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Georgie James is playing a show with Camera Obscura(which kicks off their national tour)

on July 9th

at Black Cat’s mainstage.

it costs 12 dollars.

you need to buy this ticket THIS WEEKEND or else?

or else what I hear you scream?

who the hell is Georgie James?

well, this is what the Wikipedia has to say:

Georgie James

are a new two-piece classic pop/rock group from Washington D.C. featuring John Davis (ex Q and not U)and Laura Burhenn.

When Q and not U called it quits in 2005 after releasing 3 albums, they split into 3 different projects.

Ris Paul Ric, a folk/funk/electronic solo effort from Chris Richards,

regarded as the lead singer and rhythm player of the band,

Harris Klahr’s President project, a set of remixes from the lead guitarist and synthesist,

then Georgie James, featuring drummer Davis.

Having met through mutual friends, Davis and singer/songwriter Burhenn (who had released 4 solo albums on her own Laboratory Records prior this project) found out that they had similar tastes in retro pop music from the 1950’s to the 1970’s, and then decided to start working together as a band,

Davis writing the guitars and drums, Burhenn on the Rhodes Piano.

A few hours later they had written a few songs, and decided this was a worthy project to take aboard.

Later in 2005 they went to record at the Dance Place in Washington with producers Chad Clark and TJ Lipple,

and by November 2005 they produced a 7 song demo, showcasing a mix of cool pop production,

dancey riffs reminiscent of Power-era Q and not U and unexplored territory for the both of them.

Georgie James are now busy writing songs for a full length record as well as playing their first shows

BYT has loved them since day one and here is what you REALLY need to know:

hearing John sing acoustically will break your heart

More Lights makes the boys that never dance dance along with Laura

they drink whiskey and coke before the show


good knows what after the show

Cheap Champagne has been a staple of many a indie pop dance night in DC

and it is a perfect pop song

the kind you sing along by the time the second chorus rolls around.

They are the most cherubic looking duo


between them they probably play 101 instrument.

Shervin Laines of ShervinFoto took these images

that are almost as beautiful as their music.

run don’t walk to the ticket booth.