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Get your fall concert schedule in full swing with the Two Door Cinema Club show on October 4 at DAR Constitution Hall. Yeah, the concert is a few months away, but we have a pair of tickets to give away! (#STAYAHEADOFTHECURVE.) Plus, tickets won’t even go sale until this Friday at 10 a.m.

Their first album, Tourist History, was released more than three years ago, with killer tracks like “What You Know” and “I Can Talk.” TDCC’s next album, Beacon, is due out in September, and they’ve been slowly releasing singles during the past year. Check out the most recent one, “Handshake,” after which you’ll never be able to play Wii Bowling the same way again:


To win, name your favorite Irish artist/band/group, other than TDCC, obviously.  Don’t forget to include your email in the comments!