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DC May! It’s one of the best months to go out and do something. Whether you’re a music lover, a bike fan, a foodie or a movie fiend, we’ve got your back. The following contains 30+ picks to have your best May.

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POW! WOW! Washington DC May 5 through 14

I recently had the opportunity to speak with D.C. artist and regional director of POW! WOW! DC, Kelly Towles. Towles reiterated just how important the POW! WOW! festival was to building lasting relations between local and international artists. Equally important, the festival also actively beautifies the city through larger-than-life murals spread across different neighborhoods. This year, POW! WOW! will feature artists such as Rylsee from Berlin, Germany; Joys from Padova, Italy; Kate Fleming from Arlington, Virginia; and Mike Murphy from Brooklyn, New York. In addition to art, the festival will also feature a POW! WOW! Dance Party at U Hall DC on May 9; an event by R.A.R.E Digital Art Network that will explore the role of cryptocurrency in art on May 9; and a live graffiti battle on May 10. -Ruben Gzirian

Phillips Collection’s Contemporaries Bash: Bondi Beach, May 4 @ Dock 5

May is a big month for art (and other) parties, but with the cold spring we’ve been experiencing, the idea of transporting ourselves to Australia, even for one night, seems pretty dreamy. Phillips has partnered with the Australian Embassy for their always-fun Contemporaries Bash which now promises to include hammocks, beach ball pits and more. See you there – Svetlana Legetic

The Washington Ballet Gala, May 11 @ The Anthem

The Washington Ballet Gala does more than celebrate the beauty and art that is the ballet. It also honors two people who have raised the barre (their pun not mine but damn is it good) in the ballet community. Plus you can enjoy cocktails, a special performance by The Washington Ballet and then you’ll get to do some dancing of your own. Probably not as good of course. And new to the gala this year are Gala Dance Party Tickets! For a mere $175 you can enjoy a cocktail reception with food stations, an open bar, then mingle with the fancy folks at the dance party after! – Jenn Tisdale

Hirshhorn Spring Gala, May 12 @ Hirshhorn

Hirshhorn Spring Gala now comes with an Afterparty (which while still relatively expensive is actually accessible to normal people) and is 80s themed, which is, lets face it, the best kind of theme to have. Jeff Koons will be there, as will Jennifer Rubell, which should cover your spring people watching quota in one fell swoop, and 1OAK founder DJ Jus Ske is DJing. Get in the mood with this sweet sweet playlist from him, and start planning your OTT neon outfits NOW. -Svetlana Legetic

Artechouse opens NONOTAK’s NAKED EYES – May 17th

Hot on the heels of Cherry Blossoms, and just in time to celebrate the International Day of Light, Artechouse is opening a new (light) show: NAKED EYES, the first U.S. solo exhibition by the world-renowned artist studio NONOTAK.Incorporating the latest lighting and digital technology, the exhibition will feature four new installations and a new performance. An exploratory experience, it encourages visitors to focus on their emotional connection with the artwork, seeking unique viewpoints and merging with the installations as they move about. In summation: you won’t want to miss this. -Svetlana Legetic

Failure is an Option by H. Jon Benjamin available May 1

Failure is an Option, the long-awaited memoir from cult comedy legend and mainstream-approved voice actor H. Jon Benjamin (you know, from Archer and Bob’s Burgers!), chronicles his decades-long career told through a series of tales of failure. Benjamin’s unique take on the classic “fail until you succeed” self-help industry looks to be as self-deprecating and absurd as his best work, on shows like Jon Benjamin Has A Van and Internet stunts like the McCain Girls. -Matt Byrne

Not That Bad: Dispatches from Rape Culture edited by Roxane Gay available May 1

One of the most-hotly anticipated books of the month, let alone this year, is an anthology collection of first person accounts of harassment and violence in our country. This collection features pieces from actresses like Ally Sheedy and Gabrielle Union to writers such as Amy Jo Burns and Bob Shacochis. Editor Roxane Gay is not only known for her own candid voice and bravery in her writing, but it’s her open honesty and talent that endears others to open up to her with their own stories. One of the best tools in bringing women together in the fight for equality and safety is sharing stories. This book will not only allow women to feel less alone and more heard, but to start and continue conversations about change across races and hopefully genders as well. -Diana Metzger

