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At the start of each month the BYT staff compiles a list of  things we’re PARTICULARLY looking forward to seeing, reading, eating, touching etc. Our goal is for you to have the best possible month. This may help. -ed.

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The Beach Moves from National Building Museum to Dupont Underground – this coming Monday?

Are you bummed out that THE BEACH, D.C.’s most Instagrammable installation (of all time?) is closing after Labor Day? Well, apparently there is an effort to move all the balls to Dupont Underground where you may all enjoy it some more (and Instagram it some more). Follow the link above to sign up/volunteer for the effort but bear in mind: it IS A LOT of balls


Finding A Line @ Kennedy Center, September 4-13

9 Days of exhibits, exhibitions, performance, demonstrations and more, all focusing around the skateboarding culture. Why and how at the Kennedy Center, you may ask?  As the nation’s performing arts center, the Kennedy Center is a natural fit to showcase the intersection of the great American skateboarding subculture with music and art. From stage plays to orchestral works, the merging of histories is a natural phenomenon in the arts. And in Finding a Line, we will be embarking on a new exploration of our grounds here at the Kennedy Center. It will be vibrant and thrilling. – Jason Moran, one of Festival’s curators. We have no doubts it will.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.01.24 AM

Art All Night September 26

D.C.’s ever-growing, sprawling, neighborhood spanning and bedtime extending art extravaganza is back on what may prove to be one of the busiest weekends of D.C.’s fall (Landmark Music Festival, Crafty Bastards and all). Still, you should always make room in your schedule for Art All Night. Read our interview with the organizers from last year here.

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Ingrid Bergman – A photography celebration @ House of Sweden now through September 27

On the occasion of Ingrid Bergman’s centennial not one but two new photography exhibitions about Sweden’s most iconic Hollywood actress are now open for your enjoyment (with the added bonus of a special 1940s Ingrid Bergman evening on September 9th – free and all)


After Hours feat. TYCHO @ Hirshhorn September 18
Hirshhorn brings back its After Hours, which alongside the final chance to see (the very wonderful and unmissable Shirin Neshat show) also features a live performance by Tycho. Cool points all around. -Svetlana Legetic

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 6.16.42 AM


The Girl In The Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz available September 1

David Lagercrantz is finishing off what Stieg Larsson started and is continuing The Millennium series, or as many people know it, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series. This continuation focuses on a mysterious source who contacts Mikael Blomkvist claiming to have information that’s critical to the U.S. Blomkvist who wants the scoop for his paper, asks Lisbeth for help and they go on another crazy adventure. Look, I’m probably not personally going to read this book because I got my fill of Lisbeth Salander and the dreary Mikael Blomkvist during Larsson’s original three books, but if you love goth hacker girls and long book titles, I’m sure this will make you happy. – Kaylee Dugan

John Darnielle @ Busboys and Poets September 2

The Mountain Goats frontman is also an accomplished author. His novel Wolf in White Van was shortlisted for the National Book Award. We can tell you all about it but it’s better to read it without any idea of plot or structure. Trust us. It was nominated for a National Book Award.

Read our interview with Darnielle for more. He’s a nice man. -Brandon Wetherbee


National Book Festival @ Convention Center September 5

Every year I make a mental note of the National Book Festival. Some years I even plan on attending, but I never do. This could be the year, though the event is still no longer at the National Mall and is now firmly planted at The Convention Center, giving me even less motivation to go. Although I do think it would be fun to troll a semi-famous literary figure Q&A session to ask them if any of their characters have gone on to live out fulfilling lives or finally found true love. Also, I’ve always wondered if people dress up for these kinds of events? Is there such a thing as literary cosplay? I sure hope there is. -Zeke Leeds


The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ by Piers Bizony available September 5

While this great tome of a coffee table book was originally released a little while ago in a $600+ package that included your very own metal monolith, you’ll be able to buy it in September for the low low price of $46.93. Of course, any true Stanley Kubrick fan probably already owns the sadly expensive monolith edition, but for the rest of us this book comes with behind the scenes shots, diagrams, and beautiful stills from the film. It’s truly a coffee table book that’s meant to be shown off, and if your house guests don’t get it, then that tells you they’re not people worth knowing. -Kaylee Dugan

