Win Before You Can Buy: Bill Callahan @ Sixth & I
svetlana | Jul 10, 2013 | 2:00PM |

Over here on BYT, our love for Bill Callahan is as big as a (big) house. Previous reviews of his DC outings have included turns of phrase such as: “Callahan is a songwriter in such control of his craft that it’s near impossible to imagine him not knowing exactly how a story is going to end, and the minimum words it will require him to get there.” and “he knows how to distill a song to its essence, and in doing so, realize the fullest potential of each line, each repetition, each sound.”

So, when we heard he was coming to Sixth and I this fall (of course it will be in fall) we penciled that going on sale ticket date (JULY 12TH-10:00AM) in blood on our agendas. Obviously, you should buy them but we also have a win-before-you-can-buy pair of tickets to give away.

To enter to win, leave us comment telling us what the most heartbeaking song you’ve heard recently is (and why). Youtube clips/soundclouds etc welcome. GO!