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The rain is eventually going to stop, the days are going to grow longer and it’s going to be hot as hell, but hopefully you’ll be doing so many cool things, you wont even notice. From beer events (so many beers events) to puppy parties to experimental immersive art, your June is packed with things to do. You’ll never be bored again.

ARTECHOUSE opens June 1

As of June 1st, DC is richer for a new, immersive, art + technology space and EVERYONE will be talking about it. XYZT by Adrien M & Claire B, making its US debut as the first ever exhibition at ARTECHOUSE, is a journey through ten installations, defined by their coordinates: X (horizontal) Y (vertical) Z (depth) and T (time), and are intended to carry the essence of the potential place of that movement. The experience is fueled by research in the sensory relationship between the human body, digital objects in motion and the unexpectedly poignant connections between the two. Tickets are on sale now, and you can check our full preview here. -Svetlana Legetic

Smithsonian Folklife Festival June 29 through July 4 and July 6 through 9

D.C. is always a fertile ground for diverse backgrounds but every year the folks at the Smithsonian scour THE WORLD to bring you the most interesting cultures. This year they didn’t have to look too far because they are bringing American circus arts to life on the National Mall. THE CIRCUS Y’ALL! I can’t wait. – Jenn Tisdale

Nat Geo Explorers Festival June 15th through 18th

Our friends at Nat Geo are launching their first ever Explorers Festival and the line up is amazing. From a conversation with the man who discovered the Titanic, to film screenings and featuring the likes of Neil deGrasse Tyson, James Cameron, Jason Silva, Mo Rocca, the four days are bringing together the most fascinating and innovative scientists, conservationists, explorers, and storytellers to share—with one another, and with the world—how their discoveries and ideas are creating change for the better. Check out the full schedule here. – Svetlana Legetic

REVIVAL @ National Museum of Women In The Arts June 22nd

Come celebrate the museum’s 30th year and REVIVAL exhibition! The National Museum of Women in the Arts is bringing us the REVIVAL Exhibition Opening Party, an exciting after-hours reception on June 22 from 7:30 to 11 p.m. Inspired by the museum’s focus on contemporary women artists as catalysts for change, REVIVAL demonstrates how women working in sculpture, photography and video use spectacle and scale for expressive effect. Plus, the party sounds great: This after-hours experience features access to the REVIVAL exhibition before it opens to the public and an open bar, featuring wine, beer and a specialty cocktail. Guests will snack on a macaroni and cheese bar with other passed southern bites while a local, all-female bluegrass band, Sweet Yonder, entertains the guests. Exhibition tours will also be offered. Prepare for a miracle! -Svetlana Legetic

Nation We Build Together @ National Museum of American History June 28

After several years of renovation, the National Museum of American History is reopening one of the west wings of the museum with several permanent exhibits focused on democracy, immigration, and citizenship. You’re not likely to find any answers as to how to fix democracy in the US, but you can check out cool stuff like the inkstand Lincoln used to draft the Emancipation Proclamation and a first edition of the Book of Mormon (the real one, not the book from the musical), so that’s something. -Trisha Brown

John Prine Beyond Words available on paperback June 2

John Prine Beyond Words is a new collection of handwritten notes, photos, and stories from his massive catalog, across his decades-long career. Coffee table books are often boring and unnecessary but this one looks to be neither! -Matt Byrne

Eddie Izzard Believe Me available June 13

Believe Me: A Memoir of Love, Death, and Jazz Chickens is Eddie Izzard’s first foray into book-length autobiographical writing, and is sure to be an insightful look into one of the most beloved and original comedians in the game. -Matt Byrne

You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me available June 13

If you’ve read anything by National Book Award winning author Sherman Alexie, you know that one of his unique gifts as a writer is his ability to braid together the humorous and gut-wrenching aspects of his stories. His upcoming memoir is focused largely on his complicated relationship with his mother, and although “difficult parental relationships” is awfully familiar memoir ground, I have no doubt Alexie will bring something new to the genre. -Trisha Brown

The Rise of Populism and Nationalism at 6th & I on June 19

I’m not going to pretend that a discussion on the rise of populism and nationalism is going to explain what in the hell is going on in this country and how we ended up with President Trump. But this conversation with two journalists and the editor-in-chief of The Atlantic stemming from a piece the magazine did on noted garbage-human Richard Spencer seems to at least offer as much hope as anything else on providing some thoughtful insight. -Trisha Brown

SAVOR June 2 and 3

Organized by the Brewers Association for ten years now, SAVOR remains one of the country’s premier beer gatherings. Why? Well, we recapped SAVOR last year (and the week leading up to it), but the TL;DR version boils down to the quality and scale of the beer. This is your chance to try adored but small and out-of-market operations like Kentucky’s Country Boy Brewing and New Mexico’s La Cumbre. And even the breweries you might already be familiar with – say, Chicago’s Half Acre, Colorado’s Odell, or New Jersey’s Flying Fish – bring new or rarer beers that they’re most excited about. It’s just an abundance of riches. Honestly, you could just post up at the Perennial Artisan Ales station, drink Funky Wit all night, and be happy.

