening with the artists responsible for it. RSVP here. -Svetlana Legetic

202 Arts & Music Festival September 9

Uh D.C. is more than the sum of its political parts. We are also a vibrant city teeming with art! It’s time to honor that at the 202 Arts & Music Festival where you can get your eyefull of visual arts, performance art, and interactive cultural experiences. -Jenn Tisdale

32nd Mayor’s Arts Awards September 14

Get all gussied up to honor some of The District’s most prestigious individuals. Wilhelmina Cole Holladay, co-founder of the National Museum of Women in the Arts will receive the Mayor’s Arts Award for Lifetime Achievement. Ari Roth, artistic director of Mosaic Theatre Company who will receive the Mayor’s Arts Award for Visionary Leadership. Jazz musician and educator Davey Yarborough will receive the Mayor’s Arts Award for Distinguished Honor. Wow, really makes you feel like you’re not doing much so get out and do something! -Jenn Tisdale

Pyramid Atlantic’s PULP FICTION Anniversary, September 16

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center will celebrate a “paper” anniversary on September 16th, 2017 inspired by Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. This party-slash-fundraiser will have DJ Baby Alcatraz spinning soul on vinyl all night long; photo ops; special guests;”Royales with cheese” delivered via Roller Girls; and art “makin’ stations” where you can dig into the pulp, screen coasters, and print on our presses. Attires is casual, or campy. Sounds weird and delightful? It sure does. Tickets and details here. – Svetlana Legetic

Art All Night, September 23

There are a lot of things one can do all night long (*wink*) but art all night is a rare and beautiful thing! From 7pm until 3am you can BETTER YOUR MIND AND HEART. The festival will take place in six DC Main Streets neighborhoods, bringing visual and performing arts, including painting, photography, sculpture, crafts, fashion, music, dance, theater, film, and poetry, to indoor and outdoor public and private spaces, including businesses. So take a break from some of your other night owl activities (*wink again*) and take in the art sights! – Jenn Tisdale

Current Art Affair in Richmond, VA September 28 through October 1

Get out of D.C. and into some art because we’re pretty sure Richmond is for Art Lovers. If you’re an art appreciator, collector, or just plain ol’ gazer…you’ll have access to some of the best local/regional/national contemporary artists. Start living like an adult. Buy some art. And hey why not make a weekend of it? You can hit up Kings Dominion on your way out. -Jenn Tisdale

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CURRENT is pleased to announce that SEDIMENT Arts will be joining this year's fair in a special project space with Nicole Killian. Killian is an artist, designer, and author working across the media of sculpture, digital art, video, publishing, and more. Most recently, Killian has served as an assistant professor at VCU, is a current recipient of the Neo Future Residency at Arteles Creative Center in Hämeenkyrö, Finland, and is to be published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Feminist Scholarship this year. SEDIMENT is an artist-run gallery and retail space dedicated to showcasing relevant and engaging contemporary visual and performing artists through solo and curated group exhibitions and events. We are excited to see what they bring to this year's fair! – Pictured: Installation shot from Killian's 2016 solo show at SEDIMENT, My Friend's Cat is Cute. – @sedimentarts #nicolekillian #currentrva #vcuarts #sedimentarts #sediment

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BONUS: FotoWeekDC Annual Competitions are live now

Three Catergories, an incredible panel of judges, excellent prizes. We’re kicking off the 10th anniversary of FotoWeekDC with a photo competition to showcase both local and international talent. Enter today for a chance to win an opportunity to have your work shown at the festival, and up to $2000 in cash prizes!

National Book Festival 2017 @ Washington Convention Center September 2

Sad as I am that the National Book Festival no longer takes place on the Mall, it’s probably for the best that they moved it to the Convention Center. It somehow rained every year, and honestly, there’s no way they could fit all of this on one section of the Mall. Swing by this year’s festival to hear from authors like David McCullough, Roxane Gay, Jesmyn Ward, and Michael Lewis. Plus, for the first time, all of the main stage author presentations will be streaming on Facebook Live, so even if you’re on the beach this Labor Day weekend, you can still log in to hear from Condoleezza Rice and David Baldacci. -Trisha Brown


Duende District Pop Up @ A Creative DC: Brookland, September 8-17

D.C. needs more bookstores (everywhere needs more bookstores) so we are excited for this “bookstore at large” to be popping up in our Brookland workspace from September 8 – September 17 with a selection of fiction, poetry, memoirs/essays, beverage + cookbooks, art + music titles, graphic novels, local zines, and children’s books. The pop-up will also feature the work of 2 DC-based artists, Aliana Grace Bailey and Lory Ivey Alexander.

