By Mackenzie Bailey, Morgan Baskin, Ross Bonaime, Stephanie Breijo, Cale, Jeb Gavin, Melissa Groth, Esther Hurr, Svetlana Legetic, Carly Loman, Deanna Martino, Phil Runco, Joey Schaefer, Farrah Skeiky, Clarissa Villondo, Brandon Wetherbee, Ashley Wright


Garry Winogrand @ National Gallery of Art, now on display through June 8th

30 years after Winogrand’s death and 25 years since the last retrospective show of any kind, The National Gallery of Art just rolled out a definitive exhibit on Winogrand which allows the viewer to finally spend some quality time with this master of “in the moment” photography. Those whispered about but never before assessed contact sheets have been perused by the curatorial team (spearheaded by Leo Rubinfein, fellow photographer and friend of Winogrand’s from his LA days) and a veritable treasure trove from this Godfather of street photography has been unveiled. GO. READ OUR FULL REVIEW HERE. -Svetlana


The Cocoon Series by EE McCollum @ The Art League, runs March 13 through April 7

This haunting series of B&W photographs showcases the human body contorted into different shapes, but there’s a twist (pun intended): McCollum’s subjects are wrapped in nylon tubes, stretching as if they’re trying to break free. Speaking of free, the exhibit is, too. It opens March 13 and promises to be, “mesmerizing and intriguing.” -Morgan

Cocoon Series #7

Featuring art from the likes of Richard Avedon, Philip Guston, and Andy Warhol, this exhibit (celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act) is not to be missed. With a collection of work that represents the volatility and change of the decade, it’s sure to be a captivating look at a difficult subject. -Carly
This is your last week to see Alex Prager’s Face in the Crowd. Or to see it again. Please do that, and here is why. -Svetlana


Bark by Lorrie Moore now available

It has been 15 years since Birds of America was published, and this first-since collection of short stories by its author is worth the wait. As deliciously devious as ever, Moore handles language with the kind of veracity and humor that English lit majors have wet dreams about. For the duration of these eight stories, she grips you and never lets go, through love, loss and all things in between. Our only complaint: you’ll be hungry for a lot more than the eight available in here. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take her 15 more to get a new collection out. – Svetlana


Blood Will Out: The True Story of a Murder, a Mystery, and a Masquerade by Walter Kirn released March 10

The story of Clark Rockefeller, a lying liar that lied and also murdered but mostly lied, is absurdly surreal and difficult to be believed. The basis of the very entertaining (the book is entertaining, I am not advocating for the horrible things in the book) The Man in the Rockefeller Suit: The Astonishing Rise and Spectacular Fall of a Serial Impostor was a perfect audio book, full of embellished embellishments of an embellisher. This new work was written by a man that knew the not-really-Rockefeller. The Washington Post has compared it to In Cold Blood. I am excited to read a more personal, less dime-store account of the liar. Once again, not advocating the actions, just the books.




I, for one, welcome our new interlocking plastic brick overlords. February was a balls out month for the world’s largest toy company and #1 movie maker, but March will bring us some additional noteworthys for nostalgic hipsters and fanboys. First up is the new Star Wars Microfighters series, featuring adorably miniaturized versions of vehicles and ships piloted by standard sized minifigures. Bypass the garbage from the prequels and forgetables from the animated baby stuff and dive into original trilogy gems: TIE Interceptor, X-Wing Fighter, Star Destroyer, and Millennium Falcon. Now on sale for $9.99 each.


The LEGO Movie sets have been a little lackluster so far, but all that changes with MetalBeard’s Sea Cow. This 2741 piece monster of a ship features the signature whacked out design from the movie and includes a generous selection of shipmates and accessories: two micro manager robots, a seasick UniKitty, the double-decker couch, and minifigures Benny, WildStyle, Vitruvius, and Emmet. The only disappointment is MetalBeard himself, who comes in the “mini” version, cause they obviously want you to still pick up the MetalBeard’s Duel set to get him in all his ridiculous convoluted splendor.