AS IF! book event with Jen Chaney @ Kramerbooks, September 9

20 years ago (feeling old yet?) Clueless stormed into our hearts, changed the way we speak, made over-the-knee socks OK, and firmly imbedded Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd and Stacy Dash into our mental list of forever-remembered-celebrity names. The good news is, you are NOT alone in understanding how much this movie mattered (slyly, brilliantly mattered). Jen Chaney wrote an oral history about it (EVERYONE involved has a story to tell), got it published by Simon & Schuster and is stopping by Kramerbooks this month to talk to YOU about it. Whether or not you decide to wear a vintage mini-quilt and/or a cropped mohair sweater to it – that’s on you. -Svetlana Legetic


Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling available September 15

Mindy Kaling is funny IRL. Her last book was funny. This book is probably going to be funny. You don’t really need to know what the book is going to be about. It doesn’t matter. Do you like funny things? Then you will be fine. BONUS: The book comes out just as season 4 of The Mindy Project premieres on (its new, rightful home) Hulu -Kaylee Dugan


Cabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere by Zach Klein available Septmber 29

If you’re a slave to the Internet like myself, then you may have heard of the wildly successful (and inspirational) tumblr Cabin Porn. The site not only allowed users to submit their own images of beautiful woodsy cabins, but also showcased a number of photos from author Zach Klein’s 55 acre woods he shares with friends in upstate New York. The website documented them building their own cabins, shared spaces, and even a hot tub. So now they have a book. With more pictures of cabins. If you someday dream of kicking everyone you love to the curb and living alone in the woods (same), then this is probably the book for you. -Kaylee Dugan (for the record Kaylee and I share this beautiful dream of living near absolutely no one – Jenn Tisdale)




Sake: Japanese Culture in a Cup @ Ripley Center September 17

When I lived in San Francisco my little corner bodega sold a shit-ton of different kinds of sake. When I was feeling especially bougey I’d stop by to grab a bottle and pretend I knew stuff about sake. I didn’t. Still don’t. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to! Thankfully, really smart people are willing to teach me: “Sake Samurai” Timothy Sullivan, a sake industry promoter and founder of UrbanSake.com, will be on hand at the Smithsonian’s Ripley Center on Thursday, September 17 to explain how sake’s made, go through some of the different regions and styles, and (best of all) offer up a bunch of tastings of the Japanese rice wine. Kanpai! -Logan Hollers

Shakespeare, Not Stirred @ Folger, September 25

Two Shakespeare scholars come together and write a cocktail book that is both funny and punny AND inspired by the works of the bard. Then, in a stroke of genius, Folger invites them to host a free event on September 25th, with their “Et Tu, Brut” champagne cocktail on offer, literary and mixology nerdery and everything in between. We’re in. – Svetlana Legetic




QS World Tour @ Convention Center September 22

QS is this wonderful company that links folks around the world with leading business schools, postgraduate departments at universities and with employers, through websites, e-guides and technical solutions. They also have events like QS World which is landing in ye olde DC September 22nd. Basically this is Tinder for your job future. Kind of. Sadly I didn’t finish college but if I had the opportunity to attend an event that could help me map out my career, if I was still struggling? Hell yeah I’d take it. Plus, BONUS: Fair attendees will also be exclusively eligible to apply for $1.7 million worth of scholarships from QS and partner institutions. WHAT. That’s amazing. And entry is free if you register online and drop BYT at the door. Honestly, what in the heck are you waiting for? -Jenn Tisdale


TEDxMidAtlantic 2015 September 25 and 26

Intersections. How do we navigate our changing world with things like broken drug policies, mass incarceration, social security, climate change, increasing education costs, and disenfranchised inner cities? Now we have an open line of communication to discuss all of this and more. And if you’ve ever wanted to see a TED Talk, now’s your chance.  ALSO ALEX WINTER IS SPEAKING. As in Bill S. Preston Esquire from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. -Jenn Tisdale


