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At the start of each month the BYT staff compiles a list of  things we’re PARTICULARLY looking forward to seeing, reading, eating, touching etc.  Our goal is for you to have the best possible month. Here are 30+ events, items, ideas that will make November your best month. -ed.

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FotoWeek is back November 7-16, opening party November 6

This year’s edition of D.C.’s very own photography festival promises to be bigger and shinier and more fun than ever. Over 100 events at 40 different locations come together for a truly citywide celebration featuring exhibitions and highlighting world-class photography, and providing exposure for photographers working locally and worldwide. Our full preview is running tomorrow but make sure to not miss stopping by FotoWeekCentral which is at the Former Spanish Ambassador’s residence to soak in instagram panels, workshops, talks by some of the best D.C. & nationwide photographers, take a look at exhibitions such Aperture:Photographs and more. Opening party is always a blast and happens November 6th. Get your tickets now.

Some of the images on display: Bruce Davidson / Dorothea Lange / Bego Anton, courtesy of FotoDC

Some of the images on display: Bruce Davidson / Dorothea Lange / Bego Anton, courtesy of FotoDC

Candlelight Kalorama House & Embassy Tour @ The President Woodrow Wilson House November 6

I’m an appreciator of architecture and I eschew the modern world as often as I can which is why a candlelit tour of the Kalorama House satisfies BOTH of those interests. Fire hazard? We’ll finally see a house built in 1915 the way it was meant to be seen…via the flash of cell phone cameras! But also candles. It will be very romantic and historical. -Jenn Tisdale

Renwick Reopens with WONDER November 13

It has been almost 2 years since Renwick shut its doors to undergo a major renovation. Now, Smithsonian’s Craft and Decorative Arts destination is re-opening with a show that is bound to redefine what you consider “craft”. WONDER features site specific (and ofter interactive) works by the likes of Jennifer Angus, Chakaia Booker, Gabriel Dawe, Tara Donovan, Patrick Dougherty, Janet Echelman, John Grade, Maya Lin, and Leo Villareal, that transform the museum into an immersive work of art. We recently did a little preview tour and the only thing we can say is: Get ready to have your minds blown (we wouldn’t say this lightly, trust us). -Svetlana Legetic

Photo of WONDER, by Jeff Martin

Photo of WONDER, by Jeff Martin

Marvelous Objects – Surrealist Sculpture from Paris to New York @ Hirshhorn On Display Now

Speaking of having your mind blown, the Marvelous Objects at Hirshhorn is a first major museum exhibition devoted to a comprehensive view of surrealist sculpture brings together more than 100 works created by more than 20 artists from France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States from the 1920s to the 1950s. Expect to see: lobster telephones by Dali, undestructible objects by Man Ray, unmatched humor by Duschamp and more.

Lobster Telephone, 1938 West Dean College – part of The Edward James Foundation Group © Salvador Dalí, Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York 2015

Lobster Telephone, 1938, West Dean College – part of The Edward James Foundation Group
© Salvador Dalí, Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York 2015


The best King movies have always come from short stories…IT, The Shawshank Redemption, Hearts of Atlantis…maybe he’s better in short bursts. I love him in any form and greet every new King book like it’s Christmas morning. All hail the King! -Jenn Tisdale

America’s Sassiest Boy is also a writer that doesn’t fit in with the rest of this list and that’s a good thing. You most likely know Svenonius as a frontman of a series of good bands or a DJ or the best dressed man in the room. He’s all those things and an excellent writer. His third book is a collection of essays with a great title. Since we’re trying to sell you on buying this book, we’d like to let you know there’s a chapter about the cult classic Heathers that sort of ties the film to 9/11 and the Manson Family murders that’s not at all about 9/11 or the Manson Family murders. -Brandon Wetherbee

Sara Benincasa & Dave Zirin Throw a Bigass Book Party! @ Busboys & Poets November 3

I fell in love with Sara Benincasa after reading her hilariousad (not a real word, obviously) book Agorafabulous: Dispatches From my Bedroom. She never disappoints on all forms of social media. Her writing and comedy is witty, biting, acerbic and other literary review style words that just mean amazing. D.C. Trip, her latest book, is a young adult fiction novel that is far more “adult” than “young.” Looking forward to devouring it and  I can’t wait to see her IRL instead of URL. -Jenn Tisdale


