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This weekend we spent an inordinate amount of time at Wonderland.

(11th and Kenyon NW, with heated smoking patio and a suprisingly agreeable smell inside, contrary to all the worst hopes we had before)

And mostly eating at that.

First off, sampling their newly inaugurated brunch (6 dollars all around for everything from a variety of egg sandwiches and french toast (with cinammon apples!) to cheese pupusas to….) and the 4 dollar soon-to-be-seminal bottomless baskets of bacon and snausages.

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which was then followed by special high tea idea of fruit tarts, petite mignons and ABSOLUTELY no tea whatsoever (jameson in a teapot will keep you warm tho). A wonderful in-between-brunch-and-bar-openings-at 6 idea.

and a very happy birthday for Kat.

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festivities to continue this week on:

Tuesday @ CUNT

Thursday @ Evil Disco.