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June is going to be great! The best! It’s too hot. So hot. It’s June. Come on, weather. Anyway, it’ll be great. As great as any previous month. We live in a world with air conditioning. Art galleries and movie theaters and some parties and most clubs and restaurants have air conditioning. June!

Remember when it rained all day everyday in May and you wished it was sunny and hot?



Gift Shop  @ Transformer, now through June 18

Gift Shop is a large-scale installation guest curated by DC based artist collective NoMüNoMü, that questions boundaries of commerce within cultural institutions. And is also maybe the coolest thing you’ll see in DC this summer. Merging the realms of art, design, craft, conceptuality and entertainment, Gift Shop rejects all hierarchy and embraces a pluralism of form that will liberate your soul.

photo by @furcafe, from the #BYThings / @brightestyoungthings instagram feed

photo by @furcafe, from the #BYThings / @brightestyoungthings instagram feed

The Greeks opens at National Geographic Museum June 1

it’s time to pay our respects to the folks who gave us EVERYTHING. Democracy! Theater! Long Meandering Literature! Robes! It’s time to come to terms with how Greeky you really are and GET YOURSELF TO THE GREEK (National Geographic Museum. Plus, save the date in September for this.  -Jenn Tisdale

Break the Frame – opens June 2nd

Critical Exposure is one of our favorite DC photography non-profits and their annual Break The Frame exbition opens this week. The theme represents how D.C. youth are using their images, stories and voices to create new frames on how they are perceived and treated. See and hear D.C. youth as they show us that frames can be broken to create new spaces where young people can change their schools and communities. Join us on Thursday, June 2, at 6pm to celebrate their talents and see their photos, campaigns and narratives. RSVP today!



We are in the midst of SAVOR Week. In addition to the actual two-day event at the National Building Museum,  there are almost a dozen events around town every day between now and Sunday. Our SAVOR Week Preview highlights a whole lot of them, and includes a few features on the local collaborations debuting during the week. You should be making an effort to hit up several of these events each night if you can. It’s Christmas in June. – Phil R

Dacha Beer Club with DuClaw June 15

If you’re a fan of beer and sunlight, Dacha on Wednesdays is the place to be. Each hump day, the beer garden hosts its Dacha Beer Club, which seeks to spotlight “an interesting, rare and significant brew.” OnJune15, its turns its attention to DuClaw’s Blood Orange Neon Gypsy. Originally a one-off, the blood orange variation of DuClaw’s flagship IPA has now become a flagship in its own right. And for good reason: the juicy IPA balances the tart sweetness of blood orange with citrusy hops to make one refreshing beverage. The DuClaw team will be on hand for samples and swag and hi-fives, too. – Phil R

Don’t Fear the Reaper at 1905 June 18

Last year, DC Brau ran into some issues after canning its single-hop Double IPA, Solar Abyss. Basically, a brewery had a similarly named beer and got butthurt. It happens. But it didn’t completely derail the seasonal beer. It’s back again for the summer solstice, just with a new name: Space Reaper. Space Reaper has the same recipe as Solar Abyss, and that’s incredible news since Solar Abyss is a stunning showcase for the citrusy Mosaic hop. (It’s a favorite within the brewery, too.) On Saturday, June 18th, DC Brau celebrates the release of the beer with a party on the roof of 1905. They’ll probably have a lot of beers on draft, but it doesn’t even matter because I’m drinking all the Space Reaper while I can. Catch up on the brewery with our DC Brau Fifth Anniversary Tap Takeover before then. – Phil R

Drink the District’s Red White & Brew

You know those “amber waves of grain” from America the Beautiful? Turns out you can make a lot of beer with them. Try as many of those beers as you’d like at Drink the District’s Red White & Brew Beer and Wine Festival, held June 25th at The Yards Parking Lot down by Nats Park. Get day drunk like a true patriot and soak up some rays at the first session from 1:00-4:00 p.m., or get evening drunk and marvel at the gorgeous sunset during the second session from 6:00-9:00 p.m. Either includes unlimited tastings of more than 100 AMERICAN-made beers, wines, and ciders; all day live entertainment and lawn games (flip cup, anyone?); and access to some of DC’s best food trucks. Get your tickets here. -Logan Hollers