I read somewhere recently that coloring is really very good for one’s mental health. It’s relaxing and fun. You get to exercise some creativity and when finished you feel a real sense of accomplishment. It’s hard to identify with some coloring books but SO MANY PEOPLE love Harry Potter. Plus we’ll get to create a slightly more diverse HP universe this time around. -Jenn Tisdale




International Sherry Week November 2-8

I always thought sherry was kind of bougey. Like, I picture old men with monocles reading leatherbound books and lighting their cigars with $100 bills while discussing large-scale mergers and acquisitions over glasses of sherry (that’s what rich people do, right?). Redeye Menus is blowing those stereotypes out of the water. The company, a group of “Sherry enthusiasts determined to show you how beautiful and complex Sherry wine and Asian food pair together,” is putting together two seriously dope events to celebrate International Sherry Week.

The first event, “In Fish Sauce We Trust,” is a November 2nd dinner party blending the Asian-inspired cuisine of Maketto with a selection of sherry wine pairings. Chef Erik Bruner-Yang, and Chef James Wozniuk are whipping up a six-course Taiwanese and Cambodian tasting menu while Chantal Tseng (formerly of Mockingbird Hill) pairs each course with Valdespino sherry. There are a limited number of tickets for the dinner itself, but there’s also an all night, non-ticketed happy hour at Maketto from 5-10 pm featuring sherry cocktails and small bites.

The second event, “Asian Night Market,” is taking place November 6th at Dolcezza Gelato Factory. Your ticket includes unlimited sherry cocktails by Stir Bartending Co. and Bar Otsukare and sherry from Valdespino and Lustau estates. Even better, a ton of food is available for purchase, including local favorites Buredo, Compass Rose, Chao Ku, Copycat Co., and Dirty South Deli.

Get tickets for both events here. Monocle not required. -Logan Hollers

DC Beer Festival @ Nationals Park November 7

Other than the uninspired name, the DC Beer Festival rocks. I miss the Nats (even with all their ineptitude and heartbreak), so any chance to get back to the ballpark is a must-attend for me. Sure doesn’t hurt having damn near 100 craft breweries on hand featuring fall seasonal beers, plus food trucks, lawn games, and a DJ in the park. Here’s a video with people dancing in slow motion and stellar production value to help convince you.

There are two sessions on Saturday, November 7th: one from noon-3 pm and one from 5-8 pm. Go to the later one; it’s cold, but there’s beer and a beautiful sunset and the ballpark lights on and it’s just great all around. Admission includes unlimited tastings. I put this to the test last year and was ultimately talked out of streaking around the bases. Probably the right call. -Logan Hollers


Bacon & Bourbon @ Eastern Market North Hall November 19

A brief list of some of my very favorite things: bacon; bourbon; beer; bluegrass.

A brief list of things available at the Bacon & Bourbon festival on November 19th at Eastern Market: bacon; bourbon; beer; bluegrass.

Yeah, I’ll be there.

All tickets include unlimited tastings for over 30 whiskies, dishes from local restaurants, and, if you’re not convinced yet, a souvenir glass. Feeling like a baller? VIP tickets include an extra hour of tastings, cigars, and exclusive access to the VIP lounge with rare whiskeys paired with small bites presented by Del Frisco’s Grille. -Logan Hollers

wcp bacon bourbon-19



It’s like the Internet, live, all your favorite horrific found footage VHS hits, none of those Betamax misses, that’s Everything is Terrible! Wham City is truly a show, blending comedy, tragedy, laughter, disappointment, furniture destruction, and occasionally an Oscar-worthy performance (this is very true). This is going to be a really good goddamn show. -Jenn Tisdale

Spectre in theaters November 6

The time for erotic espionage and debonair debauchery is once again upon us as everyone’s favourite misogynist returns to cinemas to blow up some baddies, drive fast cars, and do a bunch of sex stuff with pretty ladies. There’ll probably be some gambling in there too. Coming off the back of Skyfall, Oscar winner Sam Mendes makes a triumphant return to the director’s chair. Mendes is one of the most reliable directors on the planet, and the chances of him screwing this up are slim to none. Excitement levels for this movie (which were already pretty high to begin with, because y’know, it’s fucking Bond) doubled the second Christoph Waltz’s droll Austrian accent was heard in the trailer–and the question of whether or not Daniel Craig is a great Bond was settled about 20 minutes into 2007’s Casino Royale. The question now is, is he the greatest Bond? Oh yeah, D.C. native and former WWE superstar Dave Bautista is in it too–just in case you weren’t sold already.-Norm Quarrinton

