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Brightest Young Things is honored to partner again with Capital Pride on the official pride nightlife party. This year we are proud to present on Friday WildLife at the Howard Theatre. WildLife will serve as the official dance party of pride season.

Today, we talk with one of our many headline DJs, DJ MAJR who is well-known to many Washingtonians for his over-the-top parties that pack venues like Cobalt and the Green Lantern.

Brightest Young Things: People in DC love you. You recently returned for your Robyn Riot edition of SIREN. How did that go?

DJ MAJR: It went really well.  Having quarterly parties allows me to really put some time and creativity into planning.  There’s no hurry up and create process; it’s a more organic process that comes from really wanting to derive an experience.  And, on Friday, I experienced one of the best parties I’ve ever thrown.  The crowd was insane, people were happy, and I was pleased with every part of the event from start to finish.  It’s always nice and worth appreciating when things go absolutely right, because we all know that rarely happens.

BYT: What are some new tracks you are eager to introduce to people at the pride party? DJ MAJR: There are a few I’m really excited about from the harder electro side of a remix of Eric Clapton’s (no joke) Cocaine and Wolfgang Gartner’s remix of Miike Snow’s Paddling Out to the pop of new tracks by Kylie, Scissor Sisters, and the (rare) high quality Nicki Minaj track, Automatic.

BYT: You always get an enthusiastic response on the dance floor. What kind of atmosphere do you hope to create out there?

DJ MAJR: That’s really kind.  I don’t want to use a blanket statement about the response, but I definitely try every single time to create momentum and energy.  You have to excite people, or they’ll walk right off the floor.  My plan is to hit all sides of the party: the gays, the friends of gays, and the god-knows-whats.  It’s all a venn-diagram of what they love, what I love, and you play from the middle.  In this, I basically want to feel out and execute, from song to song, what will give the crowd a wow-factor.  What will both affirm them and catch them off-guard in a good way.  You can never play-down to a crowd- especially DC.  They’ll have no respect for you and will dance like they’re in spin class.  My goal is always to hear at least one ‘woo!’ per song.  Haha.

BYT: Tell us a little bit about playing the Howard. The party itself is a pretty historic event, being the first queer party in over 50 years (Comedienne Moms Mabley last threw a lesbian party there in the 1950s). What is it like being able to play the Howard?

DJ MAJR: To play The Howard is a big deal.  I’ve walked past that building for years and hoped that one day they would revive such a historic entertainment venue.  Playing a queer party at the venue is even more rewarding, as it shows a sense of collective diversity; the ultimate safe place.  In this safe place, It will also be pretty euphoric to play on the same stage as Otis Redding and Buddy Holly did years ago.

BYT: Have you seen the space yet?

DJ MAJR: Unfortunately I have not, but I have seen many photos, and I am pretty much aflutter to see it.  Not to mention, I hear it has a f***ing amazing sound system.

BYT: What do you hope party goers appreciate from attending the pride party there?

DJ MAJR: The venue’s history, the fact that someone took the time to restore the venue, and the forward thinking that allows such a diverse party (one connected to so many identities for the sake of solidarity) to happen at the venue.  Also, being able to dance until 3:30am is worth a ‘hell-yeah!’

Grab your tickets to WildLife: dcpride2012.eventbrite.com

BYT: You’re always known for outrageous costumes and make-up on stage. What can we expect this time?

DJ MAJR: It’s usually really simple criteria:  something that will be easy to wear as a DJ, but still look incredibly ridiculous.  Pride is no time for subtlety.

BYT: For anyone considering buying a ticket before they sell out, what would you tell them to do?

DJ MAJR: Get off your ass and get it off your to-do list.  This is the place to be, the experience to have, and will be the most phenomenal party experience of their pride weekend.  And, it’s on FRIDAY (because Lord knows your Betty Ford-bound drunk ass wouldn’t be able to make it post-parade Saturday).

You can purchase tickets for WildLife at: dcpride2012.eventbrite.com