And because it’s a big (and competitive) deal to appear at SAVOR, most of the people pouring your beer will be brewers and owners, so this is a prime chance to geek out. Also, each station has a food pairing if you’re trying to live to see the next day. This year, participating chefs include Mike Friedman of Red Hen and All-Purpose, Philadelphia restaurateur Marc Vetri, Arcana’s Kyle Mendenhall, Nathan Anda of Red Apron Butcher, and Choptank Oyster Company. Tickets cost $135 and are worth every penny.

In addition to SAVOR proper, there are events all around town this weekend. Because we love you, here’s a SAVOR Week guide to make sense of it all. -Phil Runco

The Anaerobic Soak Party June 9

Last month, three very awesome breweries came together for a very unlikely collaboration. The first you’re probably well-familiar with: RAR, the Eastern Shore brewery that makes one of the area’s very best shelf IPAs (Nanticoke Nectar), in addition to more limited-run hoppy offerings and stouts that are only available in Cambridge and the finest DC beer bars. The next brewery you’re probably also familiar with: Delaware industry stalwart Dogfish Head. And the last you may have only just heard of because they don’t really distribute here (but rest assured, the beer is incredible): North Carolina’s Burial Beer Co., who are the presumptive king of Asheville craft beer in a post AB InBev-Wicked Weed world.

Anyway, the beer they made is called Anaerobic Soak. It’s a 8.8% double IPA that was entirely “hop bursted” – so, no hops were used in the boil, which means a DIPA with next-to-no bitterness. As for the particular hops, Anaerobic Soak features Bru-1 (a hop proprietary to Dogfish), Motueka, and Mosaic lupulin powder. That sounds pretty good. That’s why cans sold out at the brewery in like three seconds. But ChurchKey will be pouring it on June 9. Woo-hoo! In addition to that beer, expect rarities from all three breweries, including Burial’s The Remnants of the Fallen (a mixed-culture saison with marionberries, blackberries, and raspberries), Dogfish Head’s Alternate Takes 5 (an 8% sour ale brewed with blueberries and raspberries), and a double dry-hopped take on RAR’s Country Ride with local strawberries. -Phil Runco

Old Ox’s 3rd Anniversary Party June 17

If you take one thing away from last year’s Freshly Tapped profile of Old Ox’s Funky Face (aside from the nuances of kettle-souring, obviously), it’s this:  The Ashburn, Virginia brewery is a classic example of good people making good beer. In the 10 months since I wrote that article, I have always been happy to see a member of the Burns family and to order their always approachable beer, which keeps getting better and better under the watch of new-ish head brewer Allison Lange.

If you need an excuse to visit the brewery, allow me to provide one: On June 17, they’ll celebrate three years of good vibes and beer with another Year of the Ox throw down. Like last year, that means Old Ox rarities and a slew of well-chosen guest tapes. Also, it means a new Year of the Ox anniversary ale. This year, it’s a blackberry-infused farmhouse ale, which sounds delicious for a mid-June afternoon. (There are murmurs of a special “father-son brew,” too.) Tickets cost $25 and include the live music (duh), a commemorative glass, and five pours of beer. Additionally, there’s an additional VIP option if you feel like big balling. -Phil Runco

Wonder Woman in theaters June 2

Perhaps you’ve heard – despite the underwhelming ad campaign – that the new Wonder Woman movie is opening this month. The film is fighting something of an uphill battle given that Man of Steel and Batman v Superman haven’t exactly created a stellar reputation among critics or audiences for DC comic-based films of late. But glimpses from trailers and clips suggest that Gal Gadot has more charisma than Henry Cavill or Ben Affleck (#lowbar), and supporting cast members like Chris Pine and Lucy Punch might bring Wonder Woman the kind of humor a summer blockbuster needs to be a crowd pleaser. Or at least better than Pirates of the Caribbean 5. -Trisha Brown

It Comes At Night in theaters June 9

Man It Comes At Night has been getting all sorts of positive buzz and Joel Edgerton is a super compelling lead dude but I’m honestly concerned about this movie being *too* scary. I’ll probably see it but boy oh boy am I nervous about it! -Matt Byrne

AFI Docs Festival June 14 through 18

If you’re a documentary film fanatic this is your Disneyland. -Jenn Tisdale

Dumb: The Story of Big Brother Magazine streaming June 3

Jackass is one of the best comedy franchises ever, responsible for 2 perfect movies, one very good one, and an incredibly rewatchable TV series. Dumb: The Story of Big Brother Magazine gives insight into the creation of Big Brother Magazine, which was home to many of the familiar faces from the Jackass family before Jackass was Jackass. There will be plenty of ridiculous anecdotes to behold here, I’m sure. -Matt Byrne

If you need even more movies in your life, take a stroll through our updated Outdoor Movie Guide.

