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It’s winter, it’s cold. With Thanksgiving now over we’ve lost the feasting-and-family light at the end of the tunnel (until mid-to-late December) and it’s bitter and bleak as ever; thankfully there’s a pot of psychedelic-rock gold at the end of that dreary Winter rainbow. It’s Tame Impala at 9:30 Club on February 20.

What better to warm up that body than with some hypno-groove? Shake off the cold with FREE tickets to Australia’s psych-rock dream team BEFORE YOU CAN EVEN BUY.

A solid track off Tame Impala’s newest album, Lonerism, is “Music to Walk Home By.” TO WIN THESE GREAT TICKETS BEFORE YOU CAN EVEN BUY ‘EM:

Give us your favorite walk-around music. It can be a peaceful track, a strut song, you name it.

Ready? I’ll go first. My ultimate feelin’-super-cool-but-not-at-all song to walk around to is “Danger! High Voltage” by Electric Six ft. Jack White because, you know, obviously.