Zoe Quinn Crash Override lecture @ Politics & Prose September 9

It’s hard to imagine anyone with a more culturally relevant story to tell right now than Zoe Quinn. The target of hacking, harassment, and threats of assault and death throughout the Gamergate garbagefire, Quinn has some of the best first-hand knowledge out there about online-abuse and what can be done to stop it. Fortunately, she channeled that insight into a book: Crash Override: How Gamergate (Nearly) Destroyed My Life, and How We Can Win the Fight Against Online Hate. Even more fortunately for those of us in D.C., she’s coming to Politics & Prose to talk about it. -Trisha Brown

Crash Override: How Gamergate (Nearly) Destroyed My Life, and How We Can Win the Fight Against Online Hate Cover Image

Celeste Ng – Little Fires Everywhere, out September 12

Celeste Ng wrote my favorite fiction book of the last half decade: Everything I Never Told You. It was human and real and made you think about families and race and life in general in a way that made you learn things and feel things at the same time. I cried like a small child at the end and have shoved it into people’s hands ever since. I feel embarrassed even trying to write about it beyond just saying: YOU HAVE TO READ IT, because I can’t do it justice. When we interviewed her a little while a go, she was funny and smart and kind enough to tease out some details about her long awaited follow up, and September 12th (set in Shaker Heights, Ohio, a suburb Ng grew up in) can’t be here fast enough.

UNCENSORED Underground The Cocktail Party @ Dupont Underground September 30

From our Banned Books Week Preview: While there will be many more events to celebrate Banned Books Week, the crown jewel is DCPL’s kickoff cocktail party, Uncensored, at Dupont Underground. Expect book themed cocktails from some of D.C.’s best bartenders (including the folks at the Columbia Room), live music, art installations, a pop-up market and much much more. As always, it’s going to be a blast. Get your tickets now and remember to use your library card liberally. -Kaylee Dugan

Uncensored Preview (8 of 1)


I Did It For the Story: A Tribute to 20 Years of Storytelling @ Lincoln Theatre September 23

20 storytellers. 20 stories. 20 years. Celebrate this monumental occasion by joining Story District for an evening of all the hits and none of the misses. By the way china is a traditional gift for the 20th anniversary so bring your best plates! -Jenn Tisdale

20th Anniversary

Zoo Uncorked September 7

Here comes the National Zoo, with yet another dope food and/or booze-themed event. Like Brew at the Zoo and Boo at the Zoo, this one is awesome. Zoo Uncorked (the event formerly known as Grapes with the Apes), held this year on September 7, is an event designed to do two things: raise funds for the continued upkeep of the National Zoo and allow guests the opportunity for an up close and personal view of the zoo’s animals while sipping on award-winning local and national wines. Live music, local food trucks, and a commemorative wine glass only add to the experience. Throughout the evening, you’ll enjoy unlimited wine tastings, live music and entertainment, a wildlife art exhibition and sale, a fun outdoor evening at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, and, most importantly, that warm fuzzy feeling of helping save animals. You should make it to this event, support the admittedly noble conservation efforts of the Zoo, and try to connect with (and empathize with, maybe?) the fellow planetary residents. -Logan Hollers

Brew at the Zoo 2017

Atlas Brew Works Anniversary Party September 9

Atlas Brew Works is turning four years old. Well, it technically already turned four years old, but unless you posses a magically air-conditioned auxiliary space or a giant-ass parking lot, an August anniversary parties is a dicey proposition. So, on the presumably more temperate September 9, Atlas will celebrate four years of Rowdiness.

Tickets for the all-day rager cost $15, which includes your first beer and a donation to the Living Classrooms Foundation. So, you can totally write it off as a charitable donation. (Fact check: not true.) There will be live “local music” – none of those macro import bands, thank you very much! – and several food trucks for your chewable nutritional intake. All beers will be $5 all day.