Dine N Dash June 7th

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: BYT stans for Chef / Restaurant Mogul Jose Andrés. The dude just knows how to throw a great party. On June 7th, Andrés is again hosting his annual Dine N Dash event, with the proceeds going to World Central Kitchen, Chef Andrés’ charity which develops smart solutions to hunger and poverty worldwide. Snag a ticket, pick a restaurant at which to start, and enjoy four hours of unlimited specialty plates and craft drinks at the over 30 participating restaurants sprinkled throughout Penn Quarter and 14th Street. If the last few years are any indication, there are bound to be multiple appearances by celebrity chef friends of Andrés, ample opportunities for photo ops of Andrés randomly strumming a guitar or breaking into song and / or dance, and more delicious food and booze than is humanly possible to consume in one evening. As we recapped last year, “Dine N Dash works because it hits all the foodie musts: it’s got celebrity chefs, new restaurants you want to check out, old favorites that help you remember why they’re favorites, a great concept, a reasonable price point and, most importantly, a worthwhile cause.” Get tickets here. -Logan Hollers

Around the World Cultural Food Festival June 17th and 18th

Any time you get a chance to go hang on the National Mall, you need to do it. It’s like America’s front lawn. And on the weekend of June 17th and 18th, the Around the World Cultural Food Festival is bringing together authentic cuisine from countries around the world. This event is unique for a food festival in that the stands on offer do more than just sell food; they showcase, educate, and teach about different cultures through each’s unique food scene. More than 10,000 people swing by to learn about the culture and unique traditions of each country through free samples, cooking and craft demonstrations, and music and dance performances. Be one of them. Plus, new this year is a Cultural Fashion Show! General admission is free. -Logan Hollers

Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle June 24th and 25th

Is summer really summer without barbecue? (Hint: strong no.) That’s why on June 24th and 25th, you’ll find me on Pennsylvania Ave. NW for the 25th Annual Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle. Pit masters and sauce bosses from all 50 states (and some celebrity chefs, if you’re into that kind of thing) will be on hand to show off their BBQ skills and compete for the title, a huge pavilion features a ton of free samples, Nathan’s is having a hot dog eating contest, and there’s live music from over 30 bands on three separate stages. Proceeds from the event benefit the USO-Metro and the Capital Area Food Bank. Tickets are available at the gate, but pre-purchase here for a discount. -Logan Hollers

The Avalanches @ 9:30 Club June 5

Speaking of comebacks, the enigmatic Australian duo made us wait sixteen years for their second album, last July’s Wildflower, which was as chaotic, kinetic, and zany as we expected – in the best way possible. I don’t really know what to expect from The Avalanches in a live setting, but if they’re able to even approximate the joyous bombast of their album studios, it’s going to be an incredible evening. -Jose Lopez-Sanchez

Hoops @ DC9 June 7

You don’t know Hoops yet, and odds are they might remain a niche band – their sound and aesthetic is a little too indie for the time being. But damn if they’re not a fantastic new band. Coming to us from Bloomington, Indiana, they make some really infectious, propulsive jangly guitar rock. And DC9 is still the city’s best small venue. -Jose Lopez-Sanchez

Freddie Gibbs @ 9:30 June 8

Gangster Gibbs is back with some gravelly voiced coke raps. For those of you wondering whether fatherhood has made him soft I say “fuck outta here.” Spark up and enjoy one of the most lyrically inventive rappers on the scene today. -Jose Lopez-Sanchez

DC Jazz Fest June 9 through 18

I’m just going to say it: Jazz in the Garden is for suckers. It’s crowded, the drinks are overpriced, and you can’t even hear the music most of the time. Do yourself a favor and track down a better jazz experience at one of the dozens of concerts happening during DC Jazz Fest. It’s all over the city, a lot of it’s free, and some if it even happens in the Sculpture Garden if you’re really that attached. -Trisha Brown

Rodrigo y Gabriela @ 9:30 Club June 11 and 12

Rod and Gab blew my mind back in 2008, when I first heard their speed-demon classical guitar playing on “Tamacun” – I could barely believe anyone could coax that kind of sound out of nylon strings. They’ve stepped out of the limelight in recent years, as music has shifted away from seemingly “novelty” acts, but that doesn’t negate the impact they had a decade ago. Tell me you don’t get shivers when you listen to their rendition of “Stairway to Heaven” and I’ll call you a liar. -Jose Lopez-Sanchez