Finally, one of the coolest unlockable characters from the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game get’s the real life minifigure treatment in March: MODOK. Unfortunately you have to buy the boring Hulk Lab Smash playset to get him, but at least you get a sweet Taskmaster as well. -Cale

Veronica Mars released March 14

It’s finally, really happening, right? The Kickstarter is done, and now everyone must be bowing at Kristen Bell’s feet after Frozen, right? So she can get anything she wants? Yes, it’s happening. And there’s a new version of “We Used to Be Friends” for the movie. And the opening scene is floating around the Internet, meaning it must be real. And everyone is frantically looking up Percy Daggs III on Google Images and worrying that he’s too handsome to be a lovable goof anymore.
If none of what I’m saying is making any sense to you, the 2004-2007 mystery/drama/thing that is/was Veronica Mars, thought to be unjustly cut short by many adoring fans, was Kickstarted into a movie featuring the original cast, and that movie comes out this month. I recommend you binge watch those 3 seasons of fine teenage sleuthing to fully understand why this is sort of a big deal. -Farrah


Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me now playing in NYC, released in DC March 7

Elaine Stritch (87! AND STILL AT IT!) is a national treasure and now with Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me the nation finally has a movie to celebrate her. The film has already won multiple awards on the festival circuit, it has also resulted in another, even more important, life-changing development: IT HAS MADE ELAINE STRITCH JOIN TWITTER. Follow here. – Svetlana


The Grand Budapest Hotel released March 7

At this point the biggest worry about the new Wes Anderson film coming out this month is that your movie watching will peak in March. Eight films in, Anderson is still on a roll with a fantastic cast compiled from all his films in The Grand Budapest Hotel, which looks like a screwball comedy of the Anderson sort. Critics are saying that The Grand Budapest Hotel is maybe Anderson’s best and that it’s also the most Anderson-y of his films, so yeah, it’s going to be amazing. -Ross

Divergent released March 21

The Divergent trilogy resembles the The Hunger Games, with a teenage girl not exactly fitting in, and rebelling against a crazy tyrannical government in a post-apocalyptic era. The Divergent book is wonderful. Easy, but wonderful. This movie is starring an actress from everyone’s favorite series (this is sarcasm) The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Shailene Woodley. An interesting choice, but we’ll see. I’m pretty stoked. -Mackenzie

Jodorowsky’s Dune released March 21

Before the disaster of David Lynch’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s seminal sci-fi classic and the endless big snail jokes it birthed, in 1974 Alejandro Jodorowsky (Santa Sangre et al) attempted to make his own version. Wildly ambitious (H.R. Geiger involvement and all) and doomed (probably from the start) it is one of those movie nerd tales that get passed around video stores and conferences. Now, in 2014, Frank Pavich is bringing us the documentary about the making of a great cult movie that never was. I, for one, cannot wait to dig in. – Svetlana.


Muppets Most Wanted released March 21

Jason Segel and Amy Adams might be gone from this sequel of the rebooted Muppets franchise, but who better to take their place as the human leads than Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais? Plus you’ve got an evil Kermit AND Zach Galifianakis reprising his role as Hobo Joe? Sounds like it’s time to play the music and light the lights. -Ross

Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 released March 21

Forget for a second that Shia LaBeouf is making a douche of himself lately and you’ll probably be seeing his Witwicky in Nymphomaiacand remember that this is part one of the two part film from provocateur/amazing filmmaker Lars von Trier. Regardless of what you think of von Trier, his films are always unexpected and shocking, which you can hardly say about most filmmakers. And knowing von Trier, there is the slight possibility LaBeouf might undergo penis mutilation in Nymphomaniac, and surely you don’t want to miss that. -Ross

Noah released March 28

Well, this one could go either way. On one hand, Darren Aronofsky is a mostly solid filmmaker that has brought us The WresterBlack Swan and nightmare fuel Requiem for a Dream. Yet he’s never worked on this large a scale, let alone telling a Biblical epic with Russell Crowe as ark building Noah. Either it’ll be another fascinating Aronofsky film, or it’ll be a massive trainwreck. Or both. -Ross



RED APRON (and The Partisan VERY SOON)

Starting at 7:30am, longtime fans and newcomers to The Cult of Anda can enjoy his trademark meat selections, made-to-order deli sandwiches, gourmet sides, blue plate specials, artisanal spreads, sandwiches to go, and, most importantly, breakfast every day of the week. READ OUR FULL FIRST LOOK HERE. -Stephanie

