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Fall is the best season. There’s pumpkin stuff, it’s acceptable to wear sweaters and Bentzen Ball kicks off October. But there’s more to life than lattes, wool and comedy. Here are 31+ events, books, films, shows and more to ensure your October is your best month yet.


FRESH Talk Kicks Off @ National Museum of Women in The Arts – October 18

This month, NMWA inaugurates a terrific series about women, arts and social change. The community centric series will feature a monthly conversation (first topic: righting the balance) and then a family style Sunday supper in the Museum’s performance hall. Engage. -Svetlana Legetic

Irving Penn Beyond Beauty @ Smithsonian American Art Museum – Opens October 23

One of the most iconic photographers of all time gets his big Smithsonian show. Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty, the first retrospective of Penn’s work in nearly twenty years, features photography from all stages of his career—street scenes from the late 1930s, photographs of the American South from the early 1940s, celebrity portraits, fashion photographs, still lifes, more private studio images, and includes some never before seen images. Don’t miss the opening day (AND NIGHT) programming. -Svetlana Legetic

Mouth (for L'Oréal), New York, Irving Penn 1986, printed 1992

Mouth (for L’Oréal), New York, Irving Penn 1986, printed 1992

Nature’s Best @ Natural History Museum: 20 Year Retrospective, Opens October 24th

Selected over the past years from more than 500,000 images submitted by photographers from around the globe, Nature’s Best retrospective is probably one of the greatest celebrations of the magic that is the planet Earth you’ll be able to see. Ever. -Svetlana Legetic


M Train by Patti Smith available Oct 6 and In Person at Lisner on October 9

Patti Smith is already one of the coolest human beings alive, and if you haven’t read Just Kids yet, you should. Now Smith continues the story with M Train, visiting eighteen places that have special meaning for her: “from the Greenwich Village café where she begins her days to the Michigan home she shared with her late husband and on to the memorials and grave sites of artists that have empowered and inspired her, a list that includes Frida Kahlo, Sylvia Plath, and Rimbaud. Smith complements her journeys with her signature wry musings and her own black-and-white photos”. Plus, a chance to see the woman in person. A CHANCE TO SEE THE WOMAN IN PERSON. -Svetlana Legetic


A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George R.R. Martin available October 6

The Winds of Winter is never going to be published. GRRM is going to die before that book comes out. We’re all going to die before that book comes out. Cockroaches and Twinkies are going to expire before that book comes out. Which means you have to horde all of the A Song of Ice and Fire morsels like the sad obsessed shell of a human you are. There is basically nothing new in this book. It’s a collection of short stories that have already been published. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. This book could be terrible. GRRM could personally vomit into your copy of this book. It doesn’t matter. If you’ve read all of the other books you’re going to read this one too. I’m so sorry. That’s just how it is now. -Kaylee Dugan

PEN/Faulkner Reading Series Kick Off October 19

Fall is amazing for reading. Fall is also an amazing time for reading events, the foremost of which is the PEN/Faulkner Reading Series, which this year will bring the likes of Jane Smiley, Celeste Ng, Deborah Eisenberg and more to the Folger library (subscribe to the whole series here and save 15%, btw). It all kicks off on October 19th with Replacement Lives: An Evening with David Bezmozgis, Boris Fishman, and Lara Vapnyar and bonus! we have a pair of tickets to give away to it. -Svetlana Legetic



Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival October 1-4

Every year, we throw a magical comedy festival in partnership with Tig Notaro. It is, hands down, the best four days of the year. This week Janeane Garofalo, Tim Heidecker, Jessica Williams, Morgan Murphy, Jim Gaffigan, W. Kamau Bell and dozens more are coming to town to do what they do best. Plus, a super secret freckled comedy superstar guest appearance on Friday night. Plus Brett Gelman. Lots of Brett Gelman. All of Brett Gelman. -Svetlana Legetic



Atlas’ Anniversary Party October 3

Two years after Atlas Brew Works began commercial production, there stands one reasonable question: Do these guys ever fuck up? From the beer to the names to the artwork, all Justin Cox and Will Durgin do is hit home runs. This summer’s rollout of Ponzi – a “criminally hopped” IPA – alone deserves some kind of award (that counterfeit hop press!), and now Atlas is back with Wet Hop American Summer, a “wet hop” wheat ale. (Wet hop beers are brewed with freshly picked hop cones instead of the prevailing dried and kilned variety, which means they’re a hassle to make but pack a ton more in taste and aroma.)