Carol in theaters November 20

I don’t care if you’re the most heterosexual person ever to walk this queer Earth, you have to at least be MILDLY INTRIGUED by the idea of Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett as star-crossed lesbian lovers. Critics are more than mildly intrigued- they’re digging this 50s period piece based on Patricia Highsmith’s classic novel The Price of Salt. Even if they’re wrong, there’s nothing quite like your favorite actors/actresses playing gay for the camera. -Tam Sackman

Viktor Frankenstein in theaters November 25

It’s hard to believe life can be breathed into (SOLID JOKE) yet another incarnation of Frankenstein but I think they’re onto something here. This film spends a great deal of time on the story of Viktor Frankenstein (played by James McAvoy) and his faithful assistant Igor (played by Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe). It’s kind of their origin story. We dig deeply into the details of how they came to discover life after death and their relationship looks like it’s a real delight. I’m gonna grab my torch/pitchfork and head to the theaters for this one. No waiting for Netflix for this gal! -Jenn Tisdale


Capital Food Fight @ Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center November 12

When it comes to food events in DC, this is the best of the best. On November 12th, DC Central Kitchen is once again putting on its signature fundraising event, the Capital Food Fight. Over 75 of the Washington area’s greatest restaurants offer tastes of their best dishes, and admission includes unlimited tastes at every booth.

Celebrity chefs and hosts, two live cooking battles (on the main stage, four local chefs compete in an Iron Chef-style battle going to head-to-head with a secret ingredient, while on another stage, four teams of pastry chefs build cakes in the High Stakes Cakes competition), and 100% of the proceeds go to DC Central Kitchen to combat hunger and create opportunity in DC through job training, meal distribution, and local farm partnerships.

There’s a VIP Reception with craft cocktails and artisanal samplings. There’s a speakeasy with exclusive culinary offerings, bar service and flat-screens showing the live battle. There’s a Chairman’s Overlook that offers access to the gorgeous second floor balcony with the best views of the live, on-stage chef battle and access to special food offerings and cocktails.

Point is, if you’re going to pony up for one blow-out food event, make it this one. Philanthropy and food are a great match. Tickets available on the event’s website. -Logan Hollers


EmporiYUM @ Dock 5 @ Union Market November 14-15

I’m psyched for this year’s DC edition of the Emporiyum food market, held November 14th and 15th at Union Market’s Dock5. This is the fourth iteration (second in DC) of the combination food festival / marketplace, which had its debut last year with one event in Baltimore and one in DC. The scene features over 75 (and growing!) vendors from across the nation (with a ton of local representation) and combines the best of all worlds for food fans: there’s tons of food and drink samples, local breweries, cooking and cocktail demonstrations, and what seems like every artisanal kitchen product ever made.

It’s different from the usual food event – instead of people rushing to eat everything that’s free, the Emporiyum is more like an art festival…you walk, you check out products, you taste, you try, sometimes you buy. Much more chill. At last year’s DC event, I left with a bellyful of Toki’s ramen, some amazing hamachi sashimi and beef tongue from Paul Qui, a lox bagel, way too much sai oua sausage from Thip Khao, a pack of coasters, some sea salt that’s hand-harvested by a gal and her dad in North Carolina, a bloody mary with Gordy’s pickle juice and Green Hat gin, a Moroccan-cilantro cheese spread, and two batched cocktail mixers from Bittermilk. Among many, many other goodies.