12773329853_cd26b6e587_zLupo Verde

The latest concept from the Lalou Group (previously of Tunnicliff’s, Ulah Bistro, and Station 4), Lupo serves what owners Med Lahlou and Antonio Matarazzo call “authentic, rustic Italian fare” in a cozy 100-seat space. Think modern take on Mama’s kitchen: warm woods, Edison bulbs, brick walls, and Mason jars for your sparkling water. They’re also open late – 2AM on Sundays through Thursdays, 3AM on Friday and Saturday – so you can come here to regain some semblance of semi-sophistication after you spend the evening flailing wildly (your mother is the only one who calls the way you move to music “dancing”) around the floor at U Street Music Hall. READ OUR FULL FIRST LOOK HERE. -Ashley


La Colombe  – your new favorite coffee shop (now open in Shaw)

La Colombe is interested in more than just coffee; they pride themselves on their ethics. They’re like the TOMS of coffee. The strictly Earth-conscious company subscribes to several Earth-friendly certifications (i.e. Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic, etc) and proactively maintains relationships with farmers, so that their Strictly Earth Conscious and Five Principles policies are followed. Check out OUR FULL FIRST LOOK HERE. -Joey


If you wanted to learn more about tequila beyond shots of patron, you’ve come to the right place. Oyamel’s selection and bartenders are fantastic year round, but this is a special time in which experts and fans alike can share the same bar and discover a new tequila every day. The Tequila & Mezcal festival makes this liquor much more approachable and includes appearances by the makers of some of the best tequilas currently in production. I’m a firm believer that there’s a tequila out there for everyone, namely one you’ll fall in love with and sip and savor much like you would any scotch. Oyamel thinks so too, meaning this is the best place to start. -Farrah
Not only is Lyon’s Distilling the first rum distillery in Maryland, but the first craft liquor distillery in the state in fifty years. The 6,000 square foot facility used to be a flour mill, and is now set on crafting sip-able, high end rum. It’s been very quietly open since late 2013 (isn’t anything that opens this far north in Maryland opening quietly?), but it’s still new enough to bring to your attention now. March (if it ever stops snowing) is the time we should be renting Zipcars and having a weekend away from our “So, what do you do?” lives in DC, and Lyon Distilling’s tastings and tours should be part of that weekend. -Farrah


The Men Tomorrow’s Hits released March 4

“We put a big focus this time on trying to cut away everything that was not absolutely essential,” The Men’s Mark Perro told BYT recently, discussing the band’s fifth record in five years, Tomorrow’s Hits. The resulting LP runs a slim eight songs and 37-minutes of tape. But that’s pretty much where the concision ends: Tomorrow’s Hits is raucous document, full of tracks where the Men come out swinging and refuse to let up, where the band doesn’t loosen the slack for a half second. Just as importantly, it’s also got the swaggering hooks and melodies to match. The DNA is instantly recognizable and inviting – splices of classic rock, alt-country, 70s am gold, and the Rolling Stones’ version of the blues – but infused with the urgency of the band’s sludgier early records.  “It was meant to be a wake-up call, like, ‘Hey, pay attention to what’s going on here,'” Perro said of the album’s first single, “Pearly Gates.” “With New Moon, we had some people questioning us, like, ‘Have these guys gone soft?’ And it’s like, ‘Fuck you. We haven’t at all.'” -Phil


Real Estate Atlas released March 4

There’s more to these guys than “It’s Real,” which they definitely proved with the release of Atlas‘s first single, “Talking Backwards.” Its melodic and sweetly honeyed sound is a gem, and if it’s any indication of what’s to come on Atlas, we should all be very grateful. -Morgan


“If money is power,” Rick Ross says midway through his sixth LP, Mastermind. “Then I got millions of power.” This obviously a stupid thing to say. It’s a pool-clearing belly flop of faux profundity. But you put up with this sort of garbage – and Ross’ jaw-dropping revisionist self-history – because every album from the Maybach Music bawse comes with three or four great songs.  And even though the pick of Mastermind‘s underwhelming litter doesn’t match that of God Forgives, I Don’t, there are still things to like here, namely “The Devil is a Lie,” “War Ready” and “Sanctified.” Rick Ross is a dope, but sometimes he succeeds despite himself. -Phil


