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Yesterday on the BYT Instagram we posted a story that featured all of the things the BYT staff wants to buy. There was a pretty dress, the concept of peace of mind (boring) and me. I said I wanted a backpack. A black backpack. The more I think about this the sadder it makes me. Why aren’t I setting my sights high? Why do my fantasies involve getting a rug for my bedroom and a plain black backpack for my job? Where’s the whimsy? The fun?

So I made this list of all the dumb cool shit I would buy if money was no object. Lets gawk over some price tags together, shall we?

Céline Nano Luggage Bag – $2,700

I guess this is the luxury version of my black backpack? I’ve been staring wistfully at the Céline Nano bag for years, trying to slowly convince myself that $2,700 is not too much money for a bag, but let’s face it, I’m never going to feel that way. $2,700 is an insane amount of money. For anything. It’s much cheaper to continue to stare at it longingly… Which I’m doing right now as I type this.

Gucci Metallic mid-heel pump – $830

I know every Soundcloud rapper and their mother are wearing Gucci these days, but I’ve never loved a pair of shoes harder. They look like something Fran Fine would wear and they perfectly walk that line between beautiful and horrifying ugly. I need them (and by them, I mean a knockoff).

Project Infinity Yacht – $ 213,147,000

I don’t know much about yachts (and I’m not interested in knowing much about them, please keep all your yacht knowledge to yourself), but I know that my dream is to one day give up a life of living on land and just cruise around the sea doing whatever the hell I want. I just want to be Jimmy Buffett okay? Can you please just give me that?

Tempest Ballet Dress – $1,600 & Maiden Mini Dress – $640

Because everything Zimmermann does is perfect, even when it’s not. I don’t know where I would wear these dresses, but it would probably be inappropriate and I would not give a damn.

Essential Art House – 50 Years of Janus Films – $650.50

I like movies.