The main drinkable attraction will be the brewery’s fourth anniversary beer. Like last year’s Rowdier and the summer’s Double Dance of Days, head brewer Daniel Vilarrubi has doubled down on an existing recipe: flagship steam beer District Common. In addition to the 8.5% imperial Californian common, Vilarrubi promises “a few extra special tappings” – stay tuned for more details.

And for more about the state of Atlas – and the runaway success of its “Citra and Mosaic pale ale” – revisit our Freshly Tapped story on Double Dance of Days from a few months ago. -Phil R


Snallygaster @ The Yards September 23

Last September, I had signed up for a half marathon on the Sunday after Snallygaster. Then I was gifted a Snallygaster ticket. So, I thought, “I can go to the festival and enjoy myself like a responsible adult human being.” Two things end up happening: 1. I showed up drunk to the race expo. 2. I did not run that race. Long story short: Snallygaster happens.

I mean, what else is there to say about the festival at this point? Snallygaster is the biggest single beer event on the D.C. calendar. 125 breweries. 350+ beers. All selected by tha god Greg Engert. It’s an event equally suited for newbies and hardcore beer nerds. If you’re the latter, you get to hunt #whalez like Perennial’s Barrel-Aged Abraxas, Allagash’s Ghoulschip, and Jester King’s RU55. And if the previous sentence looks like a collection of random words, that’s cool, too – there are no wrong choices! Talk to the brewers! Or drink whatever sounds cool!

OK, back to nerd mode. Some big additions this year: Oklahoma’s American Solera, Seattle’s Holy Mountain, Asheville’s Burial, Miami’s Civil Society, NYC’s Finback, Vermont’s Hill Farmstead, and NYC’s Other Half. Access to their beers will run you $35 (which includes $25 of drink tickets) or $60 for the VIP early admission. Beers are priced on a sliding scale – the #rarer, the more #expensive – so plan to spend a bit more once you’re inside Yards Park. -Phil R

Snallygaster 2014-JM-146-1460

Make It Funky Fest @ Denizens Brewing Company September 30

Denizens Brewing Company boasts arguably the area’s most adventurous wild and sour beer program, so it’s only fitting that the Silver Spring brewery would host our premier festival for wild and sour ales. That shindig is called Make It Funky, and on the last Saturday afternoon of September, it’s back for the third time.

Yet again, it features a fantastic selection of breweries. As you’d expect, Maryland is well represented (Burley Oak, UNION Craft, and Black Flag, among others), as are head brewer Jeff Ramirez’s old stomping grounds of Colorado (Avery, Crooked Stave, Mountain Sun) and Pennsylvania (2SP, Free Will, Conshohocken Brewing). Personally, I’m most excited about a special appearance from Black Narrows, the forthcoming Chincoteague Island brewery co-founded by former BlueJacket head brewer Josh Chapman. Oh, and I’m excited about Ocelot, because Ocelot.

$60 gets you access to unlimited nectar from all those breweries, plus literally dozens more. All in all, we’re talking a selection (of mostly one-offs and rarities) in the triple digits. That’s a lot of beers. And if last year was any indication, they’ll cover a wide range of flavors: tart, tropical, citrusy, hoppy, Bretty, fruit-forward, acidic, vinous, and on and on. If you’re unfamiliar with the world of wild yeast and Lactobacillus, here’s your crash course. It’s a wonderful and not-at-all-scary place to visit – especially when you’re drinking the best stuff. -Phil R

Juggalo March on Washington

We’ve had this on our Google Calendars since it was announced in 2016. Why? I’m down with the clown. Sincerely. Musically, absolutely not, but in every other aspect, absolutely. Woot woot! Really. Woot fucking woot. Make fun of Juggalos and you’re making fun of the misunderstood. The entire ethos of Juggalo culture is family by choice. That is beautiful. That should be an American ideal. Sadly, it is not. The F.B.I. and Department of Justice classify Juggalos as a “loosely organized hybrid gang.” That is not true. Juggalos are a family by choice, plain and simple. So the Juggalo March on Washington is, according to the organizers, “a serious, peaceful public demonstration.” We’ll be covering the event because we’re down with the clown and stand on the right side of history. Woot woot! -Brandon Wetherbee


Muggle Mondays: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them screening @ Black Cat September 4

This town loves themed movie screenings and Harry Potter, so it’s only natural that we have Muggle Mondays at the Black Cat. Honestly, I’d watch any of the movies in the Harry Potter Cinematic Universe (because cinematic universes are so hot right now) anywhere, anytime – I’ve given up countless Sundays to the couch because they had Prisoner of Azkaban on HBO.

