Win Before You Can Buy: Bill Callahan @ Sixth & I
svetlana | Jul 10, 2013 | 2:00PM |

Over here on BYT, our love for Bill Callahan is as big as a (big) house. Previous reviews of his DC outings have included turns of phrase such as: “Callahan is a songwriter in such control of his craft that it’s near impossible to imagine him not knowing exactly how a story is going to end, and the minimum words it will require him to get there.” and “he knows how to distill a song to its essence, and in doing so, realize the fullest potential of each line, each repetition, each sound.”

So, when we heard he was coming to Sixth and I this fall (of course it will be in fall) we penciled that going on sale ticket date (JULY 12TH-10:00AM) in blood on our agendas. Obviously, you should buy them but we also have a win-before-you-can-buy pair of tickets to give away.

To enter to win, leave us comment telling us what the most heartbeaking song you’ve heard recently is (and why). Youtube clips/soundclouds etc welcome. GO!

Recent Comments:
  • Rebecca Armendariz says:

    Been revisiting a ton of Neko Case lately! Her cover of “Favorite,” and I said A-men.

  • mojonathan says:

    phosphorescent’s “song for zula” ( a meditation on love lost and hope forsaken opined in a mournfully resigned wail over a time-ticking drum machine heartbeat awash in a sighing swell of sorrowful strings. or something like that.

  • Maria says:

    Kimya Dawson’s “Walk Like Thunder:”
    Saw her perform this song live with Aesop Rock recently at the 9:30 club. It was absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking.

    • Natasha says:

      Oh and whyyy? Well because sometimes things are, in fact, tortorous. In those moments I don’t want to feel better I just want to listen to an ethereal voice that knows what it’s like.

  • Tony Porreco says:

    The Lippy Grins – “Four White Walls”

    The Lippy Grins (now called The Low Bends) are a local blues rock band. I actually interviewed the lead singer of the band for an upcoming feature piece I authored for a local music blog.

    This is a tremendously heartbreaking number about the experience of breaking up with someone. I initially thought it was about “being dumped” rather than “dumping”. When I learned from the songwriter it was from the relationship “Terminator”, this added power to the song.

    Those who break up with people are often regarded as jerks at first glance, but this song demonstrates that it’s tremendously difficult for both parties, rather than only the the individual who’s being broken up with.