Pro tip: there’s more than enough samples to eat and drink without paying any extra past the ticket…but you’ll want some cash to buy, whether it’s food or cool kitchen stuff. Trust me. Last year’s DC event was mad packed (like, uncomfortably so); here’s hoping this year, and its new space in Dock5, will be a little more manageable. Actually, whatever – I’ll gladly wait in line for shit like this. Snag tickets here. -Logan Hollers


Fall Foliage Tea and Garden Tour @ Tudor Place Historic House & Garden November 14

If you’re a fan of fall leaves and finger sandwiches then this is the place for you. Tour the garden of the Tudor Place Historic House and marvel at the gifts autumn has to give you until the leaves fall from the trees. Until they die. Death. Did I mention tea? This will be a highly Instagramable event if you’re into that kind of thing. Let Mother Nature be your IG filter. -Jenn Tisdale

Oyster Riot @ Old Ebbitt Grill November 20

Old Ebbitt Grill is once again throwing its huge Oyster Riot party on November 20th and 21st. Tickets include entrance and all the wine and oysters you can handle. Challenge accepted.

There’ll be live music, along with some passed hors d’oeuvres and beers, but the real draw is oysters. Like, a shitload of oysters. 25 different types of oysters from both coasts, shucked to order (last year over 50,000 oysters were sucked down in two days). There are always a few other items like fruit & cheese, shrimp, and crab claws, but this is an event for oyster lovers. As Old Ebbitt says, “If you don’t like ’em, and you still want to come, we suggest coming early and having a burger.”

People wear some crazy stuff, and shit gets buck. Worried about all those oyster shells? Don’t be – every one is sorted and reused to grow over a million baby oysters. Sowing the seeds of future Oyster Riots and all. Also, it goes without saying that oysters are aphrodisiacs and there will be a ton of wine. You’re probably going home with someone. #winning -Logan Hollers


Thanksgiving November 26




The Districts, Lady Lamb, Sun Club @ 9:30 Club November 2

This is as close to my dream bill as possible (though in my dream, Lady Lamb is headlining). We’ve got Baltimore-based Sun Club starting off the night with Dog Is Dead-type xylophony chants before the love of my life Aly Spaltro, alias Lady Lamb (formerly Lady Lamb the Beekeeper) hits the stage to come dangerously close to screaming in her folkpop angry bliss. I was nervous about her latest album, this summer’s “After” because “Ripely Pine” is such a supreme work I thought nothing that came after could touch it. But when I heard the album, it was kind of like Lady Lamb’s earthy voice spoke to me saying “chill, Tam. What were you so nervous about? Don’t you trust me?” I’m sorry I didn’t trust you. “After” is perfect. After she’s done, I’ll weep, but then the Districts will come on and I’ll (probably) stop crying. If you think you haven’t heard your music, you have. “Funeral Beds” was last year’s go-to sad indie movie filler song, but that’s not it. They’ve got an incredible range– passionate blues to jangly pump-up rock. Whoever saw them at Rock & Roll Hotel last year will be in for a surprise– their fan base has multiplied and it’s well-deserved. -Tam Sackman

Sun Club

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. @ 9:30 Club November 6

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (now just known as Jr. Jr.) are on some quirky shit, but it doesn’t feel overdone or forced. Yes, some of their songs are funny, but some are also distant and sad and this means that their set will make you feel a lot of things. The great thing about Jr. Jr. is that every song sounds like it could maybe come from a different band thanks to few selective borderline R&B influenced autotune jams intermingling with pure indie rock (whistling and all). Opener Brothertiger has a similar retro vibe, a little more on the electronic side than anything. -Tam Sackman


MisterWives @ 9:30 Club November 8

If you’re a divorced dad reading this and you’re trying to win your 14-year-old daughter back after the divorce, talk to her about MisterWives. She loves MisterWives. She loves listening to them with her friends. I’m not 14 anymore but I love MisterWives, too. It’s innocent, infectious, female-led pop with horns. It’s easy to imagine that they end every single show by emptying a giant net of balloons onto the audience, or if they can’t afford to do that now, that’s the next step as they quickly take over the Seventeen Magazine pop scene. -Tam Sackman

21 Pilots at 9:30 Club

Carly Rae Jepsen @ Fillmore Silver Spring November 9

Carly Rae Jepsen is playing at the Fillmore on my birthday. I’m an unreasonably excited about this, since “Emotion” is arguably the year’s best pop album. I’m going with my fiancee and a bunch of friends, too, so look for the olds who are perhaps having too much fun while “I Didn’t Just Come Here to Dance” blares through the venue’s considerable sound system. -Alan Zilberman

FREE SHOW of the month: Lightwaves and Incredible Change @ W Hotel DC November 11

W Hotel continues to do cool, AND FREE, shows at their magical rooftop bar and the November edition features two BYT Super Sampler alums and two of the most danceable DC based bands, so we naturally EXTRA approve. RSVP here and see you on the dance floor.