The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner May 1

Rachel Kushner’s Flamethrowers was the equivalent of the coolest friend you had (or wish you had) in your early 20s. Filled with ideas, smart, funny, sexy, a little dangerous, a lot complicated, and not for everyone, but nothing good is FOR EVERYONE these days. Now, Kushner is back with a book that promises to be all of the above all over again, and then some: It’s 2003 and Romy Hall is at the start of two consecutive life sentences at Stanville Women’s Correctional Facility, where she experiences the absurdities of institutional living. Darkly comic, unflinchingly honest, it is a reminder that the life we cherish and hold in such delicate balance, can go off the rails ways, any minute now. -Svetlana Legetic

Robin by Dave Itzkoff available May 15

New York Times journalist Dave Itzkoff’s latest book, Robin, is being billed as “the definitive Robin Williams biography,” offering previously-untold anecdotes that bring to light his struggles with mental health and self-doubt, as well as a deep dive into his career as a comedian and actor. This will be a great, if occasionally difficult read. -Matt Byrne

Gaithersburg Book Festival May 19

Yes, this book festival is way out in the ‘burbs–like a Metro ride and a Lyft ride trip (or just a long car ride–but parking is FREE), but it’ll be worth it. While D.C. does have The National Book Festival late in the summer, this is a more intimate experience which is built for readers hoping for a more close-up experience to their favorite authors or writers looking for quality (and FREE!) panels and workshops. There’s a pretty diverse lineup–from leading food writer Mark Bittman to New York Times best selling YA author Gayle Forman. Personally, I’m psyched for Gaitherburg native Phyllis Reynold Naylor who wrote the children’s classic Shiloh but also wrote the almost 30 book YA Alice series. I’ve been on an epic re-read of the series, which I haven’t since I was a literal young adult. Join me while I fan-girl and nerd-out in the suburbs. -Diana Metzger

Lewis Black – The Joke’s on Us Tour @ Warner Theatre May 17, 18, 19

Imagine you’ve just had a nice lunch at work, the weather outside isn’t terrible, and you’re a few hours away from Friday. Now imagine that right before you decide to go back to work, you pull out your phone and check the news, only to see incident #5235694678 describing something some politician has done to question your reality. That feeling, that voice asking the unanswerable questions of “is this real” or “am I really living through this” is Lewis Black. Lewis Black has made a career of being the soundtrack to the lunacy of everyday life, obsessed with human stupidity to the point of frothing rage. As with any great comedian, Lewis Black’s style is only matched by just how intelligent he is; his bit about Democrats and Republicans off of 2010’s Stark Raving Black is a perfect example of that. Nothing right now seems to make any sense, and that’s exactly why we need Lewis Black. -Ruben Gzirian

Bleu & Brew Fest @ Old Bust Head Brewing Company May 12

Finally, my two favorite reasons to get bloated have come together at one delicious event! Bleu & Brew Fest pairs cheese with beer and of course your mouth thanks to the fine folks of Old Bust Head Brewing Company in Vint Hill, VA. Only monsters (MUENSTERS) would skip this event. Plus there will be live entertainment, ciders for those who just aren’t that into beer and if you think this is too far away FRET NOT. Shuttle service is available from the Vienna Metro for a mere $30 round trip. Gird your stomach for a great (GRATE) time! – Jenn Tisdale

Royal Wedding PUB May 4

The team behind the Game of Thrones pop up bar is about to celebrate a very different kind of wedding (with a very different kind of throne). Their next pop up theme is dedicated entirely to the upcoming wedding and is sure to include all of the lavish elements (and over the top decorations) you’ve come to expect from the Drink Company team. Drink-wise, you can expect fruity and refreshing garden party-esque cocktails, like Pimm’s Cups as well as boozier options like martinis. There will also be a rose spritz cocktail with edible glitter (for obvious reasons). Room-wise, it seems like the team has gone pretty wild trying to recreate the inside of St. George’s Chapel (with all the intricacies that comes along with that). I can’t imagine how wildly drunk people are going to be there when the wedding actually happens. It’s going to be great. – Kaylee Dugan