Sleeping with Other People in theaters September 11

This movie looks adorable, and not in that saccharine sweet gross RomCom kind of way. It’s just plain fun and I shouldn’t have to sell you this film based on content because the cast alone is gonna put your butt in that theater: Jason Sudeikis, Alison Brie, JASON MANTZOUKAS, and other people who are not Jason Mantzoukas but come on…Mantzoukas. Also there’s a cameo by Buffy’s boring college boyfriend Riley. Remember him? -Jenn Tisdale

The Visit in theaters September 11

M. Night Shamalyan does not have a good track record. Lady in the Water, Signs, Avatar: The Last Airbender, the list goes on. However, he’s still trying to redeem himself in the eyes of horror fans. His newest film, The Visit, does actually look promising despite being another found footage horror film. The premise is two kids go to visit their grandparents’ home in rural Pennsylvania but they quickly realize something ain’t right with grandma and grandpa. I’m really hoping for a werewolf movie, but the more trailers I watch, the less likely it seems. And yes, I may spend movie to see this. Don’t judge. -Mary Beth McAndrews

Black Mass in theaters September 18

I don’t want to jinx it, but I think this could be the thing that brings Johnny Depp back from the downhill career slope that took place following The Lone Ranger. Depp will star in this biopic of famed mobster Whitey Bulger alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Dakota Johnson. It’s been a while since we’ve had a solid mob movie, and even longer since we’ve had a solid Depp performance. -Tam Sackman

About Ray in theaters September 18

About Ray is set to make its theatrical debut this month, and I’m interested to see whether it sinks or swims in terms of its portrayal of transgender youth; while it’s bringing increased visibility to the trans community, using Elle Fanning (a cisgender actress) to play the part of Ray has been met (very understandably) with plenty of criticism, and the film’s director (Gaby Dellal) has been called out for repeatedly misgendering the lead character in interviews, seemingly not grasping the concept of what it means to transition despite having undertaken the task of making a feature-length film about it. The trailer looks good, so hopefully it won’t be a total blunder (especially since Stonewall is out this month, too, and that’s going to suck…), but the fact that it has these pretty major pitfalls is worrisome. (ONLY TIME WILL TELL.) -Megan Burns

The Green Inferno in theaters September 25

The newest film by torture porn master Eli Roth has been hanging out in film limbo for years (it was originally supposed to be released in 2013), due to financial struggles. However it is finally getting a wide theatrical release and is supposedly one of the most shocking horror movies EVER (this remains to be seen). The Green Inferno is basically a revamp to the 1980 film, Cannibal Holocaust: it follows a group of college activists who travel to the Amazon to save the rainforest but their plane crashes. They’re then kidnapped by a tribe of cannibals who want nothing more than to consume their delicious Western flesh. Despite my skepticism, I’m excited in a sort of masochistic way for this film. Who doesn’t love watching people get eaten on a big screen as you shove popcorn into your face? -Mary Beth McAndrews


Truckeroo September 11

A few months ago, I wrote about how awesome Truckeroo is. The last one of the year is Friday, September 11th at the Fairgrounds down by the ballpark. Grab a bite to eat from one of the many food trucks on hand, head over to the Bullpen for some beers and beanbags, and soak in some of the last summer fun before the muggy 90’s give way to D.C.’s brutal winters… -Logan Hollers

Mike Isabella’s Ballston Block Party September 12

Mike Isabella apparently learned a lot working for Jose Andres. Like Andres, the dude’s turned into a legitimate restaurant magnate in the DC metro area. After adding three new spots in Arlington (Kapnos Taverna, Pepita, and Yona), his restaurant group, Mike Isabella Concepts, is throwing a block party at Patio at the View to celebrate. On Saturday, September 12th, $65 gets you live jazz, a DJ, and unlimited booze and bites from each of the new restaurants. Listen, if you’ve been to one of his Industry Nights, you know this is gonna be a blast. Snag tickets here. -Logan Hollers

Fare Well Pop-up-September 21 and 22

The ingenious founder of vegan bakery Sticky Fingers, Doron Petersan, is opening a new vegan restaurant called Fare Well on H Street. This diner will have vegan comfort food, cocktails, and of course some her famous desserts.The preview will be taking place at G, on 14th Street. Make a reservation before all of the spots get booked up! -Priya Konings