Priests, Shopping @ Black Cat November 17

Priests are arguably the best DC band right now, especially if you’re into punk. But if you’re not – first of all, there’s something wrong with you – at least their live shows are intense thanks to frontwoman’s Katie Alice Greer’s frenzied dominance of the stage. The co-headliner for this show is Shopping, a three-piece band from East London. They have a minimal, post-punk style with unbelievable hooks and strong African influences. Basically, they’re a better version of Vampire Weekend, and with more credibility. -Alan Zilberman


Azealia Banks @ 9:30 Club November 20

I know that there’s sufficient Internet evidence proving that Azealia Banks might be a horrible person, but I’m still pulling for her. She’s been talking a whole lot of shit about just about everyone lately, but I feel like Azealia wouldn’t talk shit without anything to back it up– I feel like all this shit talking is in preparation for her delivering. The cancellation of the first tour…picking fights with just about everyone in the music industry and beyond… I think she’s preparing us for the most incredible comeback tour we’ve ever seen. Or she might just suck. But I saw her work the hell out of a paneled orange bodysuit at Governor’s Ball in 2012 and I’d gladly pay money to see it again. -Tam Sackman

Max Levine Ensemble @ Black Cat November 22

I saw Max Levine Ensemble open for Radiator Hospital at Songbyrd a couple of weeks ago and I had a GREAT TIME. All three band members wouldn’t stop moving and I was like “woah! slow down!” but I was also like “no! keep going!” Their energy was off the charts and so perfect for their brand of nostalgic pop-punk that makes me feel as good as the first time I listened to Simple Plan when I was nine on my yellow Walkman. The Max Levine Ensemble brings me back to the first time I ever chose what music to listen to for myself. I also recently found out that my roommate plays an evil nurse in their upcoming music video. -Tam Sackman

The Max Levine Ensemble




With Bob and David premieres November 13 on Netflix

The boys are back in town! The comedy community essentially imploded then rebuilt itself so it could explode when news of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross reuniting for a Netflix TV show came down the pipeline. Watching this trailer I’m already seeing shades of Mr. Show but a little older and little wiser. I’m so happy to see Paul F. Tompkins there and every episode was shot in front of a live studio audience so GTFO CANNED LAUGHTER. It’s weird to see Odenkirk doing sketch comedy again after Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and Fargo but he hasn’t lost his touch. God this is silly. I’m ready for silly, funny sketch comedy. -Jenn Tisdale

Jessica Jones premieres November 20 on Netflix

I am not a Marvel super fan, just a regular fan, and only learned about Jessica Jones because of this show but isn’t that the joy of television/films based on comic books? Now I can backtrack and get my hands on all things Jessica Jones (apart from Bridget and of course Mr. she may become my new favorite Jones). I love Krysten Ritter and I’m excited to see her in a role that isn’t another version of that Dawson’s Creek spinoff or whatever that show was. Plus you can rarely if ever go wrong with David Tennant…as a villain. I foresee some life-derailing binging in the near future. -Jenn Tisdale


Avenue Q @ Source Theater through November 22

Director Allison Arkell Stockman treats Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx’s award winning musical with respect though not reverence, mostly because reverence would be an overstep for a show about puppets, their existential crises, and occasional bouts of puppet sex. Likewise, I was impressed by the design team’s work in shrinking the stage and reducing its aspect ratio while still leaving the openness of the street and the many pass-though windows on three levels. The smaller space also meant Rachel Leigh Dolan’s choreography had to be leaner and more judicious, which it was to wonderful effect. -Jeb Gavin, read the full review here

Nicky Rod Stan Barouh

Photo by Stan Barouh, courtesy of Constellation Theatre Company

As You Like It @ Shakespeare Theatre through December 14

It’s hard to go wrong with Shakespeare at the Shakespeare Theatre. This production of As You Like It is acclaimed Shakespearean director Michael Attenborough D.C. debut. -Brandon Wetherbee