But What If We’re Wrong? by Chuck Klosterman available June 7

Midbrow pop culture savant Chuck Klosterman is back with a new book of thought experiments and referential anecdotes to thrill a whole new generation of 14 year old boys! Lord knows this bro cracked my brain open back in the day, I’m glad he’s still making books happen. It’s called But What If We’re Wrong? and it’s all about looking at the present from the perspective of those from the distant future. Heady stuff made digestible, featuring interviews with George Saunders, David Byrne, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Linklater, and more! -Matt Byrne


End of the Watch by Stephen King available June 7

A new month brings a new Stephen King book and we will never stop being excited about them. This book finished up King’s most recent series, the Bill Hodges Trilogy, which is made up of past favorites Mr. Mercedes and Finders Keepers. In typical King fashion it looks insane and creepy and will probably end with more bloodshed than the series began with. I can’t imagine a better beach (or pool) read. -Kaylee Dugan

Kanye West Owes Me $300 by Jensen Karp available June 7

Podcast personality, comedian, writer, and artist Jensen Karp’s memoir Kanye West Owes Me $300: And Other True Stories from a White Rapper Who Almost Made It Big is an account of his past life as rapper Hot Karl, who nearly hit it big in the early 2000s. This thing is bound to have a ton of insane stories, with cameo appearances from a myriad of now-famous acts like the aforementioned Kanye, as well as Redman, Mya, Will.I.Am. and more. Definitely gonna pick this thing up. -Matt Byrne


Romeo and/or Juliet: A Chooseable-Path Adventure available June 7

Forget everything you know about Shakespeare’s most famous play, because this time you get to choose the ending, who falls in love with who, and whether or not giant robot suits are involved! Not to mention Kate Beaton is one of the featured illustrators and everything she touches turns to gold (at least in my eyes). With over 100 different options (and unlockable characters!), you’ll definitely be reading this one over and over again. -Kaylee Dugan


Flight of the Conchords @ Wolf Trap June 13

New Zealand’s fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo’s adored HBO series ended in 2009, never to return–much to the chagrin of deadpan comedy fans around the world. Brett and Jermaine briefly went their separate ways, but not in a Simon & Garfunkel way, the parting of the Conchords was always going to be temporary. Jermaine made a few movies (like 2015’s hilarious What We Do in the Shadows–seriously, watch that film), and Brett won an Oscar! Plans to release a new album remain unconfirmed, but it’s likely they’ll be playing a few new songs on this current tour–it’ll be worth going just so you can do the “the first time I heard song was at one of their live shows” brag. -Norm Quarrinton

Last Podcast on the Left as part of the Kennedy Center’s District of Comedy Festival June 25

This is basically the only podcast I listen to because it helps me scratch all my weird itches: Murder! Conspiracy Theories! Ghost Cats of the South! etc…these boys are solemn when the moment calls for it (9/11) and hilarious when it’s more than okay to be so (9/11 conspiracy theories). -Jenn Tisdale

Come back tomorrow, June 2, for an announcement of the rest of the Bentzen Ball related programming as part of the Kennedy Center’s District of Comedy Festival.


We made this for month’s like this…Use this all the time:


MCON 2016 June 21-23 @ National Geographic

The 3 day Millennial Engagement Conference will feature talks and runs and parties and other events that we whole heartedly endorse. Some of the highlights include a Political Townhall sponsored by The Washington Post, a Politics and Humor Panel sponsored by Funny or Die, and a Morning Run with the founder of CLIF Kevin Cleary. This is one of the events in D.C. that only happens in a place like D.C. Take advantage of your location. If you’re not able to make it to the conference, there will also be a free live stream of the event available.


It is outdoor movie season in DC. FREE OUTDOOR MOVIE SEASON, TO BE EXACT. Use this all the time:


Finding Dory in theaters June 17

There’s something about animated films that almost make us feel on a level outside of the limits of live-action. Like most, I’m often hesitant about sequels regardless of whether or not they’re animated, as they can feel like a bit of an exploitation of our attachment to original characters (except Shrek, cause all the Shrek movies were fucking great). Similarly, there seems to be an innocence about the motivation behind bringing back the world of Finding Nemo, and I think part of that comes from taking so much time in between films. A lot of us were actual children when the first film came out and can remember how the film shaped (or at least marked) our childhood, so to revisit this world as adults will no doubt be some kind of heady nostalgia trip. Or it will just make us incredibly sad to be old. -Tam Sackman