Turkish Heritage Month

Celebrate Turkish Heritage Month with special 3 course menus, half priced Turkish wines, and regional dishes at Turkish restaurants in DC throughout the month of September. Participating restaurants include Ankara, Ezme, Agora, Zaytinya, and Istanbul Blue. -Priya Konings


Phazefest @ Black Cat, 9:30 Club September 4 and 5

The 9th Annual Phazefest is back and queerer than ever with a lineup that includes headliners Kiyomi Valentine (of the Real L Word fame) and return favorites Sick of Sarah, along with burlesque shows and a queer dance party. -Tam Sackman

Micachu & the Shapes Good Sad Happy Bad available September 11

It’s been about three years since Micachu & the Shapes released a record, so it goes without saying that I am (and maybe you are) very excited for this one to drop via Rough Trade on the 11th. Here is the new video for “Sea Air” for a little taste of what’s to come // I will be buying it pronto.

Pile, Big Ups, Swing @ Comet Ping Pong September 12

This is a great show to tap into your inner garage punk. Boston-based Pile (spawned from the same scene that delivered Speedy Ortiz unto us) is the big draw, but Big Ups and Swing (D.C.-based) should also be a good time. -Erin Crandell

Holly Miranda @ Rock & Roll Hotel September 15

I love Holly Miranda so much. She used to be in The Jealous Girlfriends and then went solo because she’s better off that way. She sounds like if there was any way Melissa Ethridge could work in 2015 mixed with Sharon Van Etten. I wish I could have listened to Holly Miranda growing up, but instead I didn’t because I was a nerd, and I’m not a nerd anymore so I listen to her now. -Tam Sackman

Lana Del Rey Honeymoon available September 18

I don’t know if it’s right to say that I’m particularly looking forward to the release of this latest LDR record, but from what I’ve heard so far, it seems like it would make for an excellent alternative to the McDonald’s Scary Sound Effects cassette tape from 1995, just in time for Halloween 2015!

Jack on Fire @ Black Cat September 21

D.C. needs more snark. On a given Friday and Saturday, the doors to overrated bars are teeming with soberish young men clad in oversized button down shirts who wait in lines that never go anymore. There are more condos than people. Sometimes D.C. seems like a boozy amusement park, not a community where people live, which is why Jack on Fire is a breath of fresh air. In songs like “Burn Down the Brixton” and “I’m not Your Fucking Baby,” the trio rail against the uglier parts of D.C. life with wicked feminist humor and ample dance punk hooks. This is the band’s first headlining show, and they serve as a welcome reminder that you’re not the only one who thinks the jerks standing in line to get into El Centro DF are complete fucking tools. -Alan Zilberman

Mikal Cronin @ U Street Music Hall September 22

Mikal Cronin sounds like sunshine. He’s like Kishi Bashi in the sense that he makes music that’s so easy to listen to and his few sad songs just sounds wrong. He’s probably the soundtrack to your favorite coffeeshop. He’s a frequent collaborator with Ty Segall for some darker, more distorted jams. This is a head-bopping type show. -Tam Sackman

Dungen Allas Sak available September 25

A lot has changed since Dungen released their last album in 2010. Tame Impala, a band whose sonic similarities are undeniable, are one of the biggest bands in indie rock; they both play slickly polished but boundary-pushing psych rock with intricate melodies and Beatles-y vocal melodies. How will their new album Allas Sak (Swedish for “everyone’s thing”) fare? Will Tame Impala fans greet the band’s accessible neo-psych with similar fervor? We’ll find out together! -Matt Byrne

Kurt Vile b’lieve i’m going down available Septmeber 25

Man, I really like Kurt Vile a lot. If you’re into his past albums, you’ll be into this new one. If you’re not, give it a try anyways, because dude is at the top of his game right now, playing laid-back, fingerpicked country rock better than goddamned anybody. His stream of consciousness lyrics read like diary entries and half formed, pot-addled thoughts and his guitar playing is out of this world but still super chilled out. -Matt Byrne

Landmark Music Festival, September 26, 27

So, D.C. proper finally gets a cool D.C. proper festival. It is brought to you by the folks behind Lollapallooza and Austin City Limits (so they know a thing or two about throwing a proper festival), it features Drake and Chromeo and The Strokes but also cool DMV area bred additions like EX HEX and Dan Deacon and US Royalty, and it has a cause that is as D.C. as any cause ever was: to raise money for the National Mall. See you there.