Wet Hop American Summer was brewed in commemoration of Atlas’ second anniversary, which the brewery will celebrate with a World’s Fair block party this Saturday from 1:00 to 5:00. (Its actual anniversary lands in the beginning of August, but Atlas mercifully held off on cramming a bunch of people into its unconditioned space until the weather cooled down.) For the $10 price of admission, you get live music plus your first beer, and as in 2014, a portion of the proceeds will go to a local animal charity – this time, Lucky Dog Rescue. “We try to keep our political views out of things,” Cox said of Atlas’ approach to charitable beneficiaries in January. “Everyone can agree on puppies.” -Phil Runco


Funky beers have been a respected part of the European brewing landscape for centuries, but it’s only been in the past half decade or so that they’ve really begun to gain traction in America’s mainstream craft brewing market. “Funky,” of course, is a catchall for a lot of different styles which include traditional sours, sweet and salty Goses, low alcohol Berliner Weisses, and a host of American wild ales. These tart and acidic beers often require longer to age, and they employ the use of wild yeasts and/or spoilage organisms that can contaminate a brewery’s system, so it’s understandable that it usually takes new breweries some time to get around to them. (And it also explains why they’re a little more expensive.)

If you want a good indication of their increased popularity, look no further than Denizen Brewing Co’s Make It Funky Fest, an afternoon dedicated solely to beer that might pucker your lips a little. With this Saturday’s festival, the Silver Spring brewery has brought together an absurd 60+ different beers from 20+ breweries, both nearby (Bluejacket, Hellbender, Lost Rhino) and distant (Crooked Stave, Coppertail, Iron Hill). $50 gets you unlimited samples and all the Brettanomyces your heart can handle. It’s an event equally perfect as an introduction to these styles for the uninitiated and as an opportunity to sip hard-to-find batches for more seasoned sour vets. -Phil Runco

An excellent way to drink cocktails from Bourbon Steak, Buffalo & Bergen, The Gibson, Hank’s Dupont, Jack Rose, Masseria, McClennen’s Retreat, Ripple, Roofers Union, Room 11, Twisted Horn and Vinoteca inspired by the 1928 silent film of Poe’s Fall of the House of Usher. Get in the Halloween spirit early in the month. -Brandon Wetherbee
The long standing bar on U between 16th and 17th was an overlooked neighborhood bar. It finally made it in our 2015 Least Douchey Bars in DC feature simply because we thought we already featured it in the past. You have one more month to enjoy the space. It will be missed. -Brandon Wetherbee


Freeheld in theaters October 2

Ellen Page and Julianne Moore could be doing a remake of From Justin To Kelly and I would still pay good money to see them opposite each other on screen, so it’s total added bonus that Freeheld actually holds some societal value in its narrative. Has it swept American movie critics off their feet? No. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is a cinematic #DREAMTEAM, and yeah, I’m gonna watch it. -Megan Burns


Crystal Scream October 5, 12, 19, 26

There are plenty of outdoor movies to see in the summer, but few places extend their screenings into fall because they’re lame. Crystal City is surprisingly not lame because they’re going to be showing scary movies outside all October long. So grab some blankets, a flask, and your closest pals because Virginia’s about to get spookier than it already is. -Kaylee Dugan

The Final Girls in theaters October 9

This movie looks dumb and hilarious and (hopefully) great. When done right, horror comedies are absolute treasures, and with a cast featuring Taissa Farmiga, Adam DeVine, Thomas Middleditch, and Alia Shawkat, I have high hopes that it will lean more Cabin in the Woods than Scary Movie. -Kaylee Dugan

Goosebumps in theaters October 16

Jack Black is playing R.L. Stein. This is a real thing that’s happening. Bring a flask to the theater (bring a flask everywhere to be honest) and I’m sure you’ll have a good time. Either way there is going to be booze (as long as you bring the booze, don’t forget to bring the booze). -Kaylee Dugan