The one night when the best of Washington’s Food industry celebrates THE BEST of Washington’s Food industry is back and officially the funnest Sunday night DC has all year. Check out the 2016 nominees here, our photos from last year here, and get those reservation dialing fingers ready for the winners right after the awards are announced. -Svetlana Legetic
RAMMYS 2015: Morgan H. West www.morganhungerfordwest.com

Dine-n-Dash – June 15th

It’s that time of year again– the one where you shell out $125 ($300 if you’re all about that VIP experience) for a night of madly running from amazing restaurant to amazing restaurant all in the name of charity. Here’s how it works: The Jose-Andres fronted experience on June 15 has you choosing a neighborhood and restaurant to start in at 6 p.m. You’ll get your wristband there, the one that allows you to dash into all of the other participating restaurants (and some exclusive ones if you’re a VIP) until 10 p.m. There are almost 30 participating restaurants and food trucks involved. For a full list check here.


Around the World Cultural Food Festival June 18

Any time you get a chance to go hang on the National Mall, you need to do it. It’s like America’s front lawn. And on Saturday, June 18, the Around the World Cultural Food Festival is bringing together authentic cuisine from countries around the world. More than 10,000 people will go to learn about the culture and unique traditions of each country’s food scene through free samples, cooking and craft demonstrations, and music and dance performances. Be one of them. General admission is free. -Logan Hollers

24th Annual Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle June 25 and 26

Is summer really summer without barbecue? I say no. That’s why on June 25 and 26, you’ll find me on Pennsylvania Ave. NW for the 24th Annual Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle. Pit masters and sauce bosses from all 50 states (and some celebrity chefs, if you’re into that kind of thing) will be on hand to show off their BBQ skills and compete for the title, a huge pavilion features a ton of free samples, and there’s live music from over 30 bands on three separate stages. Proceeds from the event benefit the USO and the Capital Area Food Bank. -Logan Hollers

Summer BBQ Series @ 3 Stars June 26
As the name above indicates, 3 Stars is hosting a summer BBQ series at the brewery. Each month, a new local chef mans the grill. In June, that honor and responsibility falls to Kyle Bailey, who is currently killing it as executive chef at Sixth Engine. As with past Summer BBQs at 3 Stars, tickets is $5 and cover your first beer. There will also be: a specialty cocktail for all you sickos who don’t like beer; live music; and good vibes. As discussed in our SAVOR preview, 3 Stars has two new collaborations debuting this week, but there’s no guarantee those will still be around come late June. (Same goes for its new pineapple twist on its rye Berliner Weisse, Dissonance.) In other 3 Stars news, the brewery will be releasing cans of its Double IPA Two to the Dome for the first time this Friday. Read about the beer’s revamped recipe in our 3 Stars Tap Takeover Update. – Phil R

All we can think about here is that, frankly, this is a perfect month to make the most of our Burger Guide.






BYT & Capital Pride present HEX: The Abracadabulous Pride Opening Party @ Union Market June 10

This is the biggest gay dance party of the year in Washington and one of the biggest in the country. The Capital Pride theme this year being “Making Magic Happen” so we’re turning Dock 5 at Union Market into a spooky outdoor dance floor. Expect drag queen magicians, sexy Gandalfs, rabbit eared gogo boys jumping out of top hats, and some scantily dressed gays (okay, many scantily dressed gays). This queer party is always straight friendly. Want to get a good vibe of this party? Big Freedia shot a video here two years ago.

Thorgy Thor and Chi Chi DeVayne from this season’s RuPaul’s Drag Race will perform, along with club singer Pepper Mashay and some other surprises in the works. This always sells out, so grab tickets soon. -BYGays


Capital Pride

Capital Pride grew from a protest in Dupont Circle 40 years ago into the week-long mega event that happens today. There’s really too many things to mention in a paragraph, but Capital Pride has a good rundown of official events on their event page. And, these are just the official events. There are scores more parties at venues all across town. The highlights are theBYT/Capital Pride HEX: the Abracadabulous Opening Party at Union Market on Friday, the Capital Pride Parade on Saturday, and the Capital Pride Festival on Sunday. -BYGays