Photo Credit: Nicholas Karlin

Marvel Men: The Directors Behind the Avengers: Infinity War Phenomenon May 2

Ah, brotherly love. Joe and Anthony Russo are now superheroes in their own right. After two Captain Americas (HEY WE’VE MET HIM) and Avengers: Infinity War, The Russo Brothers seem to have super powers when it comes to making great superhero movies! Days after the film’s release they’ll be at Lisner Auditorium (presented by Smithsonian Associates) chatting with NPR’s Linda Holmes about bringing these heroes from page-to-screen and even some sweet behind-the-scenes stories. But if you want to know what Chris Evans smells like we can tell you that (DID WE MENTION WE’VE MET HIM?) – Jenn Tisdale

Tully in theaters May 4

I’ve always been a huge Diablo Cody supporter, no matter her collaborators, but Tully brings together some of her strongest teammates. It’s written by Cody, directed by Jason Reitman (who also directed Juno and Young Adult) and stars Charlize Theron (star of Young Adult). I really liked Juno but I LOVED Young Adult and think it’s super underrated. I think Cody writes best when she’s really writing from inspiration from her own life, and no doubt with Cody (who’s a mother of two), Tully should be the perfect mix of pathos and laughs. It’s the story of a harried mother of three (played by Theron) and her relationship with her nanny Tully (played by Mackenzie Davis). The cast is such a dream team, between Theron and rising star Davis (best known from the beloved Black Mirror episode “San Junipero” and Halt and Catch Fire) along with the always solid supporting players Rob Livingston and Mark Duplass. -Diana Metzger

Life of The Party in theaters May 11

My default position is “here for whatever Melissa McCarthy wants to do.” I’m probably the only person you’ll talk to who thought Tammy was underrated. But there’s a reason for that, and it’s not just that McCarthy is funny as hell (although she is): Melissa McCarthy makes movies that feature interesting relationships between women. Life of the Party, the new movie that has McCarthy’s middle-aged mom starting college along with her daughter, might end up being a cookie-cutter comedy in a lot of ways, but the trailer suggests that the mother-daughter relationship here might not be as one-dimensional as you’d expect. Pencil it in for Mother’s Day weekend. -Trisha Brown

Revenge in theaters May 11

Revenge, the transgressive debut picture from French filmmaker Coralie Fargeat, hits theaters next month after months of buzz off the 2017 festival circuit. It’s been hailed as a brutal, provocative take on the ever-problematic rape-revenge thriller picture, with stylistic flair and deliberately outrageous setpieces. This is bound to be a memorable one, folks. -Matt Byrne

Show Dogs in theaters May 18

Man there are few things better than a terrible live action talking animals movie. The latest installment in this pantheon of this hilariously pandering subgenre of kids movies is Show Dogs, an undercover buddy cop movie which happens to star a Rottweiler as a tough, no-nonsense police dog forced to infiltrate the world of dog shows. Plus, the trailer shows a chihuahua dabbing, so you KNOW it’s gonna be a good time. -Matt Byrne

Fahrenheit 451 premieres on HBO May 19

Michael B. Jordan is one of the best parts of everything he’s in, whether it’s an overrated Marvel movie or an underrated season of Friday Night Lights. So I’m all kinds of ready for his starring role in HBO’s new adaptation of Fahrenheit 451. There will be those who say Ray Bradbury’s dystopian future novel, set in a world where reading books is illegal, is Now More Than Ever-style relevant, but I’m glad HBO’s version, out May 19, is a movie and not strung out into a series, a la Handmaid’s Tale. It’s such a self-contained story, and besides: Black Mirror has already taught us about killer robot dogs. I’m excited to see how 451 works Bradbury’s full-wall TVs into our current billion-screen culture. But mostly I’m excited to see Jordan, who is so hot right now. Hot as burning books. -Tristan Lejeune

Taco, Beer, Tequila Festival May 12

It’s very likely these are three of your very favorite things so I’m excited to inform you of the second annual Taco, Beer, Tequila Festival at Navy Yard on May 12. Get thisbeer sampling included with ticket, over 25 craft breweries, 50+ beers and ciders, eight margarita bars, 20+ tequilas and mezcals, live music, and 20+ taco trucks/vendors. This is no joke. Get your tickets before they sell out and obviously don’t forget liquor before beer… -Anna Kathryn Stevens