Crimson Peak in theaters Oct 16

Oh god, this movie. THIS MOVIE. I’m already in love. It’s gothic-y and beautiful and so goddamned haunting. The scenery is so bleak. The costumes are so fucking insane. The house is quite possibly my dream home. Tom Hiddleston has never looked so gaunt. Mia Wasikowska is totally in her element because 1. she’s a babe and 2. when does she not look good in period clothes? This is basically Jane Eyre with double the ghosts. This is the most exciting movie coming out this month. I can’t think of anything else you should see over this film. Look at it this way, has Guillermo Del Toro truly ever led you wrong? Don’t think too hard. The answer is no. -Kaylee Dugan

We’ve always said that the Rocky Horror Picture Show is the straight communities drag scene. Let’s face it. Gays love dressing up for Rocky Horror, but straight men really love it. Thankfully, the AFI Silver Theatre is bringing everyone together for a big 40th birthday bash on October 17 with TWO SHOWS to close out the 10th Annual Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival. The night features San Francisco drag legend Peaches Christ, who routinely screens movies at the Castro Theatre with drag sketches to open (we’ve previously caught Peaches Christ in Silence of the Trans). She’ll recreate that experience here. -BYGays

Suffragette in theaters October 23

I saw the trailer for this during the previews at a screening of Amy, so I was already kind of an emotional wreck, but pepper in some dramatic scenes of bitchin’ broads taking names with a bit of Imogen Heap playing in the background (perhaps a little “Landslide” cover for good measure) and YOU HAVE GOT ME HOOK LINE AND SINKER. This is another one that’s gotten “meh” reviews, but do you know what? I do not give any fucks. -Megan Burns


Free festivals more your thing? Check out DC VegFest, October 3 from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Reasons to attend: admission is free; tons of vegetarians food samples are free; a big ol’ swag bag full of samples and coupons is free; and live music, demonstrations, and talks from veggie authors, chefs, and advocates. Did we mention almost all of this is free? Wanna bring your dog? Do it – it’s free. Listen, I know vegetarians can be weirdos sometimes…but I write about eating (a lot of animals, usually), and I’m psyched about this event. Help the planet out and take a break from meat for a day. And afterward, reward yourself by going to BYT’s Bentzen Ball! Win-win! -Logan Hollers

Taste of DC is super rad. On October 10th and 11th from noon to 7:00 pm, 4 blocks of Pennsylvania Ave. NW get shut down, and more than 50 DC restaurants prepare small plates of some of their menus’ greatest hits. Also available: a beer garden with over 50 beers on hand to try, a live music stage, a culinary stage with live cooking demos, and a wine walk (for those of you feeling especially bougie). $20 admission (proceeds benefit Brainfood, a non-profit youth development organization in DC), all the food’s under $8, and you get a free entree from ShopHouse with the purchase of a ticket. Get out and enjoy that stretch of Penn. before the general douchiness that is Donald Trump ruins it with his dumbass new hotel. Added bonus: the fifth annual Ben’s Chili Bowl’s World Chili Eating Championship! Beat last year’s champion Joey Chestnut (don’t worry, he only ate 2 gallons of chili in six minutes) and take home a cool $1,750. I think I’ll sit that one out. Tickets to the event here. -Logan Hollers

Best of Brookland October 17

Brookland has been becoming cooler and awesomer by the minute. So it only makes sense that the first Best of Brookland street party is in the works. No details other than the date are available yet but save the date and see you there. -Svetlana Legetic


Markoff’s Haunted Forest opens October 2

If you only go to one outdoor haunted house this year, then skip Field of Screams and head to Markoff’s Haunted Forest. At this point, we’ve all been to giant multi haunted house set up in the middle of Olney, and while what they have going on there is super impressive, there’s just something about the mom and pop vibe of Markoff’s that’s way more fun. There are surprisingly scary trails, a haunted hayride that will terrify grown ass adults, and a whole bunch of stuff to do between getting your pants scared off by rambunctious high school students in elaborate costumes. You can zip line, hang around the bonfire, get your face painted to look like a zombie (I did this, it was great), and drink some nice warm cider. All of the money goes towards funding Markoff’s year round outdoor school which teaches kids how to do outdoor stuff I guess. It doesn’t matter. You’re getting scared for the kids. That’s all that matters. Oh, and by the way, the actors can most definitely touch you. You have to sign a waiver and everything. -Kaylee Dugan