Butch Queen @ Tropicalia June 04

This is one of our favorite queer underground parties. It’s nothing fancy, but it is a place to just go dance your ass off to Baltimore house, vogue, trap, 90s jams, hip hop, and electro. DJ Sam Blodgett moved to New York City this year, but he still returns to run this party with Kris Sutton. It’s full of gay men and lesbians and is fun as hell. -BYGays

This is our favorite lesbian dance party. It’s a younger crowd, and every so often you can find cool (and respectful) gay guys dancing along as well. We look forward to this every month, and the girls of glittHER are sure to do it up for their three-year anniversary. They’ll have an actual glitter station you can hit up before the dance floor to glitterfy yourself and a glitter-filled photo booth. -BYGays


Lucy Dacus @ DC9 June 1

Lucy Dacus is the next Courtney Barnett. If you’re looking for a new female shredder with unparalleled lyrical honesty and self-deprecating wit, look no further. Dacus is fresh off a tour with Houndmouth and has already slid into her own headlining spot, and rightfully so. It’s where she belongs. -Tam Sackman

Mourn Ha, Ha, He! out June 3

Pretty stoked for this one; it’ll be the Spanish band’s sophomore record, and after how great the debut was, and how much buzz was received, I wouldn’t be surprised if history repeats itself here. -Megan Burns

Waxahatchee @ Black Cat June 6

Katie Crutchfield is in the same vein of lyrically honest female shredders, but with a bit of a softer edge (or at least the ability to swing back and forth between a rock and roll attitude and intense level of vulnerability without seeming inconsistent.) Opening for her is her sister, Alison Crutchfield. -Tam Sackman

DC Jazz Festival June 10-19

The fastest-growing jazz festival in the U.S. is now in its tenth year. (Congrats, btw!) Held at venues across the city, the DC Jazz Festival is spread over a two week period in mid-June. The festival features free performances from some of jazz’s most acclaimed talents, and specifically highlights the genre’s up and coming artists. Check out some of the events at The Hamilton Live or at Sixth & I if you’d like, but the big blowout finale is Jazz at the Capitol Riverfront at Yards Park on the weekend of June 18. Sunday is the one you’ll want to catch, as Igmar Thomas and the Revive Big Band (with special guests Talib Kweli and Ravi Coltrane) are premiering “A Journey Through the Legacy of Black Culture,” a series of concept performances composed as a testament to the depth and breadth of African musical traditions and their continued impact on American culture. -Logan Hollers

Anderson .Paak @ Fillmore Silver Spring June 16

Anderson .Paak is it. I know it’s a lot of pressure for one guy to be the “it” but he’s that old-school R&B/hip-hop superstar that we’ve been missing for the greater portion of the late 2000s. It’s no secret that his most recent album, Malibu, took him out of the Cali underground and into the mainstream with a killer performance at Broccoli City Fest. -Tam Sackman


Mitski Puberty 2 out June 17, @ The Bowery Ballroom June 20, Rock & Roll Hotel June 25

I seldom see bands more than once, but I saw Mistski at least twice in the past year and I would be totally down to see her again. Sure, part of the reason is because someone else always buys my ticket, but even if I had to cough up some money, I would do so happily, especially in light of her latest single, “Happy”. If you haven’t listened to the song / seen the music video please stop everything you’re doing and familiarize yourself right away. Mitski is an amazing performer and their band merch is always A++ so if you want to see a great show and walk out looking cooler than you did before then this is the perfect show for you. – Kaylee Dugan

Woman with Autism Overcomes Adversity to Inspire with Song @ U Street Music Hall June 25

This story moved me to tears, and it is sure to inspire you! For many aspiring musicians, finding an audience can be a challenge. This is even more true for those with special needs. When the management of U Street Music Hall first discovered that an autistic musician had a dream of playing her guitar in DC, they knew they needed to help. Proving that music speaks a universal language no matter one’s adversity, the club arranged for her to perform for one special night to show her that dreams can come true if you work hard enough. It’s a touching story of people doing the right thing, and you can see it for yourself as Ladyhawke rocks out U Street Music Hall in support of her new album Wild Things along with electropop musician Psychic Twin. – John M. (I’m autistic and this write up started as a joke between autistic friends poking fun at the “inspiration porn” that autistic and disabled people constantly suffer through. We really can’t read another story about who’s willing to take us to prom or watch another Today Show segment on an inspiring kid who decided to not to bully us. We’re still normal people. Although, most fans don’t realize, it is true that Ladyhawke is autistic. But, I’m just looking forward to this because it will be a fucking awesome show and she’s one of the few good things that 2000’s electropop gave us beyond Peaches and Scissor Sisters).