We Are Scientists TV en Francais released March 4

There are few bands that can create such perfect pop rock gems as We Are Scientists. Now that their band also includes a former member of Razorlight, this is only more accurate. Their fourth album is catchy as hell and a new We Are Scientists album always means a new onslaught of hilarious videos. -Ross


Adam Beyer @ U St. Music Hall, March 7

Other than the fact that he’s a brilliant producer of some of the decade’s best techno tracks, Beyer also founded the major record label “Drumcode” that houses some of electronic music’s best artists, including the QUEEN Nicole Moudaber, Alan Fitzpatrick, Joseph Capriati, and Cari Lekebusch. Seeing some of these guys live has been one of the pinnacles of my time in music, and it’s sincerely, SINCERELY worth the time/money. -Morgan


IF YOU MISS THIS YOU ARE DUMB. (I say this knowing that I will be out of town this weekend.) Don’t be like me. Go see the positive Californian funk-king—and FOR FREE. -Carly

Lorde @ Echostage, March 7

We’ve been hyping it up on our site for quite a bit and since she just won approximately 3758 Grammys (or maybe only 2 but they were big ones) you can tell your children about this one day (or the day after if you already have them). If her dance moves are anything like they were at the Grammys that part might be a bit awkward but she sounds super good and that’s what matters. -Mackenzie
New DIY Venue: CD Cellar Falls Church, First Show: March 8 – Acoustic Slammer
CD Cellar in Arlington already hosts plenty of shows, so it’s about time the record store’s other location starts too. The first show is an “acoustic slammer” with indie punk musicians from Virginia and and Pennsylvania. Nathaniel Brown, who works at CD Cellar Falls Church, and Toy Store Riot’s Chris Ricci, who often books at CD Cellar Arlington, are playing at this inaugural show. The two will be joined by Pete Davis and the Holy Smokes, No Stranger and Tedd Hazard. Sure, both CD Cellar locations are in suburbs, but sometimes it’s okay to get out of the city and hop on the Orange Line to buy new records and see a DIY show. -Clarissa

The Coathangers Suck My Shit released March 18

For a band that started out as a total joke, the Coathangers have got one of the most exciting releases of early spring. The music video for the lead single “Follow Me” is already out, and features Mastodon gussied up in dresses and singing the song. Their previous album Larceny and old Lace sounded great in all the ways it should– jarring, provocative and most importantly fun, but definitely felt like it ran away from them at times. Suck My Shit promises a more thought out, cohesive album. And I’m not worried about losing the fun component, especially with a video like this. The Coathangers will appear at SXSW, Burgerama, and will periodically tour with the Black Lips and Audacity. -Farrah

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Piñata released March 18

They’ve gone about as slowly and deliberately as possible – releasing the occasional EP and single over the course of two and half years – but the odd couple of rapid-fire rapper Freddie Gibbs and supremely blunted producer Madlib have one of hip-hop heads’ most anticipated records with the long-gestating Piñata. And it’s well-deserved hype: Pretty much everything these two have touched together has been fantastic. It also doesn’t hurt to have Danny Brown, Raekwon, Earl Sweatshirt, Scarface, and Ab-Soul lined up as features. But famous friends are an added bonus to the chemistry between these two. In Madlib, Gibbs has found a producer willing to challenge and push him beyond emulation of the gangster rap greats.  In Gibbs, Madlib has found a rapper capable of navigating the density of his dizzying production – knowing when to bob and weave and when to just plow straight through. Here’s to hoping the wait is worth it come March 18. -Phil
Every now and then, a band falls from heaven – or Syracuse, New York – to bulldoze indie rock with a collection of tightly wound, blown-speaker punk rock.  It’s rarely anything mold-shattering – think Times New Viking, think Iceage, think Blood Brothers – but the energy is just undeniable.  So far, what we’ve heard from Perfect Pussy’s debut (the pummeling “Drive”, the comparatively sedate “Interference Fits”) indicates that Say Yes to Love has the potential to be one of those records. -Phil