Washington National Opera’s Costume Sale October 3 and 4

Want to step up your dress-up game this Halloween? Well, Washington National Opera has your back. WNO is throwing open its closet doors for a one-of-a-kind Costume Sale, to be held on Saturday, October 3 and Sunday, October 4 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at its rehearsal studio in the Takoma, 6925 Willow Street. The Costume Sale, the company’s first in six years, will include more than 1,000 items representing a variety of periods and styles, including costumes featured in their productions Carmen, Cinderella, Manon Lescaut, Macbeth, Turandot, Of Mice and Men and more. All proceeds will benefit WNO’s community education programs. Prices for many costumes range from $50 to $200, with individual pieces as low as $1. -Svetlana Legetic




I just interviewed Saara and Glenn (two-thirds of BOYTOY) recently to talk about this record, which is a welcome respite from the over-saturated elevator electro scene of the moment; it’s surf grunge at its finest, and it just makes you feel like you want to kick over your desk, light up a joint, and write chilled out profanities (do those exist?) all over the bathroom wall. -Megan Burns
The dark, concise post punk of Protomartyr’s breakout LP, 2014’s Under Color of Official Right made them one of the most interesting and compelling new rock bands around. Their followup, The Agent Intellect, will be released October 9, and the first single, “Why Does It Shake,” is longer than any track on Under Color… by almost a full minute, and finds the band spreading out, exploring and expanding the limits of their sound. Can’t wait to check out the rest of this thing! -Matt Byrne

All things Go Fall Classic kicked off last year, was all sorts of fun, and is now back and becoming even more classic since it is, well, a tradition. Kygo is headlining. Penguin Prison and The Knocks provide daytime dancing support and it should be a great time all around. BONUS: we have a pair of tickets to give away to this too. -Svetlana Legetic

YACHT are basically the most magical humans in existence, and I would trust them to be my spirit guides in any/all musical capacities, so it should come as no surprise that I am SUPER PUMPED for their upcoming record release in mid-October. They’ve already got me with ultra-catchy title-track “I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler” (PS props on that name, which is a succinct summation of how I feel about the world…) and I CANNOT WAIT to hear the rest of the record. -Megan Burns
Majical Cloudz is a very special band to me. Their aggressively sincere and dramatic music is sparse and easy to goof on if you want to be a dick about it., but boy are they great. The duo is anchored by the booming baritone vocals from bandleader Devon Welsh, backed by electronics and synthesizers programmed by Matthew Otto. Welsh’s lyrics are paralyzingly introspective and thoughtful odes to friendship, heartbreak, and death. Their new album Are You Alone? comes out October 16 on Matador Records, recorded following a tour opening for Lorde. -Matt Byrne
This one’s PBC’s second record, and while it’s got a lot to live up to considering their amazing debut, I feel confident from what I’ve heard so far that this one’s gonna be on heavy rotation for me this fall. -Megan Burns
The long wait for a new Joanna Newsom record is almost over! Though response to her last LP, Have One On Me was sort of tepid compared to her first two, people are still VERY excited (justifiably) for her new album, Divers, out October 23 on Drag City. The first couple tracks that have been released have been very good and I’m sure the rest of it will be similarly great! -Matt Byne
In a club so legendary among musicians, it would be difficult for any artist to leave behind a performance that lives up to the legend of the 9:30 Club. Yet, Canadian and Berlin-based electronic musician Peaches did just that when she last played the venue six years ago. That night, excited that she had sold out the show, Peaches spat champagne on the audience, shined a portable spotlight from her crotch from onstage, jumped into the crowd itself to run around and perform songs from every point in the concert venue, and literally swung from the rafters. It was a weeknight. Everyone had to go to work the next morning. Yet, they still cheered her on through seven encores that went past 3:00 a.m. This wasn’t just a concert, it was a mind fuck. With her new album Rub, expect Peaches to be just as wild with her show on October 26. -BYGays
GEMS can do no wrong in my book, so it helps that they consistently deliver tracks that you cannot put down. “Soak” and “Tangled Memories” have a hundred percent been on perma-repeat at my desk, and I anticipate the rest of the record will be equally addictive. -Megan Burns