Worriers, Hemlines, Art Sorority for Girls @ DC9 June 26

Hemlines and Art Sorority for Girls are two of DC’s best rock bands While the former is a feminist post-punk band, Art Sorority has a catchy indie-pop vibe with wry lyrics. Worriers may be arguably the biggest band on the bill – the pop punk band hails from New York, and is on Don Giovanni records – but they know their place when it comes to hometown heroes. This is a show that’s all about gentle head-banging, warm PBR, and entirely too much hugging. -Alan Zilberman


BYT  + National Museum of American History present: We The Party People – June 18th

Kick the election season off in style with us, at one of the most iconic locations at the National Mall, with Biz Markie. It’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to party in front of the Star Spangled banner. $20 tickets already sold out. $25 are on sale now. Grab them while you can.



Pups in the Park June 13

You guys already know how much I love Nats games. Throw in a ton of cute-ass dogs, and I’m in heaven. A ticket for your pooch at June’s Pups in the Park game (against the presumptive World Series champion Cubs on Monday, June 13) is only $10, and all proceeds from the dog tickets benefit the Washington Humane Society. Grab your tickets fast, though – these are some of the most … “pup”-ular games of the year. (I’M SO SORRY) -Logan Hollers


This is our favorite night to hit Nationals Park other than the time that Taylor Swift played there and changed us forever (it’s like she’s writing her songs directly to our past teenage selves). Night Out at the Nationals is organized by Team DC and there will be entire sections filled with LGBT sports fans. And while there lots of serious sports fans among them, by the fifth inning most of the crowd seems to migrate to the bars behind the home run wall. Imagine it. D.C.’s hottest gay club for one night is the patio space behind the scoreboard. It’s pretty amazing. -BYGays


UnREAL on Lifetime June 6

This Peabody Award-winning show is AMAZING. It was created by a human who worked on The Bachelor for something like 6 years and is essentially a tell all about the horrifying, disgusting ins and outs of a Bachelor style reality show. This year the Bachelor is black which is a VERY REAL CONVERSATION that always happens around these kinds of shows and from what I’ve seen on the promos, every gross thought that would happen about this scenario happens on the show. *rubs hands together gleefully* MONEY. DICK. POWER. -Jenn Tisdale


Orange Is the New Black season 4 on Netflix June 17

I mean, if you haven’t chugged the Orange Is the New Black Kool-Aid by now, there’s probably something broken inside of your heart, and I don’t know how to fix it. But we should all be very, very excited to binge-watch the shit out of Season 4, which is going to be here SO SO SOON! Imagine all of the impending schlockings! Imagine the drama! IT WILL BE REAL GOOD. -Megan Burns


Juliet and Romeo @ The Kennedy Center

One of the best aspects of living in D.C. is North American premiers. The start of June will see the Royal Swedish Ballet premiering Mats Ek’s Juliet and Romeo at The Kennedy Center. It’s been 15 years since the Royal Swedish Ballet performed at The Kennedy Center. It may be another 15 before they return. Do your best to make sure to see one of the oldest ballet companies in the world in your backyard. -Brandon Wetherbee

Royal Swedish Ballet, Juliet and Romeo

Royal Swedish Ballet, Juliet and Romeo


E3 June 14-16

For three days each year, a convention center in LA (aptly named The LA Convention Center) becomes the Mecca of video games. Over 50,000 nerds, techies, and gaming industry professionals will get together to unveil new hardware, demo new software, and play the fuck out of some games. Sony and Microsoft will no doubt announce one or two console exclusives early on, and get everyone pumped up in the process, while Nintendo will try their hardest to remain relevant (despite announcing plans for a new console, they’ve essentially confirmed that they don’t really have anything going on at this year’s expo). Most reputable tech journalists and gaming bloggers will be in attendance, so coverage of the event will be abundant (IGN and The Guardian are my preferred sources for E3 coverage). There will be numerous nerd tantrums, so it’s usually quite fun to follow, even if video games aren’t really your thing. -Norm Quarrinton