While Fantastic Beasts falls outside of the original run of movies and isn’t precisely considered canon, it’s a welcome addition and continues a lot of the world-building that J.K. Rowling did so painstakingly in her books – aided beautifully by director David Yates, a veteran of the series. Eddie Redmayne plays magizoologist Newt Scamander with expected charm and compassion. The rest of the cast, led by Katherine Waterston, Dan Fogler, and Colin Farrell helps lend the appropriate heavy undertones to what is otherwise a light and airy movie the whole family can enjoy. Go watch it with other aspiring witches and wizards at the Black Cat, but remember – bar is cash only. Also: Slytherin 4 life. -Jose Lopez-Sanchez

IT in theaters September 8

We all float down here. -Jenn Tisdale

Selma screening scored by the NSO @ Kennedy Center September 22

There is a lot that’s exceptional about Selma, the 2014 film about Martin Luther King Jr. and the movement to secure equal voting rights, including the film’s score by Jason Moran. Moran is also the Kennedy Center Artistic Director for Jazz, and on September 22, a screening of the film will be accompanied by a live performance of the score by the NSO Pops. Whether you’ve seen Selma or not, this is undoubtedly a unique way to experience a story that is incredibly important to American history. -Trisha Brown

DC VegFest 2017 September 2

Head to Yards Park on September 2 for DCVegFest, the East Coast’s Largest Vegan Festival. Highlighting the many benefits of choosing plant-based foods, the event sounds crunchy, sure (and it is), but it’s also a hell of a good time. Tons of free food samples, more than 130 vendors, a beer garden, a kids’ zone, live music, cooking demonstrations, and talks from authors and celebrities (and Congressman Jamie Raskin!). Best of all: it’s FREE. Bring your dog, try some bites and beers, and join more than 20,000 other people in resolving to cut back a little on the meat. -Logan Hollers

Culinary Cocktails @ National Archives September 23

Join D.C.’s very own Derek Brown in a conversation on the convergence of cocktails and food. There are kitchen ingredients in most of your favorite cocktails, but most people seem to think of the bar and the kitchen as two very separate spaces. Head on over to the National Archives and get ready to be schooled. -Kaylee Dugan

Russian Bazaar September 30

Close out your September at the gorgeous Russian Orthodox Cathedral for the annual Russian Bazaar. Featuring plenty of Russian food, folk music, folk dancing, and handcrafted items, it’s a great way to soak up some Russian culture. Admission is free and food tickets are cheap, so this is a great option if you’ve never tried Russian food and you don’t want to spend all your money at Mari Vanna. Also, if you’ve never tried Russian food before, goddamn you’re in for a treat. Do you like meat and heavy cream in various combinations? Goddamn right you do. -Kaylee Dugan

Labor Day Weekend Music Festival @ Lincoln Theatre

The sweetie pies from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities are celebrating this great city that we live in with a 100% free local music festival Labor Day weekend! Shop local. Buy local. Listen local. Locals only. -Jenn Tisdale

Anna of the North Lovers available September 8

To say I’m obsessed with Anna of the North is very much an understatement, and I am REAL PUMPED for Lovers to be released next week. If you haven’t heard the project, check out “Someone“, which has been on heavy rotation in my headphones since I first heard it // HEARTBREAK NEVER SOUNDED SO INFECTIOUSLY GOOD! -Megan Burns

Susanne Sundfør Music for People In Trouble availanle September 8

Susanne Sundfør could put out a record that’s just her singing the alphabet and I’d buy it. Her vocals are consistently INCREDIBLE, and after listening to the first track off Music for People In Trouble, I feel pretty confident this one’s going to be well worth an investment. Of the record, she says “We are living in a time of great changes. Everything is moving so rapidly, sometimes violently, sometimes dauntingly. I think a lot of people experience anxiety these days. I wanted to address these emotions on the album.” HELL YEAH. -Megan Burns

