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This show, you guys. THIS SHOW. Killing Eve airs on BBC America Sunday nights at 8pm, and stars Sandra Oh (better known as Cristina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy) and British actress Jodie Comer, who I am VERY OBSESSED WITH. The series is based on Luke Jennings’ Villanelle novels, and centers on Eve Polastri (played by Oh) and her hunt to track down psychopathic assassin Oksana Astankova (aka Villanelle, played by Comer). And I seriously don’t think I’ve ever had a bigger boner for a television program in my whole life.

Villanelle is hired to carry out high profile assassinations, and due to her aforementioned psychopathic nature, it seems she really loves her job. She murders people with poisonous hair pins, perfumes…a good old fashioned shootin’ ‘n stabbin’ here and there…you name it, she’s down to clown. Meanwhile, Polastri (an MI5 officer) becomes hellbent on finding out who Villanelle works for, and what (aside from genuinely enjoying killing people, and receiving large sums of money to do it) is her motivation to comply with their orders. In the process, both Villanelle and Polastri become obsessed with each other, and it’s still unclear what’s going to happen with that. (Personally I hope they will fuck at some point, but this is to be seen.)

Phoebe Waller-Bridge has done an incredible job writing the show; it’s got the perfect balance of suspense and dark humor, and in case you couldn’t already guess, its smartness has sucked me in REAL HARD. Villanelle’s twisted personality is both hilarious and terrifying, and it makes me very nervous that I feel like would totally try to date her IRL, even if I knew she was a psychopath in advance. (To be fair, I used to date a guy who one day told me he thought he might be homicidal. We broke up, but I sincerely hope that “murdery” is not actually my “type”.)

The finale will air on BBC America this Sunday at 8pm, and I am SO STOKED! But also bummed out, since now I’ll have to (presumably) wait for a new season, which I think will get made, but don’t quote me on that. Episodes 1-7 are available on demand if you’ve got a network provider that allows you access; I have a YouTube TV subscription, so that’s how I went about getting caught up on the first few. Don’t have access? You can also purchase episodes for $2.99 each on Amazon Video, and/or on iTunes. (Trust me, they’re worth it.)

And in closing, I’ll also mention that the soundtrack is INCREDIBLE. I’d highly recommend jamming out to that while you’re at work this afternoon, and/or forever: