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Comedian Kurt Braunohler is driving a gigantic, larger than life-sized butt across this great nation of ours. He’ll be in DC today at 1 p.m. Why?

BYT: Hey Kurt, are you driving right now? Are you in the butt?

Kurt: I’m currently in the butt.

So I was doing some quick butt research. This is for a new Comedy Central show, Better. Dumber. Faster. with Kurt Braunohler.

It’s a pilot. Yeah, not a show yet.

So are you filming right now?

We’ve been filming along the way. We were not budgeted for this because we did not intend to drive the butt. We were going to put it on a train where it would arrive in New Jersey where we would show up and film. At the last minute the train refused to take it so we had to scramble and find a truck.

I feel like this is better.

Oh it’s definitely better. The other way was kind of a secret surprise. The point of the show is, the world is kind of difficult to live in but if we can insert some absurdity into strangers’ lives to make it a bit brighter then that’s great. Plus we play on the whole idea that people have to wait for things sometimes and waiting sucks. So the point of the train was, you’re in this small town and you’re waiting for this freight train to take 15 minutes to go by and all of a sudden a giant butt goes by you. Hopefully it would make your day a little weirder. Now, we realize very few people would see it on the train. We were trying to figure out the estimate of people who’ve seen it at this point and it’s maybe 50,000 – 200,000.

It’s too bad you can’t check-in on Facebook at the butt.

Oh that’d be great. There’s a huge following on Instagram and Twitter because the hashtag (#TheLoveButt) is on the butt and people don’t know what it is.

Did this come about because of your success with the skywriting thing (aka Kurt Braunohler’s Cloud Project) and Roustabout which was a fundraiser but still something similar. Was this born from those ideas?

Yeah, this is an extension of what I’ve been doing in general for the past 15 years. With Comedy Central we did Roustabout and that was what’s the dumbest way to make the world a better place. We had done a pilot for Comedy Central before this. They saw it and they liked it but it wasn’t right. They really liked the 3rd act and that was us going out into the world and inserting absurdity into the world so we pitched them a show that was all that and they bought it. So it’s kind of cool to just be able to continually make strange things.

Has the butt, can’t believe I keep saying the butt, has anyone defaced it? It seems like such an invitation. Is it covered at night?

No, we leave it out in the open. The only thing that’s happened to it, vandalism wise so far (knock on wood) is someone stuck a, and this wasn’t even on the 4th of July, a roman candle in the butthole. Well, they made a butthole first then stuck a roman candle in it and set it off, which is pretty funny. I personally can imagine about a million ways to vandalize it.

It just goes to show you how respectful America is towards a giant butt.

I think it’s maybe because it IS a giant butt. You could draw a butt on the butt. You could draw it farting. You could draw nipples to make it look like boobs. You could do so much. In fact I’m kind of insulted that America’s vandals have had such little imagination about the butt.

I’m going to scribble a giant Xavier Roberts tattoo on the butt which is what was written on every Cabbage Patch Kid doll.

Oh I know. I think you’ll definitely be the first Cabbage Patch Doll inspired graffiti artist in America.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 12.16.03 AM

Get out of the way Banksy. So you guys are in DC today, briefly but gloriously.

We’ll be there from 1pm to 2pm by the Washington Monument. It’s the obelisk, right?

Yes it is. It will be a nice phallic representation right by the butt.