Disclosure Caracal available September 26

I don’t know which is less cool: to enthusiastically say that I am looking forward to Disclosure’s new record, or to self-deprecatingly say that I am looking forward to Disclosure’s new record. So I will just enthusiastically self-deprecate in saying that I am looking forward to Disclosure’s new record, because you know what, guys? I dig Elevator Electro and that is a fact, and you can either accept me for who I am or you can get outta my Internet life. -Megan Burns

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.07.37 AM

Doomtree @ Rock & Roll Hotel September 27

Doomtree is so weird but so, so good. They’re a Minneapolis-based rap collective of like seven people (mostly white guys) who go IN while making references to obscure films and video games. Also, Speedy Ortiz is opening for them. Sure! -Tam Sackman

COIN and Colony House @ U Street Music Hall September 28

These perfectly paired dancey rock-pop acts are touring together fresh off the release of COIN’s self-titled debut from June. This is the stuff that would be on the radio if America wanted to do more than recycle the acts that they’ve been listening to for the past five years. Come on, America. This stuff’s perfectly accessible. -Tam Sackman

FIDLAR @ Black Cat September 28

This is your other choice for the 28th. If you go to COIN and Colony House, you will probably not get beat up. If you have no regard for your personal safety and like rowdy Cali skate punk you’re probably better off at the FIDLAR show. Expect pushing and maybe some light-to-medium crowdsurfing. -Tam Sackman

Little Green Cars @ Rock & Roll Hotel September 30

The first time I heard Little Green Cars was at the last Freefest like three years ago (RIP Freefest). I was walking by their performance and stopped dead in my tracks after hearing their soundcheck of “The John Wayne.” I have never heard harmonies like that to this day. I listened to “Harper Lee” EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR ONE YEAR after that. It’s still one of the best songs I have ever heard. -Tam Sackman



D.C. State Fair, September 12

Yep, there totally is one.


Northwest Neighborhood Days September 12/13

The will-they-won’t-they saga of the Adams Morgan Day festival has finally come to a détente, and while the festival won’t be the colorful block party that some of us have grown accustomed to the show will go on. Between Adams Morgan Day, the 17th Street Festival, and Columbia Heights Day, you have a perfect excuse to spend a weekend meandering your way through Northwest DC. There will be crafts to peruse, food to sample, and local organizations to support. I’m pretty excited about the prospect of a petting zoo (which appeared at Columbia Heights Day 2013), but this year there will reportedly be an adult obstacle course in Columbia Heights and a rumored beer scavenger hunt organized by Black Squirrel. So I guess I can settle. If avoiding children covered in face paint is more your style, Columbia Heights Day will have a beer garden sponsored by Meridian Pint, and select businesses up and down 18th Street in Adams Morgan will have their doors open and specials available. -Erin Crandell

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.24.12 AM

The End of Tourist Season: Labor Day-Cherry Blossom Season 2016

Every year in September when the children go back to school and the summer interns slowly vacate their haunts in Adams Morgan, DC residents breathe a sigh of relief. No more crowds of hormonal teens in matching t-shirts. No more families of tourists on bikeshare bikes stopping directly in the middle of the sidewalk to consult their maps (always plural, always expandable). Although I may look back on the time I almost run over by a Segway tour that was distracted by the majesty of the incoming Trump hotel with nostalgia, I am really looking forward to having the city to myself for a little while before summer really ends. So here is my recommendation: take a walk around the Smithsonian gardens, play some Frisbee on the National Mall, have a picnic somewhere pretty. Enjoy it while you can folks, winter is coming. -Erin Crandell


