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Hey gurls! I’m so glad RPDR airs on Mondays. It makes the start of the week so much easier, don’t you think? Tonight’s episode is a hairstravaganza, so much so that we might be hacking up hairballs by the end. Let’s get to it!

The ladies enter the work room and see that Carmen has written each of them personalized farewell notes on the mirror. Manila: “there’s a huge void that used to be taken up by Carmen’s giant ass… Raja, I guess you’re the bitch now.” Raja doesn’t seem to mind holding that title. Ru enters the work room and presents the girls with their mini challenge: make a headpiece using only beach toys. Here are the results:

Raja says she pulled the crabs right out of her panties to make her headpiece. Oh my! Raja wins the mini challenge. Ru then informs the girls of their main challenge: they are to create and model three distinct hairstyles. The first will be “classic from another era,” the second will be “modern red carpet,” and the third will be a fantasy hairstravaganza. The pit crew rolls out a big rack o’ wigs. Since Raja won the mini challenge, she gets a five second head start at the wig bar. The girls get started on their hurr. As per usual, Manila is making catty comments to/about everyone. She’s bitching about Alexis and that is a no-no. Step off my girl! Meanwhile, Yara is punching her mannequin and making high-pitched animal noises. Raja no likey.

Just as the girls are making progress with the challenge, Ru comes back to the workroom, and—surprise!—tells the girls that in addition to their three hairstyles, they will have to construct an outfit entirely out of hair. The girls are NOT happy about the extra task.

After much ado, it’s runway time. Guest judges this week are Fantasia Babyvoice Barrino and Wayne “Gonna Have to Choke a Bitch” Brady. Santino is wearing an urban sombrero. Ru is very Hokie Bird-esque this week.

Here’s the girl by girl rundown:

Alexis is aiming for a classic 40s look, but it’s a bit too plain Jane. Her modern style is a poofy Mohawk with a blonde braid glued around it. Her fantasy look is cute circus-girlish, but the judges don’t think it makes up for the first two styles. She’s up for elimination this week. No, Alexis, don’t go!

This challenge brought all of Shangela’s weaknesses to light. Her classic look is quite similar to Alexis’s, although she claims she’s working Spanish flamenco style. Shangela’s modern style is a really boring bicolor wedge. With her fantasy look, she’s aiming for alien princess, but it comes out more like a coneheaded Xena. Understandably, she’s up for elimination.

Yara’s classic look is disco with a pretty wave/braid along the hairline. Her modern style isn’t all that impressive, but her fantasy look is a playful Who-ville “scoodle” (that’s a scorpion poodle, FYI). The judges love it, so Yara wins the challenge this week.

For her classic look, Raja is like a Mad Men adulterous secretary. She does an amazing job razoring her wig for her modern style. Her fantasy look is playful, rainbow cotton candy. I assumed she’d win this week, but she’s safe. Maybe the judges just don’t want to be accused of favoritism?

Manila’s classic look is sort of Marie Antoinette with a giant blue bow and mini candlelabra attached. Haven’t we seen Marie Antoinette already this season? I hate Manila’s tiara’d modern style, and so does Santino. And her fantasy look is honeybee-ish. Haven’t we seen this before, too? I wish she would just go home already, but Manila is safe this week.

Time for the lipsync. The girls are performing a Fantasia song. Alexis is working the interpretive-dance while, surprisingly, Shangela isn’t moving very much on the stage. Again, I think this challenge brought out all of Shangela’s weaknesses as a queen. Shangela rips her wig off in a last desperate attempt to save herself, but Ru tells her to sashay away. Sorry girl!

Hold up: there’s another surprise tonight? Ru instructs Michelle Visage and Santino to pick one of this season’s previously-eliminated girls for a return to the competition next week. WTF, Ru?! All these surprises are stressing me out! Sigh. That’s all for now. Until next time, don’t be jealous of my boogie.