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All words: Nick Balleza & Amy Brooks
All videos hand picked by Amy Brooks
ATP America will be going hard this weekend in Asbury Park, NJ with All Tomorrow’s Parties Presents: I’ll Be Your Mirror curated By Portishead & ATP.  With the obvious headliner being Portishead, the lineup also consists of Jeff Magnum (Neutral Milk Hotel), Company Flow, Public Enemy, The Horrors, Battles, Ultramagnetic MC’s, Earth, Cults, DJ Peanut Butter Wolf, DD/MM/YYYY, The Album Leaf, and many, many more.
While I’ll be heading up there to provide photographic evidence to y’all, and I’m damned excited to see Portishead (FINALLY!), I thought I’d pass the mic to someone who’s a bit more qualified to express their excitement over this UK experimental/trip-hop band.  She’s been a partner in crime over the summer with myself in attending a plethora of shows, and has an extensive and illustrious show attendance resume. Also depending on who you ask, the most rabid Portishead fan you’ve ever had the (dis)pleasure to friend on Facebook. Without further ado I introduce, the lovely Amy Brooks.
3 days.
I’ve had a running Countdown to Portishead since, oh, March-ish.
Between my daily video posts and incessant ways of fitting it into conversation (friend: “Hey, does this shirt look ok?”
me: “Oh speaking of shirts, I’m going to see Portishead this weekend.”), you could say I’m a little excited.
As a self-described show-whore, it’s rare that I will look forward to an event to this extent, as it’s become almost routine.
But c’mon, THIS IS PORTISHEAD. You know the list of Top 5 Cheating Freebies you get when you’re in a relationship? Pretty sure they fit somewhere on mine between Marky Mark and Jason Statham.
I had long ago chalked them up to a loss and placed them in my category of Joplins and Hendrixes: performances I’d kill kittens and punch babies to see, but never will.
But in 3 days this will all change.
Portishead is what I wanted before I fully knew what I wanted.
My requests were simple: give me a beat with some female vocals. Through here-try-these-spoonfuls of Sneaker Pimps, Massive Attack, and Tricky, I figured I’d have to settle on being satisfied much the same way you settle on being full after eating a Hot Pocket.
It was during a road trip when I threatened to leave my then-boyfriend if he didn’t play something – anything – other than Faith No More (nothing against them, he just played them non-stop. I mean, who gets that obsessed over a band? Seriously…). A simple whine and a CD change and Beth Gibbons graced my ears with the lyrics of Glory Box.
“Give me a reason to love you”?
Oh Beth, you gave me twelve.
As my musical taste has evolved, both expanding and contracting, Portishead has remained a constant.
Regardless what phase I was in or mood that was prevailing, they’ve always been my go-to. I can’t envision ever saying “They used to be…” or “I used to listen…” in regards to them.
And now I get to experience it.
In 3 days.
The only bad thing about this show?
Not being friends with my ex on Facebook to rub it in his face.
Thanks Amy, I’ll be sure to block all your Portishead related Facebook feed comments with the intensity of a former Redskins running back for the next month.
ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror Curated by Portishead & ATP
Sept 30 – Oct 2 2011 – Asbury Park, NJ
ATP IBYM Spotify Playlist: