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Everyone’s favorite Brooklyn-transplanted Technemo band the Epochs are releasing a shimmering new album this week online, but due to their exclusive love of Brightest Young Things they’ve offered us an appetite stimulant: a remix of their smash hit club banger Opposite Sides.

Though this should already be in your 25 Most Top Played list, the remix brings out the darker, Prince-scary falsetto vocal in the mix and lays them over a beat that sounds like a Postal Service flash-drive got accidentally mailed to Trent Reznor. OK, that sentence may have been overwrought and pretentious, pretty much the opposite of the Epochs’ chilled-out straight-ahead electrorock, but seriously, this is a band with the rare ability to rock out with a full band, make you blow a disco-whistle at a dance-party, and sidle up next to Beirut on your break-up mix-tape.

Anyone who’s caught them playing a solo electronic set (brothers Hays and Ryan remixing their catchy pop tunes into dance floor material live, a phenomenon that recently lead to one of the best living room jam packed New Years Eve beer-soaked afterparties ever…EVER) knows how well they blend ass-shaking with nuanced, crafty song-writing, so grab this now and forever be indebted to us for keeping you four steps ahead of the rest of the interwebasphere.

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