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Those cool folks over at the 9:30 Club knew I wouldn’t be able to hold this SECRET in for very long… so here it is:


Mark your calendars now: Tuesday, June 19th, The Hives will storm the 9:30 Club stage in all their Swedish, well-coiffed, garage rockin’ glory.  Tickets go one sale this Friday at 10AM, but we’ve got a ONE PAIR for a very, very lucky person up for grabs before you can even whip out your AMEX to buy ’em.

So you wanna win? Well remember that highly banned (and much talked about) Kylie Minogue commercial for Agent Provocateur that featured “Main Offender”? Well, go on and tell us all the scandalous details of what song you’d want blasting in the background while you film your very own BANNED commercial for your favorite brand.  We promise we’ll feign surprise when it goes viral.

(Winner will be selected before tickets go on sale @ 10AM Friday, April 27th)