ZooFari May 17

Anytime the zoo does ANYTHING I’m there and ZooFari is one of my favorites events of the year. Delicious food + great drinks + dancing + animals = me every dang time. – Jenn Tisdale

Greek Festival May 18-20

If you love correcting people on their pronunciation of gyro and you enjoy all things Greek, Saint Sophia’s Greek Festival will be taking place on not one, not two, but three days starting May 18 until May 20. What are we talking about here? Authentic Greek food, pastries, live music, traditional dancing, art vendors, and tours of the Cathedral. Bring the fam with fun for all ages and celebrate Greek heritage and get you some really good eats. Tickets are $100. -Anna Kathryn Stevens

Taste of Arlington May 20

What’s better than stuffing your face? Stuffing your face for charity! Taste of Arlington on May 20 will feature over 60 restaurants and trucks that will span from N. Randolph to N. Lincoln on Wilson Boulevard with a portion of proceeds benefiting local Arlington charities. Demolish eats from Wilson Hardware, Ambar, Mala Tang, &pizza, Capital Chicken & Waffles, Republik, Bartaco, among many others. Some more good news, Taste of Arlington is introducing distilleries this year so grab a beverage ticket and enjoy. Oh, did I mention that general admission is free this year? -Anna Kathryn Stevens

District of Color:  the 4th annual EdibleDC Magazine Eat/Drink Local @ Long View Gallery May 22

D.C. is a pretty magical place to eat and drink these days and EdibleDC does a great job of celebrating the homegrown talent with their annual, both super fun, and super curated party at Long View Gallery, which is the kind of food event where you actually get to hang out with your friends in between bites and drinks and not just panic as to how to conquer it all.  ALL INCLUSIVE ticket gets you 15+ divine drinks and 15+ fabulous foods from the best bartenders and chefs across the DMV. On the roster this year: Primrose, Maketto, Iron Gate, Republic Restoratives and more… -Svetlana Legetic

Sango @ 9:30 Club May 1, Knockdown Center May 4, Concord Music Hall May 12

At a time when instant gratification permeates through every facet of society, Sango’s 2018 In the Comfort Of is a welcome reminder that quality and time are sometimes very intrinsic. Four years in the making, and flowing with layered production interlacing Brazilian drum patterns, melodic triple snares, and ethereal sound ques slowed down to half tempo, In the Comfort Of shines as the logical evolution of an artist comfortable with time and space. And while I can spend paragraphs breaking down the mastery of his production, Sango’s music stands out mainly due to the difficulty of just how to describe it; it’s music for your everyday life, music that will accompany you through your 9-5 and your 5-12. It’s transcendental, immensely personal, and should not be missed. -Ruben Gzirian

Jorja Smith @ Thalia Hall May 2, Brooklyn Steel May 12, Howard Theatre May 13

When Amy Winehouse tragically passed away in 2011, music not only lost an icon, but also a voice and an attitude that redefined how sorrow, pain, self-doubt, and empowerment could be examined in well-composed increments. In Jorja Smith, music may have found the successor to that realm. Winehouse’s influence is everywhere in Smith’s catalogue, with songs like “Something in the Way” off 2016’s Project 11 reminiscent of something you’d hear on Back to Black. Smith’s voice, with its harmonic peaks and distinct snarl that enables her to float notes as a way to focus your attention to the emotion she’s conveying, is comfortable in any arrangement. Her ability to effortlessly tap into the influences of the past to present something new and relevant is part of an appeal that goes beyond release cycles and the Billboard Top 100. While I’m careful to speak in hyperbolic terms, Jorja Smith has the talent and self-consciousness to be a defining artist that bridges the beauties of the past to the struggles of the present. -Ruben Gzirian

