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See the difference? Yeah, us neither. Here are six celebrities who seem physically unable to age. Good genes, or devil deals, you be the judge.

1) Jennifer Lopez:

J. Lo, Jenny from the Block, or whatever moniker you wanna drop on her, Jennifer Lopez has been one of the quintessential “It” Girls of the past couple of decades.

This is J in 2000 at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards:


This is her now at the 2013 Met Ball, two kids and 13 freaking years later:


How many virgins had to die to halt this woman’s aging process at 21? Hmmm? ANSWER ME!!!

What She Got in Exchange for Her Soul: In addition to eternal youth, she got a butt made of magic… Black magic.

2) John Stamos:

Oh, Uncle Jesse. Not only did you have that gorgeous, rebellious ’80s hair (in the ’90s), but you were also great with the little ones.

John then:


John now:


John… May I call you John? Yes? Ok, John, as if it weren’t bad enough for you to have those uber-hot, piercing blue eyes, but then you had to go and successfully pull off a five o’clock shadow. What are you trying to do to me? To us?

What He Got in Exchange for His Soul: The gorgeous face of a 20 year old, a marriage to the crazy-hot, Rebeca Romjin, and a renewed air of fame with the new Dannon Oikos ads. Also, the hair.

3) Gwen Stefani:

No Doubt, AKA Gwen Stefani and those other guys, have been rocking the Ska-Punk since the mid-’80s.

This is her in the ’90s:


This is Gwen today…


… What the actual hell, Gwen? Not only is your skin still flawless, but you actually look better than you did circa 1990! You make it hard to like you, Gwen… I try, but you make it very, very hard.

What She Got in Exchange for Her Soul: Besides the fact that she still looks like the hot high school girl you wish you could be BFFs with, she got the ability to be mistaken for another totally gorgeous famous woman who’s nearly  two and a half decades her junior.

4) Robert Downey Jr.:

This is the handsome Rob in the 1991 film Soapdish


This is Robert in an Iron Man 3 promo:



What He Got in Exchange for His Soul: My best guess? Actual superhero powers. How else would you explain years of copious drug use while still maintaining that gorgeous mug of his?

5) Cher:

Cher, is known for many things. Looking like she was born in the mid ’40s is not one of them.

1973 Cher:


Modern Cher:


I believe, Cher… I believe.

What She Got in Exchange for Her Soul: Immortality. Seriously, the 1940s, people! The ’40s! And, let us not forget that gorgeous pre-teen, Bagel Boy, she was dating in the ’90s.


6) Naomi Campbell:

This is Queen Naomi in the early ’90s…


This Is Naomi Campbell on her new show “The Face” (2013): naomi-the-face

Oooooooh, Now I get it. Naomi wasn’t throwing her cell phone at her maid to hurt her. She just knew that all of those extra radio waves had to be awful for the skin. Shine on you crazy, crazy diamond.

What She Got in Exchange for Her Soul: The fountain of youth and the power of intimidation. Seriously, who wouldn’t be afraid of this woman? Insane and gorgeous- the most dangerous of combinations.

 Have any that we missed? Let us know in the comments… IN BLOOD.