Night Nouveau @ Halycon House, October 10

Every year Night Nouveau is one of the funnest, most out-there fancy events DC sees. And this year, with the Game of Thrones theme, and WAIT-FOR-IT Hodor (Well, ok Kristin Naim ) DJing, things are bound to get next level weird. In a good way. -Svetlana Legetic


Air Sex Championships @ Rock and Roll Hotel October 18

Last year I was lucky enough to judge the Air Sex Championships. It was weird and I recommend attending. You’ll witness drunk people not understand what’s going on, sex positive people fuck the air and most people laugh at the absurdity of sex. -Brandon Wetherbee


BYT + Smithsonian American Art Museum Present: Irving Penn Beyond Beauty After Hours, October 23

What better way to celebrate the most glamorous and beautiful exhibition opening of the Fall, than with a very photogenic after hours in the very magical Kogod Courtyard. Verite is playing live, bars are open, and more. Trust us, you want to go to this. -Svetlana Legetic


17th Street High Heel Race October 27

Washington’s biggest and most fabulous Halloween tradition is the annual High Heel Race on 17th Street which takes places the Tuesday before Halloween. The race features scores of gay men in high heels and elaborate costumes racing between Church Street and Q Street. While the race itself starts at 9:00pm sharp, the real show is the two hours leading start time. It’s then that contestants strut up-and-down 17th Street to show the crowd of thousands their costumes. And they are creative. Our favorite one of years past was a group of men dressed as hosts of The View – complete with a rolling coffee table. Get there early for a good view. Last year’s photos can be found here. -BYGays
For the past 28 years, Washington’s most powerful have been dressing up in drag for this annual amateur drag competition. And, while it may technically be amateur, the event nears Broadway production levels. The Miss Adams Morgan Pageant packs the ballroom of the Washington Hilton with thousands of men in dresses. The strictly enforced no-press policy helps ensure that everyone lets loose. This year, the pageant takes place on Halloween night itself. Our favorite part of the night is just standing in the lobby and watching Midwestern tourists interact with the wig-and-tuck crowd. It sells out early, so you’ll need to hit up your gay friends for tickets or check on the event’s Facebook page. -BYGays


Saturday Night Live returns October 3
Live From Back On TV Again It’s Saturday Night!!!! SNL is BACK for its 41st season October 3. Compared to the last few years, there haven’t been many cast shakeups: Jon Rudnitsky was picked up as a featured player and the incredible Kyle Mooney has been bumped up to the major leagues as a full-on cast member, but beyond that, things are just about the same as last year, cast wise. We’ll see if they find some more stable footing, the first three hosts will all be very interesting to watch in three different ways: Miley Cyrus (for the potential candy-colored disaster), Amy Schumer (for the being great), and Tracy Morgan (triumphantly returning after the brutal car accident he endured in 2014). -Matt Byrne


The Arrowverse Returns!
The DC WB TV Universe (DCWBTVU?) returns with Season 2 of The Flash on October 6 and Season 4 of Arrow on October 7! (Oh, and stay tuned for Your Best January when the ever increasingly dense mythology get’s even thicker with Legends of Tomorrow.) Your window of binge catching up without developing bed sores is just about closed, but Netflix can help you out when both the previous seasons make their way to Instant in early October as well.
SPOILERZ – OK, so where were we??? The last season of Arrow was kind of a mess, but still endlessly entertaining. Let’s recap: Thea is now Arsenal/Red Arrow/Speedy/Mini-Malcolm/Whatever (awesome!), Canary is competent (cover them ears boys!), Dig is still pissed at Ollie (rightfully so!), Katana goes back into solitude (bummer, that costume was super sweet), Ra’s is dead (for now?), Detective Dad is back on Team Arrow (I think? and drunk? I don’t remember), Malcolm is sort of forgiven by Thea (oh come on lady!) and becomes the new Ra’s Al Ghul (good or evil or both?), Felicity and Ollie quit superheroing and drive off into the sunset in love (wait, is Ollie still married?). OH and there were some boring non-island flashbacks (We have to go back!!)
Well, I guess that was satisfying? As always if you stop and think about any of it for a minute nothing makes any sense, but that’s also sort of the point. Comic books! What’s in store for next season? Will Dig and Ollie make up? Will Ollie become the Green Arrow? Will Dig become the Green Lantern? Will Ray become The Iron Ant Man? Will Thea get that overbite fixed? (I kid, you’re beautiful) Will Sara take a bath? Will Felicity stop crying? Will the Flash cameos make no narrative sense? Will we still love them? I’m SO READY!!
OK yeah, and The Flash. Everyone loves The Flash. It’s cheesy and fun and had a great Season 1 resolution + cliffhanger + some sweet nerd teases for future (or past?) plotlines. RUN BARRY, RUN!
Finally on Oct 26, another DC property joins the party with Supergirl, and while many of the same behind-the-scenes people are involved, this CBS show will be a separate universe from the Arrowverse. Also separate from Super v Batman v Justice v Aquaman v Captain Boomerang. And the trailer looked pretty dumb. So, meh? -Cale

