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There were a lot of horribly annoying words uttered this past year, and if we had it our way, we’d never hear any of them again in 2019 and beyond. As such, here are BYT’s top most deplorable words/phrases of 2018 that we hope will swiftly retire forever. Feel free to drop your comments in comments and check out last year’s Words We Hope Would Retire in 2018.

Now, I know the purpose of this particular wordsmithing disaster is TO EMPOWER AND CELEBRATE, but to me, the effect is selling the subject short. As a female identifying human, who is in charge of a business, I cringe every time someone invites me to a panel or gathering or flocking of bossbitches. It feels reductive, condescending, and somehow crass. BOSS is gender neutral, bitch and babe are not words we need in our lives anyway, women – just own your bossdom. -Svetlana Legetic

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All humans should believe in equal rights and opportunties of all humans. Therefore all humans should be feminists. We don’t need a name for something that should just be a state of normal, sane, human existence. It sets us back in the conversation that we, as a society, feel we NEED a word for it, STILL. -Svetlana Legetic

It is just overused. -Svetlana’s step-daughters

Remember how Jonathan from Queer Eye used to say it and it was the best? The everyone else started saying it, and using that weird “gay” voice when they do it, and no one else was Jonathan when they said it, and it just started to feel wrong. It still feels wrong. -Svetlana’s step-daughters

It’s not that I’m shitting on meal prep itself here, because I recognize that for a lot of people it’s an essential strategy to keep them on track for eating at home during the week rather than ordering delivery. HOWEVER, it is a very depressing concept in itself – the idea that we are so goddamn busy all the time that cooking meals at home after a long day at work seems almost insurmountable is KIND OF BONKERS! So can we keep meal prep but stop talking about meal prep? IT MAKES ME FEEL VERY SAD. -Megan Burns

2016 was a dumpster fire. 2017 was a dumpster fire2018 was the year the dictionary embraced the phrase “dumpster fire.” 2019 should be the year we give this one some rest. -Matt Byrne

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Describing someone as a Garbage Person was at one time a somewhat clever, evocative way of painting a very specific picture of worthlessness and general unpleasantness. It has become overused more to the point of meaninglessness and hackery like few others in a relatively short life span. Also its etymology traces back to famous psychopath/singer songwriter Charles Manson, do you really want Mr. Swastika Forehead informing your vocabulary in 2019? -Matt Byrne

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“X? MORE LIKE Y AMIRUTE?” is a joke construction that has vexed me for years now, the laziest vessel for wordplay, which everyone agrees is the lowest form of comedy writing. This fossil left over from message board culture of the mid 2000s is just the most basic of the basic shit and it gets under my skin worse than pretty much any other overused Tweet trope. Let’s leave it in 2018 gang. -Matt Byrne


I’d bet all the money I have that you’re not the first person to talk about that thing. I’d bet slightly less money that your take on the thing isn’t especially nuanced. But maybe this isn’t your fault. Maybe your editor or social media manager conspired against you and published your story with a clicky title that is guaranteed to have the Twitter arguments rolling in. Either way, it’s time to stop talking. -Kaylee Dugan

Right winger says some fucked up shit, left winger calls right winger a shithead, right winger accuses left winger of being a triggered snowflake, left winger accuses right winger of being the REAL snowflake. What follows is a 60 comment deep back and forth of “I know you are but what am I.” This just needs to be said. Snowflakes are fucking tough! They maintain their incredible complexity as they fall for miles through harsh winds and thick clouds constantly trying to destroy them. People who aren’t snowflakes just couldn’t handle. -Johnny Fantastic

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I love pulling out the old torch and pitchfork as much as anyone, but I think it’s time we reevaluate and develop a nuanced approach to how we deal with problematic behavior. People should be punished when they are bad, but we are too quick to pull out the cancelled-card, which impedes the rehabilitation of the perpetrator and disincentivizes honest conversation across the board. -Tom Hausman

It’s 2019 people – women can be rock stars, astronauts, and anything else that they want to be. We don’t have to give them special qualifiers to denote that they beat the odds to get where they were just because of their gender. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m all for lifting up and highligting excellence amongst historically-oppressed people, but you don’t have to do it in a way that screams, “hey, isn’t it amazing that she can play guitar?” -Tom Hausman

We want you to #liveyourbestlife, and going to the gym is a great first step. But increasingly in 2018, the gym grind consists of Instagram stories and selfies, overpriced athletic-wear, and the continued overuse of #gains. Are you actually working out? Please, just do us a favor, and don’t. -Sabrina Kent

Let us return to a time when the only Yanni we knew of was our mother’s favorite composer and musician. -Sabrina Kent

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No shots at pronouns, but people need to stop sharing internet content and simply adding, “This.” We get it, you’re sharing that Alexandra Petri piece because you want to draw our attention to it. The “this” is implied. In fact, “this” is implied in everything you share. You literally can’t retweet a tweet without an implied “this.” It would be like a cat dropping a dead mouse at my feet and then, for added gravitas, revealing the ability to talk so he can tell me, “This.” Yes, Horatio, I can see your kill. You are a master hunter.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. We are years into the life cycle of this internet parlance. Perhaps it was cute in the early days, but we are long past that point. You sound like a middle schooler in a puff of self-importance. Add a substantive comment or let the content do the talking. This is of no value. -Phil Runco

Part of my hatred for this nickname might stem from a place where I refuse to have a social media presence when it comes to my dating life. Part of my disdain for this “word” might be born from the fact that it’s babe without the b. So just say babe. Or even better say someone’s name. What a wild concept. Anyway this feels like that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine is trapped at a party with a woman who keeps saying, “My fiancee, where is my fiancee? Has anyone seen my fiancee?” and Elaine says, “Maybe a dingo ate your fiancee.” Here’s hoping a dingo eats bae. -Jenn Tisdale

Calling someone a bitch used to carry with it a sense of gravitas. It meant something. When someone calls me a bitch it was something I earned. Proudly. I was being a bitch! Now it’s a term of endearment. Look, I’m all for reclaiming words, which is why I pepper all my conversations with the word cunt, lovingly… but bitch is a down and dirty word that needs to stay in its bitchy lane. -Jenn Tisdale

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The only thing I ever need extra of is extra sour cream on my taco, extra bleu cheese dressing for my wings., or extraterrestrials (aliens please come on down…the price is right). I hate to sound like an asshole (no, I don’t) but the kind of folks who tend to refer to things as “extra” haven’t done an extra thing in their entire lives. They are more ordinary than extraordinary. -Jenn Tisdale

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This is such a petulant, childish provocation among those who are Extremely Online, and yet most people who use the phrase do so unironically. Here’s a quick tip: if you’re mad at someone on social media and you resort to “debate me” tactics, then you’ve already lost. You should probably just retire the phrase from your arsenal, and save yourself the additional embarrassment. -Alan Zilberman