Big Thief @ Black Cat September 9

Maybe you don’t know Big Thief by name yet. Maybe you haven’t come across their first two albums – the aptly titled Masterpiece, and their 2017 follow-up, Capacity – two of the most delicate, heart-wrenching, and emotionally stirring indie-rock recordings of the last few years. And that’s alright. But as warm, gentle summer breezes begin to stiffen and sharpen into autumnal air, and as carefree evenings spent outside recoil into themselves, play these albums. Take it all in, feel your feelings completely. And go see Adrienne Lenker, Buck Meek, Max Oleartchik, and James Krivchenia play songs that will make you weep. You won’t be alone. -Jose Lopez-Sanchez

Myrkur Mareridt available September 15

I saw Myrkur at Saint Vitus here in NYC last month, and (to put it lightly), it was basically a religious experience. She’s 100% one of the most amazing artists of our time; even if you can’t get into the black metal vibes, you have to at least stop and respect the hell out of Amalie Bruun’s insanely good vocals // she can go from zero to sixty (thousand) at the drop of a hat. Very, very stoked for this record, and chomping at the bit for her to hit the road for a proper tour. -Megan Burns

BADBADNOTGOOD @ 9:30 Club September 17

I was convinced these guys are British because I saw them play a London Boiler Room set once – but like most of my favorite acts these days, turns out they’re Canadian. For as much as Americans think Canada is our “little brother” up North, they really do a great job at providing arts education. Hmm. ANYWAYS, I digress.

BBNG are really good (I’m going to avoid the easy pun there), and have become the go-to group of weird white kids for rappers to collaborate with – Kendrick, Tyler, Earl, Ghostface and Snoop have all sought out the quartet for collaborations. They’re making dope instrumental hip hop, and have an uncanny sense for a groove. Highly recommended. -Jose Lopez-Sanchez

Just as curator Mark Beasley promised earlier this year in his interview to BYT in anticipation of The Summer of Yoko Ono, Hirshhorn will present Concert for Yoko Ono, Washington and the World, a one-night-only celebration of the artist’s pioneering experimental sound and performance art. Held outdoors on the museum’s plaza,  the concert will feature a (KILLER) lineup of groundbreaking female musicians – Kim Gordon, Lizzi Bougatsos and Moor Mother – who will present their own works alongside some of Ono’s most memorable pieces from the 1960s and beyond. Hands down, the coolest music event this month. Tickets are on sale now. – Svetlana Legetic

Broken Social Scene @ 9:30 Club September 19

Yet another legendary Canadian super group coming your way, this time with extra zest. Hug of Thunder received a “Best New Music” rating from Pitchfork, and it’s merited – I’ve had the album on heavy rotation for weeks. BSS may be a small village at this point, with seventeen members officially listed, but damn it if they don’t sound great. The chemistry remains. -Jose Lopez-Sanchez

Opera in the Outfield @ Nationals Park September 23

You got your sports in my opera. Hey you got your opera in my sports! And that’s kind of what happens when you get to enjoy AIDA simulcast at Nationals Park courtesy of The Kennedy Center and Washington National Opera. -Jenn Tisdale

Thundercat @ 9:30 Club September 29

Thundercat is FINALLY at the 9:30 Club! Yes! After cutting his teeth in D.C. at the Howard Theatre, Sweetlife Festival, and U Street Music Hall, the genius bassist, producer, and singer is making his 9:30 debut. I said this last time he was in town, and it rings true today:

“Thundercat is probably my favorite artist right now. Prodigiously talented from a young age, the bassist and producer marries incredible technical ability with deep sensibilities and eclectic – often eccentric – tastes. This dude is out here making genre-defying music like it’s nothing, while also earning the respect of his peers and elders. It’s an incredibly sold out show, but I urge you to find a way to get tickets. Will be worth every cent. Check out our interview with him from a few years back, and enjoy some more of his tracks in the interim.”

Yeah, that show was pretty rad, and this one promises to be as well. Get a ticket if you don’t have one. -Jose Lopez-Sanchez

Flying Lotus-035

Crystal Castles @ 9:30 Club September 30

It’s been a minute since Crystal Castles were particularly relevant – they jumped the shark when they appeared on an episode at the end of the first season of Skins. But, with a new lineup (no more Alice Glass, who is off making music with Marilyn Manson?) and enough time since they had any sort of hit or internet heat, this show sounds like fun from a nostalgia play perspective. Get in there and get weird. -Jose Lopez-Sanchez


Another gentle reminder to get your tickets to our SHARKS AND RECREATION Nat Geo After Hours party now. All of our Nat Geo events sell out in advance and then we get emails asking if there are more tickets and there aren’t more tickets and people get upset and there’s noting we can do about that and we don’t want anyone to get upset so just buy your tickets now.

