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In recognition of twitter/instagram #wcw (woman crush wednesday, for those not “in the know”) we decided to show how deep our woman crushes really go. Because they go deeper than 160 characters. They even go deeper than the “Lo-Fi” filter. Proof? This week, it’s my baby girl Sky Ferreira.

The story of our love begins innocently enough. It was her video for “Everything’s Embarrassing”. I heard the song first, and heavily related (as I think many of us can) to the lyric, “could have been my anything, now everything’s embarrassing.” I decided to watch the video, and that was the first time I saw her. I got a boner, and you will too.

Do you not want to watch that video again? Do you not want to run your hands through her brittle bleached locks? Do you not want to kiss her on the face? HASHTAG WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY, YO.

Anyway. As our love grew, so did her notoriety. After being arrested for heroin possession (and etc) with boyfriend, model Zachary Cole, Ferreira was suddenly all over the news. While the news wasn’t the best, at least her mugshot was.


Puppy dog eyes to the max. While we don’t approve of her doing bad things almost as much as we don’t approve of her blossoming friendship with Miley Cyrus, we still love her. Why? Watch this video of her being interviewed by Mac Demarco.

Her secret ingredient is Hard Rock Hotel Bodywash, you guys. I’m gonna try it. Because….Sky Ferreira.

BONUS: Look at her.




EXTRA BONUS: Baby Sky with braces and 3-D glasses.