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Hey kids! This week, RPDR was all about the celebrity impersonations. Some were great, some were awkward, and some were just boring. Let’s get to it! Oh, but before I forget: I think we need to add “hontey” (that’s “honey” with some T added for good measure) to our drinking game terms for this season. Yes?

Ru enters the work room wearing a delightfully shimmery pink satin suit.

The girls’ mini challenge is to play the game, Sh*t RuPaul Says! Here’s the cheat sheet for the game.
Sh*t RuPaul Eats: Two piece and a biscuit.
Sh*t RuPaul Says: Eleganza Extravaganza.
Sh*t RuPaul Plugs: Available on iTunes.
Ghetto Sh*t RuPaul Says:

After the mini challenge, the girls’ CUNT is all warmed up for main challenge. They must bring their best celebrity impersonations to life. Guest stars/judges this week are the hilarious, sexy, amazing Aisha Tyler…

…and Amber Rose, best known as Kanye’s leopard-print-onesie-wearing ex-girlfriend.

There’s a lot to cover this week, so let’s just do a summary of each contestant, shall we?

Delta does a boring impression of Cher, and then wears a boring outfit for the runway.

The judges think Delta looks like Ann Margret after a buffet, and they tell her to lipsync for her life. Sometimes I really want to root for Delta, but she just doesn’t seem like she has enough confidence and personality to win RPDR. She also seems a bit twofaced in her friendships with the other girls.

Manila pulls some more Asian stereotypes out of her bag o’ tricks, and impersonates Imelda Marcos, former First Lady of the Philippines (and avid collector of designer shoes). Then she models a Filipino flag dress on the runway. She’s safe this week.

Raja does a moderately funny impression of Tyra Banks, complete with smeyesing (that’s smiling with your eyes, hontey) and hating on Naomi Campbell. Beware, smeyesing can cause bleeding of the eye sockets! Raja then shows off some National Geographic drag on the runway, and the judges put her in the top three.

Stacy Layne wisely chooses to impersonate Monique. She works the ghetto BBW attitude and yells at an invisible Precious to fry up some chicken. Her runway outfit looks like it came straight from the Lane Bryant outlet, but the judges think she stepped it up this week so she wins the competition.

Delta doesn’t think Stacy should always rely on fat jokes and fat stereotypes. She also doesn’t think Stacy should win based on being most-improved. Delta: “this is the travesty that will go down in history as WTF.” Jealous, are we Delta?

Shangela does a stale impersonation of Tina Turner. “I always do it rough. Hallelu!” Manila thinks she looks like Rum Tum Tugger. Then she models what Delta calls a Civil War bride ghost ensemble on the runway. She’s safe this week.

Mariah does a boring impression of Joan Crawford, and wipes some awful black stuff on her cheeks. Her runway outfit is hot, but the judges think she is faking her way to the middle and they tell her to lipsync for her life.

Alexis KILLS IT with her pregnant, butch-lesbian Alicia Keys impression. Hilarious from start to finish, even though she doesn’t know how to spell douche. Then she models a quinceanera-type gown on the runway. Her runway outfit is questionable, but she did so well with her Alicia impression that the judges put her in the top three. I think she should have won.

Carmen is negligible overall. She impersonates J Lo, which means she puts some extra padding on her ass and pretty much acts the same as she always does. Then she models another swimsuit-esque outfit on the runway. She’s safe this week. Mariah thinks Carmen should have been in the bottom three, and I sort of agree. She’s gorgeous but has no personality.

Yara Sofia impersonates Amy Winehouse, and has more than a little trouble with the British accent. Then she tries to work a “dark wicked bitch” look on the runway. The judges put her in the bottom three.

Lipsync time! Ru’s gown is delicious. Santino looks like he just got back from an Israeli vacation.

Delta and Mariah are lipsyncing Jody Watley’s “I’m Looking for a New Love.” YouTube break!

Mariah doesn’t know the words, so the judges tell her to sashay away. No tears shed for that one.

That’s all folks! Until next time, don’t be jealous of my boogie.