The War on Drugs Lost in the Dream released March 18

Damn, has it really been three years since Slave Ambient, the near perfect album from The War on Drugs? Well Lost in the Dream is absolutely worth the wait. The War on Drugs have a sound that is so easy to get lost in, it’s insane a band can be this great. Let’s just all hope we don’t have to wait three more years for our next fix. -Ross


In 2008, Compton rapper YG started a label with DJ Mustard called Pu$haz Ink. (No, seriously.) Six year later, he has a debut record coming out on Def Jam, and if there’s one thing that will go a long way towards making sure you have a hit record in 2014, it’s having started a label with DJ Mustard in 2008. This is Grays Sport Almanac level foresight. The ratchet impresario is rap’s “it” producer, and even if that’s a fleeting designation, he’s still the guy you want at the helm of your debut right now.  And so far, this association has paid off for YG: My Krazy Life‘s first single, “My Nigga”, is a monster, and justifiably a monster hit.  YG may not be the most technically proficient rapper, but he’s got charisma, personality, and the right team around him.  As a result, there’s a feeling that this stupidly titled recorded – originally titled I’m From Bompton (!!!) – has the chance to be the biggest unapologetically thugged-out  West Coast  rap record in years.  If you want further proof of this, check the album’s third single, “Who Do You Love?”, which features the one and only Drizzy Drake. If you know Drake, you know Drake is a vampire, and he’s only showing up on someone else’s record if there’s not significant attention that might be sucked his way.  His presence here says a lot. -Phil

Sam Smith @ U St. Music Hall, March 20

He blew up in the US after Disclosure’s mega-popular single “Latch” (on which Smith was the lead vocalist) burst, guns blazing, onto the music scene last year. Don’t let the jazzy, funky, synth-heavy Disclosure sound fool you, though: Smith’s smooth-as-butter vocals are exponentially more mellow than what “Latch” will have you believe. This guy’s voice is a bonafide panty-dropper, so get your tickets for this show while you still can, and check out these gorgeous acoustic tracks he recorded live. I may or may not have cried when he turned “Latch” into one of the best love songs that’s happened in the last year, rivaled only by John Legend’s “All of Me.” -Morgan

The Pizza Underground @ Black Cat, March 21

Once every few years, there comes a band that changes music completely to a point that it can never go back. Bob Dylan. The Beatles. David Bowie. The list goes on. Surely our generation’s most important band is The Pizza Underground, which creates a perfect storm of incredible things: The Velvet Underground, Macauley Culkin and pizza. Reviews have said that their setlist is only six minutes long but I say quality over quantity! It will surely be the best six minutes of your lives! -Ross


Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. @ 9:30 Club, March 21

I once saw Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. perform twice in one day. Yet both sets were completely different and equally brilliant. They aren’t just great musicians, they’re born performers that can turn a rock show into an 80s inspired “Like A Prayer” singalong in a manner of seconds. DEJJ are one of the most fun bands you can see live, so do yourselves a favor and see them. -Ross

Classixx @ U St. Music Hall, March 24

The producer/DJ duo from LA are based in French house and disco, bringing back the bling-y, synth-y swag of yesteryear. Their latest music video, “All You’re Waiting For,” is the kind of track you want to hear pouring out of a car window as it hauls ass to the beach (not to mention it features LCD Soundsystem star Nancy Whang). And even though Classixx is a fav of Urban Outfitters playlists everywhere, there’s no need to hate: any hipster ill will is easily superceded by the funk that will, inevitably, cause your head to bob and weave frantically. -Morgan

NAS @ Kennedy Center, March 28 and 29

This is a thing that’s happening. Did anyone predict this two decades ago? Who thought Nas would perform Illmatic at the Kennedy Center with The NSO Pops? No one. No one predicted it but someone thought of it and that person is very smart. The show has been long sold-out and scalpers are asking $275 for the cheapest seats. They’ll get that, easily. They’re also smart. -Brandon