Tom Misch @ Brooklyn Steel May 3, Black Cat May 6

I’ve been listening to Tom Misch since 2011 when he was a SoundCloud artist before being a SoundCloud artist was considered a status symbol. And while he’s certainly developed as an artist—both as a singer and a producer—the reliance of pushing emotion through compositions influenced by J Dilla (RIP) and Madlib blended with airy jazz guitar still forms the foundation of his appeal. Even slower songs like “Sadder” off his 2018 Geography retain a harmony that doesn’t stray far from more upbeat entries like “Disco Yes.” When I saw Tom Misch in Brooklyn in 2017, I distinctly remember just how happy he was to be performing; over the course of two albums (2015’s Beat Tape 2 being his first, and, in my opinion, best album) Misch has expertly translated those positive vibes into his music. -Ruben Gzirian

Cautious Clay and April + Vista @ DC9 May 5

Although many fantasize about leaving day jobs to pursue dreams and passions, it takes a certain kind of courage – or delusion – to pull the trigger and actually do it. Just eight months ago, Josh Karpeh was another cog in the wheel, working a corporate job in New York City by day and producing music by night, all while harboring dreams of breaking through and becoming a self-sufficient artist. Now he’s headlining at DC9 as Cautious Clay, with support from very exciting local electro-soul duo April + Vista, in what is basically a local bill (Karpeh went to GW for college, and got his start in music in DC). Swing by early and do something different on Cinco de Mayo. -Jose Lopez-Sanchez

Olden Yolk and Bottled Up @ DC9 May 11

I really like both of the bands on this bill. Although the music they play is quite different – Olden Yolk deals in dystopian folk songs, while Bottled Up sounds like they ran acid-era Beach Boys song through a crank drive motor – each group brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the stage for live performances. This will be a great way to start off your weekend if you’re in DC and looking to check out a couple of interesting indie acts.  -Jose Lopez-Sanchez

Bhad Bhabie @ Milkboy Arthouse May 8, S.O.B.’s May 9, Bottom Lounge May 15

Going for the confusing, mysterious beef with Lil Tay, a 9 year-old Instagram star who doesn’t seem to have any parents, and Woah Vicky (aka Icky Vicky which sounds like a Garbage Pail Kid) another Instagram star/rapper who is allegedly 18 but might actually be 27? Anyway they all have very expensive cars and hate each other in that special way pre-teens and teens seem to do. – Jenn Tisdale

Frida Sundemo @ Elsewhere (Brooklyn) May 17

Frida Sundemo’s Flashbacks & Futures has been on heavy rotation for me since its release in October of this past year because it is SO GOOD. I got to chat with her in NYC just before the record dropped, but unfortunately wasn’t able to make it out to her set while she was in town. But now it’s REDEMPTION TIME! I’ve got my ticket all ready to go to see her this month at Elsewhere Zone One, and am beyond excited for that, slash would highly recommend you grab tickets, too! -Megan Burns

Fleet Foxes @ The Anthem May 18

I reviewed the Fleet Foxes show at Merriweather last summer, and argued that they are one of the few bands that successfully manage to turn folk music into “Art” without falling into the trap of self-importance. They are simply too good and too well-aligned to begrudge them, and Robin Pecknold’s songwriting has continued to mature and evolve in the time spent away from the spotlight. Yes, it’s still very pretty and ornate music, but it doesn’t feel as fragile and precious as it once did. I’m curious to see how the show ports over to an indoor venue like The Anthem, and excited to listen to the record in a room with such good acoustics. -Jose Lopez-Sanchez

Courtney Barnett Tell Me How You Really Feel, out May 18 via Milk! Records (AUS) Mom + Pop (US)

Very, very amped for the release of Courtney Barnett’s sophomore solo record. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve listened to Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit, so it’ll be great to have a whole new body of work to put on repeat forever and ever dot com. “Need A Little Time” is my favorite of the tracks I’ve heard so far, which you can check out over on Bandcamp. -Megan Burns

Beach House 7, out May 11 on Sub Pop

In case you couldn’t gather from the title, 7 will be Beach House’s seventh studio album. I decided long ago that any and everything that Beach House puts out will be a well worthwhile listen, this upcoming record being no exception, despite the fact that we can anticipate a sonic departure on this collection of songs marked by rebirth vibes. Give “Dive” a listen here. -Megan Burns

