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Well hello again! It’s Summer Camp back with a recap of the fourth episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race for Brightest Young Things.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2, Episode 4 – The Snatch Game
Overview: The girls compete in a TV game show where they must pull out their best celebrity impersonations. Guest judges are comedienne Niecy Nash and actress Lisa (fuller lips) Rinna.

First, I have a question for you. What are you doing on Saturday night? Think carefully before you whisper your answer to your cubicle-mate. Ding-Ding-Ding! The correct answer is: CRACK. Yes, you should come to CRACK this weekend, the variety show with audience participation games, drag queens, singers, dancers, and other bizarre performers. With me as the outrageous, potty-mouth mistress of ceremonies, it’s definitely 10 well-spent doll hairs.

Speaking of games…I loved this week’s episode because I’m a huge game show fan. The contestants on RuPual’s Drag Race are already playing a game, but this week they got to play “The Queen Is Right” and “The Snatch Game.”

In the Queen Is Right, the nine remaining drag queens had to guess the correct price (without going over) of common drag queen items like tube socks (i.e., fake boobs), hemorrhoid cream (i.e., eye-puffiness reducer), and duct tape (i.e., tuck tape).
Picture 1
Three winners progressed to the showcase “throwdown,” in which Raven, Jessica Wild, and Sonique bid on an ooh-inspiring package of brass knuckles, pepper spray, and a wig. I would have guessed $50, but apparently it was a prize package worth more than $1,000! Raven won. (By the way, she seems to be less bitchy. Thank God).

The main challenge was to impersonate a celebrity for RuPaul’s version of the classic game show The Match Game. The nine contestants would be celebrities on The Snatch Game and be judged on their look, precision, wit, and ability to make the judges laugh.

Here is a line up of the up of the impersonations:

Pandora – Carol Channing
Picture 2
Morgan – Pink
Picture 3
Jujubee – Kimora Lee (no longer Simmons)
Picture 5
Sonique – Lady Gaga
Picture 4
Jessica Wild – RuPaul
Picture 6
Raven – Paris Hilton
Picture 7
Saharra – Whitney Houston
Picture 8
Tatiana – Britney Spears
Picture 10
Tyra – Beyonce
Picture 9

Now, I hope that you’ve had the pleasure of seeing The Match Game with its panel of drunk and sassy celebrity regulars like Brett Sommers, Charles Nelson Riley, and Fannie Farmer. And Gene Rayburn’s microphone!!! I’m a size queen, and honey, that microphone had to be at least 10-inches! OH! And remember when Betty White hosted it? See, if she can host Match Game, she can host SNL! Here’s a clip, just in case you have no idea what I’m talking about (read=you’re young).

After watching the contestants compete, I thought there were two that really stood out. Pandora and Tatiana. And OMG…Morgan, Sonique, were awful! But we’d have to wait until the judges saw the girls’ “personal style,” which was defined as hooker skirts (Tatiana), Stevie Nicks shawls (Jessica Wild), circus acts (Morgan), leather (Sahara), clever props (Tyra), an impressive tuck job (Jujubee), ruffles galore (Raven), a cheesy catwoman mask (Sonique), and one of those metallic things you put on your windshield to keep the sun out when your park your car (Pandora).
Picture 15

When it came time to learn who was safe, the girls played “Heel or No Heel.” As each girl opened her case, if there was a heel, they got to walk away (safe) or no heel (stay for judging). This week, the judges were spot on! Good: Tatiana and Pandora. Bad: Morgan and Sonique. Jujubee was thrown in there because Ru wanted to “light a fire under her.” Apparently they think she needs to step it up. But when it came time to pick the best-in-show, they chose Tatiana. I’m not sure if I agree. Maybe it’s because Pandora wore a car accessory-inspired dress. Tatiana broke down in tears. I do like her.

So the bottom two lip synced Stacey Q’s Two of Hearts. Great song!!! Morgan was the obvious choice to “Shantay You Stay.” Poor Sonique had to “Sashay Away.”
Picture 16

Watch the original video. It’s chock-full of challenging choreography. Spin Stacey, spin! At 1:40 I think she might throw up after spinning so much. And HEADBAND!!!! Oh, and I better see you Saturday!

RuPaul’s Drag Race airs every Monday at 9:00 PM on LOGO. You can also watch this episode online.

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