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma On The Echoing Green available June 16

Advanced tracks from Jefre Cantu-Ledesma’s new album On The Echoing Green, have been a blown-out, blissfully droney take on classic MBV-style shoegaze that have me REAL stoked to check out this full album. JCL’s In Summer EP was one of the bestreleases of last year and this thing’s lookin to be up there on this year’s list! -Matt Byrne


Capital Pride Weekend Kickoff Party June 9

We’re back with another kick-ass opening night Pride party and this years theme is especially fantastic. Grab your rainbow light sabers and find a way to attach a unicorn horn to a storm troopers helmet, because this year we are the Rainbow Resistance / The Glampire Strikes Back. As usual, you can expect some fantastic DJ’s (like Will Eastman, Lemz and Rosie) punctuated by wild performances (from Tiffany, Ultra Naté and CupcakKe) and of course plenty of booze, dancing and all around magic. It’s the wildest party we through all year and you will feel lame if you miss it. -Kaylee Dugan

Snore and Roar at the National Zoo June 10

Um, you get to spend the night at the goddamn zoo. – Jenn Tisdale

Pups in the Park on June 10th and June 25th

You guys already know how much I love Nats games. Throw in a ton of cute-ass dogs, and I’m in heaven. A ticket for your pooch at June’s Pups in the Park games (against the Rangers on June 10th and the Reds on June 25th) is only $10, and all proceeds from the dog tickets benefit the Humane Rescue Alliance. Grab your tickets fast, though – these are some of the most … “pup”-ular games of the year. (I’M SO SORRY.) – Logan Hollers

BYT + NAT GEO’s Excellent Adventure on June 16th

Our official National Geographic After Hours celebration is back for the seventh year running. This year we’ve thrown some time travel in the mix (a la Bill and Ted) so you know for a fact everything is going to be weirder (and more fun) than ever. Get ready for a sick Oddisee DJ set, cool summer-y cocktails, lots of delicious food truck bites, legitimately interesting explorers talks and more dancing than you could possibly handle. As always, we’ll keep the museum open all night so you can bask in the glory that is knowledge. It sells out every year, it’s gonna be fun. -Kaylee Dugan

Also, we know it’s a little early, but we just announced our July 1st American History Museum after hours party and we really need each and everyone of you there. Expect a very cool Purity Ring DJ set, delicious SKYY vodka cocktails, bites from all of your favorite local places and photo ops with loads of JFK gear (happy birthday, Mr. President!). It’s the pre-game to all of your 4th of July parties, but it’s going to be much better than all your 4th of July parties.

I’m Dying Up Here premieres June 4

TV about standup comedy has never been more popular or more navel-gazey, so why not have a period piece wannabe prestige series produced by Jim Carey? Hopefully it’ll at least be cringeworthy and laughable rather than just bland and forgettable but I’m not holding out much hope! -Matt Byrne


Funderdome premieres June 11

Steve Harvey’s Funderdome is apparently sort of like Shark Tank but with 100% more Steve Harvey. Sounds good to me! I was hoping the pun was more “Fun-derdome” and it was just like, Celebrity Game Night or whatever, but I guess it’s “Fund-erdome.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ -Matt Byrne

Oh, Hello On Broadway streaming June 13

John Mulaney and Nick Kroll’s Oh, Hello on Broadway special is one of the most critically acclaimed pieces of live comedy in forever, and a live taping of it is coming to Netflix and I’m thrilled because I never got to see it live. -Matt Byrne

Rory Scovel Tries Stand-Up for the First Time streaming June 20

Speaking of Netflix standup specials, Rory Scovel Tries Stand-Up for the First Time will, given Scovel’s penchant for experimental, free-associative comedy, be an interesting and worthy thing to check out! -Matt Byrne

The Sound of Music @ Kennedy Center June 13 through July 16

Your favorite childhood music video + your favorite adult venue = pure unadulterated nostalgic magic. -Kaylee Dugan

Bard in the Park June 14 through June 28

Summer brings a variety of outdoor movie options, and DC being the literary city that it is, we bring the Folger Shakespeare Library into the mix. Don’t worry, though – the literary movies showing in Canal Park are as painlessly Shakespearean as you can possibly get. My guess is half the people who’ve seen it didn’t even know 10 Things I Hate About You was based on The Taming of the Shrew. Here’s the line-up: Romeo and Juliet (June 14), Much Ado About Nothing (June 21), 10 Things I Hate About You (June 28). -Trisha Brown