Dierks Bentley, Brothers Osborne, LANCO @ Merriweather Post Pavillion May 18

As the unofficial country music correspondent/advocate for BYT, I’m here to say this is a really awesome lineup, especially because the openers could almost eclipse the headliner. LANCO is a rising star band, even with their debut album Hallelujah Nights only coming out this past January. Their album hit #1 on the country charts alongside their first single “Greatest Love Story” also hitting number #1 on the country charts. Quite the way to kick off 2018. Brothers Osbourne is a country duo I’ve followed for awhile, since their first album Pawn Shop (2016), which went gold. They’ve just released their sophomore album Port Saint Joe last month. Their sound is twangy and whiskey-soaked and catchy as all hell. And then of course there’s Dierks. He’s been in the game for 15 years, but his latest album The Mountain comes out in June and its set to be another hit maker. Yes, this lineup isn’t breaking the gender lines of country, but its full of really solid talent and a damn good time. I feel like country concerts are made for the summer, and this is a great way to kick off the season. -Diana Metzger

SOBxRBE @ U Street Music Hall May 19, Rough Trade May 21

On an album that will eventually be considered one of the best soundtracks of all time, four young men from North Vallejo, California stole the spotlight. SOBxRBE’s “Paramedic,” a sub-4 minute relay-race tag team demolition of a hyphy beat, off 2018’s Black Panther soundtrack was a bust-through-the-door introduction to a group ready to stake its claim as one of the best in hip-hop. As with any new young group breaking into the consciousness of hip-hop, the longevity of their energy, their ability to seamlessly bounce off each other, and each members strident independence remains to be seen. But with two albums in (2017’s SOB X RBE and 2018’s GANGIN) all indications point to a group that’s picking up speed by creating music that, as my friends puts it, is “Sage the Gemini, iamsu!, Mistah Fab, and Nef the pharaoh, all mixed up with early NWA.” -Ruben Gzirian

A Place to Bury Strangers @ DC9 May 24

Sometimes a new album feels like an event, either because a band/artist take a hiatus or always remain in the limelight. For every band like that, there are dozens of others who have been consistently been putting out good-to-great records. A Place to Bury Strangers is one of those bands. It is easy to take them for granted: they have been around since 2007, putting out the dark, moody sort of post-punk that has always been on the fringes of popularity. The band’s secret weapon, however, has been their live act. They are easily one of the loudest bands I’ve ever seen, the sort that pulverizes their audience into submission with impressive varieties of distortion and guitar pedals. When you see them at DC9 this May, don’t forget your ear plugs or you will regret it. -Alan Zilberman

Washington Ballet’s DANCE PARTY @ The Anthem May 11

Supporting the arts is important but we are mainly recommending this because we can’t think of a cooler dance party @ Anthem, than a dance party that involves all of Washington Ballet’s dancers dancing alongside us. -Svetlana Legetic

MakeOffices Pop-up-palooza May 16

We’re teaming up with the amazing folks at MakeOffices (again!) for a day of breathtaking art, cool panels and (more importantly) free beer. MakeOffices Glover Park is holding a pop-up-palooza and it’s going to be unlike any office party you’ve ever seen. Come for the amazing art installation from Lemon Collective’s very own Lindsay Griffin, and stay for the informative (yet fun) panels about pitching, cleaning up your feed and more. And don’t forget that free beer (and coffee). There will be plenty of that to go around. -Kaylee Dugan

The Royal Wedding May 19

Are you going to have to get up at the ass crack of dawn to watch this glorious spectacle? Yes, but on the plus side, it’s a Saturday, meaning you can automatically launch into mimosa mode upon waking. Coverage will begin as early as 5am ET, so be sure to set your goddamn alarm clocks, grab some cans of Heinz beans and prepare to experience ALL OF THE MAJESTY. (And then all of the naps after that.) -Megan Burns

DC Bike Ride May 19

May is National Bike Month and the DC Bike Ride is a perfect way to celebrate. From 20 whole miles traffic free streets to a damn good finish festival, it’s the perfect ride if you’re a serious no-nonsense biker or just a casual biker who wants to be able to ride downtown without getting door-ed! This year, Trouble Funk is headlining the after-ride festival, which means it will be EXTRA fun. BONUS: the event has raised over $70,000 WABA’s Vision Zero program which makes DC streets a safer, better place to ride year-round. Take your friends, take your significant others, take your visiting family, take your kids and enjoy some sweet spring biking. Tickets and details here. -Svetlana Legetic