Everyone should watch Billy On The Street. It’s the most consistently funny show on television and I love it. For its fourth season, premiering October 8, the show will relocate from Fuse to TruTV, a good move, I think! Tina Fey is the big celebrity guest for this very special season premiere, and I bet that will be really great! -Jenn Tisdale

Fargo returns to FX October 12

Fargo‘s first season was WAY better than a TV spinoff of a nearly 20 year old movie had any business being. It captured the darkly funny and violent spirit of the Coen Brothers moralist masterpiece while developing a perspective of its own. The show travels back in time for it’s second season, premiering October 12th, for a visit to 1979 Sioux Falls, where the first season’s main character’s Father, a state trooper, has just returned from Vietnam and is tasked with protecting Ronald Regan on his campaign visit to Fargo. Bruce Campbell plays Regan by the way. There is literally no other information I need to give you other than that. -Matt Byrne

First of all I’d love to take a look at the bump in STARZ subscriptions since this show was announced. Secondly, well-done STARZ. Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi are TRIUMPHANTLY reunited in this sequel to Army of Darkness which picks up 30 years (and 30 lbs. but who cares because Bruce Campbell always looks amazing) later. Brought out from retirement by, what else, the threat of Deadites, Ash once again yields his chainsaw’d hand to kick some ghoulish ass. And it beings on Halloween no less. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MARKETING TEAM AT STARZ. -Jenn Tisdale


Antigone @ Kennedy Center, October 22-25

Not only is this a D.C. premiere showing of Sophokles’s riveting classic tragedy, translated anew by T.S. Eliot Prize–winning poet Anne Carson, but it … wait for it…. wait for it…. stars Juliette Binoche. Truly a theatre can’t miss of the season. -Svetlana Legetic

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 7.25.29 PM


UNCHARTED: The Nathan Drake Collection available October 9

The Uncharted series is a hugely successful and critically acclaimed series of games. Originally (and exclusively, sorry Xbox owners) released on the PlayStation 3, it’s now been four long years since the third and most recent entry in the series was released, and PlayStation owners like myself have been jonesing for more Nathan Drake ever since—but we have to wait until next march for Uncharted 4. Luckily, developer Naughty Dog has decided to remaster the original trilogy for the PS4, which should tide us all over until March. While many video game enthusiasts take an understandably cynical view when it comes to the remastering/re-release of popular video games, this is a franchise that deserves to be played again and again, and maybe even pick up a few new fans who missed it the first time around. Also, $60 for three games is a fucking steal. -Norm Quarrinton

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate available October 23

In the time it’s taken Naughty Dog to make three Uncharted games, Ubisoft has churned out nine Assassin’s Creed games—most of which have been good. But the series has almost become like Fifa or Madden: we know there’s going to be a new one every year, and we feel robbed when we realized we just paid $60 for a game that’s only slightly different from its predecessor. I straight up skipped the most recent entry, Assassin’s Creed Unity, which was plagued by glitches and featured characters with British accents, despite being set in Paris during the French Revolution. This new game will also feature characters with British accents, but it set in Victorian London, so it’s all good. It will also be the first Assassin’s Creed game in which the player will be able to switch between two protagonists whenever they choose—and one of them has a cane sword! -Norm Quarrinton