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So, by now you obviously are aware that FotoWeekDC kicks off this weekend. 130+ exhibitions, talks, nighttime projects, other magical things happening. But, do you know just how much great gay rights and gay fun centric work there is in this year’s festival? Below you’ll find a handy list of why FotoWeek is SO Gay This year:

Lets start at the very beginning:

Then, onto all the exhibitions and programs:

In the mood for serious:

  • One of this year’s flagship shows at FotoWeekCentral (located at the Former Spanish Ambassador’s Residence at 2801 16th street NW and open every day Nov 7-15, 10-6pm) is Pulitzer Center’s “Iron Closet” by Misha Friedman, dedicated to shining a light on LGBT community in Russia. Powerful and heartbreaking. Bonus: the show is accompanied by a panel and reception on November 12th:  LGBT Rights in Russia w/ Nora FitzGerald, Misha Friedman and Dmitry Chizhevsky – The Pulitzer Center presents LGBT Rights in Russia with grantees Nora FitzGerald and Misha Friedman, and special guest Dmitry Chizhevsky, a Russian who was a victim of anti-LGBT violence in St. Petersburg.

photo by Misha Friedman


  • PhotoBooks Day on November 8th feat. Vincent Cianni talking about his “Gays in Military” book, A visual and audio investigation into the effects and aftermath of the military’s gay ban on lives and careers of LGBT service members, Gays in the Military focuses on the individual stories of discrimination, harassment and civil and human rights abuses by service members who represent thousands of men and women who have suffered from – or have risen above – these injustices.

Gays in the Military © Vincent Cianni Gays in the Military © Vincent Cianni


In the mood for beautiful and fierce:

  • Aperture:Photographs @ FotoWeek Central. The flagship show of this year’s festival features the works by such gay icons as Sally Mann, Mary Ellen Mark, Pieter Hugo, Diane Arbus, Annie Liebovitz, Dorothea Lange, Bruce Davidson and more. Truly a can’t miss.
Mary Ellen Mark - "Tiny" in Her Halloween Costume, Seattle, Washington 1983 Streetwise. 300E-012-22A Tiny. Seattle, Washington,- USA 1983 Tiny in her Halloween costume, Seattle, Washington, 1983

Mary Ellen Mark – “Tiny” in Her Halloween Costume, Seattle, Washington 1983 Streetwise.

  • Also at FotoWeekCentral is “Everybody Loves To ChaChaCha” by Bego Anton, secretly the gayest show of the festival. The young Spanish photographer immersed herself into the glitz and glamour of people who dance with their dogs. Expect: sequins, Little Miss Sunshine attitudes, and the greatest dance steps of the year.


  • My Kingdom For A Stage @ Hillyer Art Place – Hillyer is participating in this year’s festival with THREE exhibitions, all with a strong female focus. My Kingdom for A Stage, curated by Susana Raab, illuminate this spectrum of staged photographic practice. But more importantly, this photo just makes it look like American Horror Story -meets –Toddlers and Tiaras and we are on board with that.

©Adriana Duque

  • Photographers at Work @ Studio Gallery – how a group of distinguished photographers designs, conceptualizes, and executes a photographic project. Most importantly, this is the promo image:
Photo © Steven Marks, Chris, Washington 2015

Photo © Steven Marks, Chris, Washington 20

photo: Joel Sartore

and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out our full FotoWeek preview here and see you around town Nov 6-15.