Thievery Corporation Saudade released April 1

The DC-based electronica duo are back with their seventh studio album, and the essence of the sound is all in the title: “saudade” is Portugese for “contented melancholy.” (I guess they’re toning down the whole folk/dupstep/reggae/pop mashup). T.C. has recruited an army of saucy vets for the production, including U.N.K.L.E. and LouLou Ghelichkhani. Basically what this means is that it’s going to be a beautiful and unexpected departure from their sound, and y’all should be PUMPED. -Morgan Baskin




March 13: Rise and shine for an early morning breakfast and style seminar. Locals Unplugged: Females in Fashion, presented by Think Local First and the Heurich House Museum, will highlight local fashion mavens Theresa Watts of Lettie Gooch, Virginia Arrisueno of DeNada Designs, and Lori Parkerson of Redeem. The event will take place at the Ulysses Room at 52 O Street, NW, from 8am to 10am. Tickets are $20 for Think Local First Members, $25 for students and $30 for non-members.  Breakfast is included in the ticket price. There will be plenty of time for networking before the “Unplugged Session” gets underway with each speaker talking about their journey in the fashion business and providing advice and tips on making your own way. Melissa


Culottes. Okay, I know, I’m skeptical, too. But I keep seeing the “wide crop” pant pop up all over the place so I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt. I’m also giving March the benefit of the doubt that it will be warm enough to wear culottes (the best thing about trends is making them work in unexpected ways, though, so if it’s still snowing by the end of March, pair them with your anorak). Wear them cut a few inches above the ankle with a nice pair of heels to avoid looking dowdy.  If you’re worried about how they’ll look on your frame, play with hem lengths and flare. If you’re hippy, pick a super flared pair and belt your waist to accentuate your shape. Luckily, this pant is available in a number of style variations. It may take some looking, but, like the jumpsuit (which is also on trend for spring, yay!), where there’s a will there’s a way and a cut to flatter your shape. -Melissa



Bates Motel second season premiered March 3 on A & E

The first season of Bates Motel was hit-or-miss, to say the least. Look, this isn’t the Psycho that we expected, but at least it’s always interesting, what with Norman and his mom running around, killing people and hiding them in a town that seems to be filled with creeps. I mean, if you ever wanted to see Norman Bates lose his virginity and mope to Radiohead, I guess this is your show. But it is fun to watch Vera Farmiga go full on insane. -Ross


Those Who Kill series premiered March 3 on A & E

For those of us who watched, loved, were-lightly-devastated when Chloe Sevigny’s amazingly weird and great HIT & MISS got canceled, the news that she now has an amazingly weird and great sounding US CRIME SHOW TO CALL HER OWN was the best news of the spring TV season. Sevigny stars at Catherine Jensen, a newly promoted homicide detective with a complicated serial killer back story. First reports call it “hard to watch and even harder to look away from” and that’s kind of all we needed to hear. YES. – Svetlana.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.56.49 PM

Resurrection premieres March 9 on ABC

It didn’t take long for the USA to take the great show The Returned – which aired on Sundance late last year – and Americanize it. Most of the times these transfers to another country aren’t that great, but The Returned is such a intriguing show, that alone should sustain what seems like a bad idea. Basically Resurrection is about dead people who start returning back from the dead to their old lives with no idea where they came from or how they returned. They’re more like emotional zombies than actual zombies and that makes them much more interesting. -Ross

Believe premieres March 16 on NBC

Alfonso Cuaron and Christopher Nolan have teamed up and unfortunately it’s not about Batman in space, but hey, it could still be good. Believe is about a man protecting a little girl and the powers she has. Hopefully with Cuaron and Nolan working on this thing, it won’t be like Heroes or god forbid, Touch, but regardless, Believe is definitely one of the more promising spring TV debuts this year. -Ross

Doll & Em premieres March 19 on HBO

Yet another British show will make its way to America by way of HBO’s “new” show Doll & Em, penned by and starring Emily Mortimer and Dolly Wells. I stopped watching The Newsroom after the first season but I assume Mortimer’s character has been written off the show as she now has time to be in her very own show where hopefully the writers won’t be fired every season, eh Sorkin? Both Mortimer and Wells co-wrote and starred in the original British TV series about a successful actress Emily (played by Mortimer) and her best friend Dolly (you get the point). When Dolly hits a bit of a bad patch Emily decides to hire her on as her assistant. I’m sure dry, witty British hilarity ensues. I’m looking forward to yet another female oriented show. Well done, HBO.

