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Wolf Trap is kind of a magical place. It sits on what used to be a working farm and got its name because the farmers used to have to trap actual wolves so they could prevent said wolves from killing all the livestock. True story. Did you know their executive chef Chris Faessen is also a beekeeper? Yeah, it’s wild. Literally. The bees increase pollination throughout the park and of course producing your own honey is a great way to keep it local. Very local. On-site local!

There is nothing more magical than seeing a live show at Wolf Trap, and summer ’18 is going to be one of the best seasons yet. There are so many amazing shows you can see (check out their full calendar HERE) and while I cannot stop talking about Alanis Morissette’s show, there are a ton I’m looking forward to.


The Washington Ballet: Giselle @ Filene Center – Friday May 25

A beloved romantic ballet. Love, betrayal, and forgiveness are paired with coveted virtuoso roles. This haunting and tender classic tells the story of the promise and tragedy of young love. – Wolf Trap


Harry Connick Jr.: A New Orleans Tricentennial Celebration @ Filene Center – Thursday June 14

I have been obsessed with New Orleans ever since I read my first Anne Rice book (duh) and spent one week there BY MYSELF for my 21st birthday (it’s a wonder I lived to tell the tale). And who better to celebrate the city’s 300th birthday than with one of its most famous sons. Harry Connick Jr. embodies everything that is great about New Orleans and if he’s also a vampire then hello…I’m in love. – Jenn Tisdale

Sing-a-Long: Sound of Music @ Filene Center – Saturday June 16

Wolf Trap will be alive with the sound of music and I for one will be there with some hideous yet charming outfit I made from an old set of drapes! In fact I plan on calling it Wolf Von Trapp the entire time. Spend an evening with a few of your favorite songs. – Jenn Tisdale


Indigo Girls @ Filene Center – Tuesday July 10

Bring yourself one step Closer to Fine… – Jenn Tisdale

The Life Tour: Boy George & Culture Club/The B-52’s @ Filene Center – Wednesday July 18

I haven’t seen Boy George in concert, yet…but one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen is FOR SURE The B-52’s. I danced. I laughed. I absolutely kissed a gay man next to me when he respectfully asked if he could! Plus Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey is also on the bill so fingers crossed for a performance of If You Were Here which is the song playing over that final scene in Sixteen Candles. You know the one. – Jenn Tisdale

Queen Latifah and Common @ Filene Center – Friday July 20

See above. – Jenn Tisdale


Hanson String Theory w/ NSO @ Filene Center – Saturday August 4

It’s like an MMMBopera! – Jenn Tisdale

Bryan Adams @ Filene Center – Sunday August 5

Bryan Adams is one of Canada’s finest exports and if you’re a lady of a certain age (me) you have VERY FOND memories of (Everything I Do) I Do It For You off the Robin Hood Prince of Thieves soundtrack. If you’re ever struggling to define love I urge you to defer to the lyrics of this song for clarification. Ladies you’re gonna want to bring an extra pair of pants to this one! – Jenn Tisdale


Alanis Morissette @ Filene Center – Thursday September 6

Grab some wine to wash down this Jagged Little Pill because this show is All You Really Want. Now I’m not a doctor but she is FOR SURE the cure to what ails you. – Jenn Tisdale