Drunk History season 3 premieres September 1

Long-running webseries turned beloved TV series Drunk History returns September 1st and promises a great roster of guest storytellers like Jenny Slate, Kyle Kinane, and Paul F. Tompkins, with huge guest stars like Greg Kinnear, Will Ferrell, Patton Oswalt, Jaleel White, and Henry Winkler. This show is so fun and rewatchable and you should be excited for it to return, just like I am! -Matt Byrne

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert premieres September 8th

There really isn’t much to say here that hasn’t already been said. You’d be a fool to miss this. -Jenn Tisdale

Scream Queens on Fox premieres September 23

I assume Emma Roberts’ presence on this show means she won’t be returning to American Horror Story. Do you think that has anything to do with the fact that she and Evan Peters broke up (AWESOME). This is a traditional slasher film-turned television show. It even has a sorority house! Also Jamie Lee Curtis, the original Scream Queen. Before you start shaking in your high heeled shoes…this show is also hilarious. Let’s SHOUT IT OUT. -Jenn Tisdale



NextNOW Fest – September 9-12

In the mood for something a little different and also mostly free? How about a  multi-day, multi-arts festival of fun and discovery that brings artists and audiences together in surprising and intriguing ways! This year, BYT fav and Bentzen Ball alum Reggie Watt  headlines The Fest. Other artful experiences include: Flashband, Dumpster Monster, Portals, Christylez Bacon’s Washington Sound Machine, Buffalo & Bergen’s Gina Chersevani, Happenstance Theater, and more. Totally worth making your way up to the University of Maryland, if you ask us – Svetlana Legetic


Women Laughing Alone with Salad @ Woolly Mammoth, opens September 7

You know how HBO starts a show by showing its rating and the justification for that rating—this show features strong language, graphic violence, some butt stuff, etc—I like that screen. It serves as a proper notice that you’re in for some quality adult entertainment. Sadly theatre does not adhere to such a rating system. But with Women Laughing Alone with Salad, the Woolly Mammoth’s season opener, a bawdy comedy written by Sheila Callaghan (Fever/Dream) and directed by Kip Fagan, a warning is provided. This play “contains strong language and extended scenes of simulated sex.” Now doesn’t that sound interesting? -Zeke Leeds

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 6.46.16 AM

Washington National Opera’s Carmen @ Kennedy Center, open September 19

Washington National Opera (WNO) opens its 2015-2016 season with a new-to-Washington staging of Georges Bizet’s popular classic Carmen. And everything about it sounds right: two stunning French mezzo-sopranos—Clémentine Margaine and Géraldine Chauvet— share the title role, and are aided on stage two stars of flamenco dance, principal dancers Timo Nuñez (Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance) and Fanny Ara. Things are bound to get equal parts heartbreaking and sexy -Svetlana Legetic

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 6.48.21 AM

Women’s Voices Theater Festival, September through All of The Fall

Women not only finally get a DC based theater festival but the festival is so big and sprawling that the only way to describe it is to use their own words (you know time was spend making sure things are clear): More than 50 of the Washington, D.C. region’s professional theaters are joining together to produce, in the fall of 2015, the Women’s Voices Theater Festival. The companies will each present a world premiere production of a work by one or more female playwrights, highlighting both the scope of plays being written by women, and the range of professional theater being produced in and around the nation’s capital. The Women’s Voices Theater Festival will be the largest collaboration of theater companies working simultaneously to produce original works by female writers in history. FLOTUS herself heads up the host committee board
-Svetlana Legetic



Super Mario Maker available September 11

Like many of us, I grew up playing Super Mario games. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of me playing Super Mario World on my SNES. Nintendo continues to keep the dream alive with their newest game, Super Mario Maker, where players can construct their own Mario levels. You can customize enemies, add whatever blocks you want, and even blend things together to create your own nightmarish Mario villain. You want a flying koopa that can spit fire? Guess what? You can have it! Nintendo is making your childhood dreams come true. The catch is that it’s only available on the WiiU. So either buy a WiiU or find a friend with one, because this may become one of my favorite games of the year. -Mary Beth McAndrews