How I Met Your Mother series finale March 31

It’s been nine years, we finally know who the goddamn mother is and now Bob Saget can quit telling this story to his kids who surely have missed a shit ton of school by now. That’s right, How I Met Your Mother is finally ending. It hasn’t always been the best show over the decade it has been on the air, but it has almost always been charming. Say goodbye to the Bro code, suiting up and weekly Jason Segel. But at least you only have to wait a few more months until Greta Gerwig and How I Met Your Father. -Ross



Welcome To Night Vale @ Lincoln Theatre, March 4

It’s easy to criticize podcasts. There are currently 32000000 podcasts, 99.9875% of them having a grand total of one episode. They are often as entertaining as combining the sexy production value of early radio broadcast experimentation with the organization of a children’s birthday party. This is not the case with Welcome to Night Vale. The podcast, now on the east coast swing of a live tour, will be at the Lincoln Theatre Tuesday night, just about the time you’ll be getting blackout drunk for the first time that evening. Given the podcast is as dull and dry a concept as you could ever imagine (community radio,) set in a Lovecraftian community (think somebody reading town bulletins from Hell,) you could do worse than sitting in the beautiful Lincoln Theatre on U Street, eyes slowly sliding out of focus, drifting along to the sonorous tones of announcer Cecil Baldwin. At least until the helicopters show up. -Jeb


Water by the Spoonful @ Studio Theatre March 5 – April 13
In North Philly, an ex-marine who works at Subway cares for his dying mother and tries to acclimate to civilan life with the help of his cousin. Online, four addicts struggle to maintain sobriety in their chat room support group. Events large and small force these lives to collide as they learn about redemption, resilience and the meaning of family. -Deanna

Orlando @ WSC Avant Bard, running through March 24

“Orlando,” Virginia Woolf’s 1928 novel based on her lover Vita Sackville-West, will be an incredibly relevant theater rendition. A commentary on the fluidity of sexuality and the disregard for socially correct physicalities. Almost the entire cast will change gender throughout the show, blurring all the lines we were ever shown regarding gender.  -Esther


Hamlet @ Synetic Theatre , March 13 – April 6

Synetic’s Silent Shakespeare is revitalizing the play that first put them on the map 11 years ago: “Hamlet… the rest is silence.” The theater promises to use everything they’ve learned in that time to create a production that pleases both the familiar and the newcomers. -Deanna

Video Games

South Park has had a troubled past with video games, with everything from kart racers, trivia games and horrible first-person shooters. But with South Park: The Stick of Truth, Trey Parker and Matt Stone worked hands-on to create the best possible RPG they could. For one, they got the team behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II and Fallout: New Vegas to develop for them and Parker and Stone personally wrote the game’s script. Recently, various countries have been censoring the game, including taking out an abortion video game, which means that South Park is not only as insane as it always has been, but now that insanity is interactive. -Ross

Titanfall released March 11

Now that Bungie is no longer stuck developing for Microsoft, it’s time for Microsoft to find their next big exclusive title. They may have found it with Titanfall, one of 2014’s most anticipated games that puts players behind giant mechs to fight online. Created by former members of the Call of Duty franchise, Titanfall has robots murdering other robots and online play, so I mean, what else do you really need in a video game? -Ross

It’s only been a few months since the Playstation 4 was released, but there still isn’t that one game that makes people want to run out and spend hundreds of dollars on a new system. That’ll all change with the release of Infamous: Second Son, the third game in the fantastic Infamous franchise. Developer Sucker Punch has perfected open-world action and with a new lead character comes new powers, ideas and a new story, all of which will probably be enough of a reason to finally pick up a Playstation 4. -Ross

Now that Irrational Games has fired most of its staff, it seems like this might be the last of the Bioshock franchise for some time. This is a terrible shame, but at least it’s a cool way to go out. The second installment of the Burial at Sea DLC takes characters from last year’s brilliantBioshock: Infinite and puts them in a noir story based in the underwater Rapture from the first two Bioshock games. Hopefully this won’t be the last we hear of Bioshock, so soak this DLC up just in case. -Ross