H Street Festival September 16

The H Street Festival, DC’s premier neighborhood event, is straight-up one of the best days of the year in DC. I even say this as a jaded H St. resident who wants to keep people away from “my spots.” But for one day a year, at least, I’m cool with it. Come enjoy everything that makes H St. great: local businesses that actually know regulars’ names and care about people; unique artists and vendors selling all manner of wares; and a genuine happiness to share with others the fun side of our neighborhood. No need to drive – it’s packed. The festival that started as a 500-person block party more than 12 years ago has now grown into an event that draws more than 150,000 attendees.Take the metro to Union Station or jump on the X2 across the Hopscotch Bridge. Then work your way down from 4th to 14th, stopping in for beers, food, and absurdity the entire way. I yet again have to miss this event this year (super cool Caitlin, WAY TO GET MARRIED UGH). Have twice as much fun so I can live vicariously through you. -Logan Hollers

H St Festival 2016-5

Future Of Sports Pops-Up at H Street / Art All Night

Made in the District is bringing “The Future of Sports,” an interactive, immersive, creative activation featuring a different sport rooms (Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Boxing, etc). Before it opens in earnest in October, it will be having special preview parties during these two mainstay D.C. events. The space also involves a 8000 sq.ft bar area so pencil this in for all your alternative-space party going needs this Fall – Svetlana Legetic

Broad City returns to Comedy Central September 13

Yaaaaas, queen.

When we last saw Abbi and Ilana, our drug-addled, outer-borough misbehavers, they were returning from a failed trip to Israel in air marshal chains; someone referred to their menstrual flow as an explosion a little too close to a stewardess. But that Broad City season finale was more than a year ago — Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson lovingly visited Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn campaign headquarters, if that helps show the mindset.

But now it’s 2017, and for season four, which premieres September 13, this Comedy Central stoner-sex farce will be censoring the president’s name. Both of our lascivious ladies got dumped last year, and I’m excited to see if they chase old beaux or enjoy being single in the city that never sleeps (alone). Guest stars are set to include Wanda Sykes, RuPaul, and Amy Ryan. -Tristan Lejeune

Will & Grace returns to NBC September 28

In as few words as possible: It got bad before it got gone.

NBC is reviving the original not-just-a-best-friend gay sitcom, but here’s hoping the new Will & Grace is way better that the last few years of the original run, which devolved into an endless string of guest stars (Cher, Matt Damon, Katie Couric, Cher again…) and low-hanging-fruit visual gags. Ideally, they’ll be resurrecting the show with DNA from its younger years. Jack and Karen (a Trump voter, apparently) will be living across the hall from our titular twosome, who are no doubt still riding the Manhattan dating scene like mechanical bull. Sounds like a classic two-camera, three-set sitcom if ever I’ve heard of one. Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes, and particularly Megan Mullally have all had the opportunity for interesting work in the 11 years since W&G went off the air, but none of them have ever found parts that suit them better.

It debuts on NBC on Thursday, September 28 at 9 p.m. — and it’s already been renewed for a second season. -Tristan Lejeune

Page to Stage New Play Festival @ Kennedy Center September 2, 3, 4

The DMV has such a large and diverse theater scene that you could see a different show every weekend and still miss a lot of what’s running in any given season. But the Page-to-Stage New Play festival takes things a bit further and gives audiences a chance to look (literally) behind the scenes. Companies from more than 60 local theaters will do free readings and open rehearsals so you’ll also know what to watch for in the 2017-18 theater season. One note: technically the festival goes all three days, but most of it is Saturday and Monday. Schedule yourselves accordingly. -Trisha Brown

Angels in America @ Shakespeare Theatre Company September 5,6 (part 1) and September 11/12

Tony Kushner’s award-winning Angels in America is one of the most unique productions you can find in modern theater. Not only because of the content – the story takes place amidst the AIDS crisis and the ambivalence of the Reagan Administration – but also because of the length. The play is split in to two long segments, and over two weekends, the STC is one of many theaters that will broadcast theatrical performances from London’s National Theatre as part of National Theatre Live. -Trisha Brown