French Open May 21-June 10

It’s almost French Open time again! If you’re new around here, you should know that I love tennis V. HARD! And so I am mega-amped for the clay competition, which is (in my opinion) the best one of the Grand Slam itinerary. I’m especially stoked to have Andy Murray and Serena Williams in the running again, and as always, it should be fun to see if anyone can give Nadal a good shakedown on his preferred playing surface. Tennis isn’t boring, you guys. And if you think otherwise then KINDLY GET OUTTA MY LIFE, PLZ. -Megan Burns

Joe Pera Talks With You premiers on Adult Swim May 20

The singularly great comic Joe Pera has already released a few all-timers for Adult Swim, including the animated short Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep and the instant classic holiday special Joe Pera Helps You Find The Perfect Christmas Tree. He’s partnered with two of the best comedians going, Jo Firestone and Conner O’Malley, to produce the new series Joe Pera Talks To You, which stars Pera as a Michigan-based teacher who, throughout the series, explores such topics as pancakes, English muffins, and waffles. -Matt Byrne

Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life premieres on Netflix May 25

Netflix is releasing the new Steve Martin and Martin Short comedy special, An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life, filmed at a recent performance in South Carolina. Expect sketches, musical comedy, and plain old conversation between these two living legends, plus a special performance from Martin’s bluegrass band (if you’re into that sort of thing). -Matt Byrne

Saint Joan @ Folger Theater May 12 through June 10

You almost certainly know the name “Joan of Arc,” and you probably know she was burned at the stake. You might even know it happened when she was young (nineteen). But if some of the other parts of the story are…a little fuzzy, why not go get caught up at Saint Joan? You can go to the pay-what-you-will show. Or the show with a craft-beer-event beforehand. Or just go to a regular show. No matter what, with four actors playing over 25 roles, it’s almost certainly your most engaging way to brush up on the history of a saint this month. -Trisha Brown

Pop-Up Magazine @ Lincoln Center May 21, Warner Theatre May 23

It’s a magazine created for the stage and each live performance is different, so if you miss it THAT’S IT. Writers, radio producers, photographers, filmmakers and illustrators perform new, mostly reported stories in all kinds of media mixed together! It’s an unmissable night! – Jenn Tisdale

The Washington Ballet: Giselle @ Filene Center May 25

A beloved romantic ballet. Love, betrayal, and forgiveness are paired with coveted virtuoso roles. This haunting and tender classic tells the story of the promise and tragedy of young love – Wolf Trap

Justice Matters: Dr. Cornel West and NPRs Domenico Montanaro @ Warner Theatre May 31

Dr. Cornel West has a made a career of being a provocative commentator on the state of racial relations and democratic development in America. A frequent guest on Real Time, as well as other media outlets, Dr. West recently made waves by getting into a public spat with Ta-Nehisi Coates by openly criticizing Coates’ We Were Eight Years in Power. Whether you agree with Dr. West is not really the point; his views on society, the role of race, and the power of democracy are all wildly distinct. At a time when the concept of justice is seemingly at its most uneven, the opinions of Dr. West should, at the very least, be heard. -Ruben Gzirian

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze available May 4

Since its release last March, Nintendo Switch owners have been spoilt. They’ve been treated to a brand new Zelda game, a pair of brand new Mario games, and a plethora of brilliant indie games. But what about Donkey Kong? When will everyone’s favorite pixelated ape be getting a brand new game? That’s still to be decided, sadly. But we are getting a port of a Donkey Kong game that originally came out four yeadrs ago! Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was initially released on Nintendo’s doomed Wii U console back in 2014. It was a an incredibly fun side-scrolling puzzle-platformer with a wonderful soundtrack and exquisite level design that didn’t get enough love because nobody owned a Wii U. Lots of people own a Switch, however, so re-releasing it was a no-brainer. The prospect of playing this game on-the-go is tantalizing, and I can’t wait to kill some time on the Red Line with the big, barrel-chucking buffoon. -Norm Quarrinton