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Holy lord, we’re already in mid-November. Feeling bleak about the new year fast approaching? NO NEED. There are some fantastic shows comin’ our way in 2013, many of which we know are guaranteed to get us all into the 2013 spirit with ease. One of the most fun, dancey shows to fit just the bill is so fresh you can’t even get tickets yet: Toro Y Moi, synth-pop/chillwave artist/producer extraordinaire, is hitting 9:30 Club on February 10.

We’ve long been fans of Toro Y Moi’s poppy–occasionally funky–electronic jams (check out our NYC team’s preview of his new record!) and we’re so thrilled to give you and a friend tickets to check him out for free before you can even buy tickets. (Because battling other buyers and scalpers is for suckers.)

We hope you’re ready to dance…

TO WIN: Toro Y Moi’s new album slated for release next year is called Anything in Return. In celebration of this and the upcoming gifting season, what’s the one present you’re hoping to get this holiday season? Remember, it can be *anything*.