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I impatiently edged the taxi seat trying to make it to Penn Station in time for the last DC bound Megabus leaving NYC at 4p.m. Friday just so I could snow flying duckballs [and ring in my Dad’s 60th] with my favorite people. And so I did; with only 6 frames left in the Instax and not another camera in sight or on back. Thus, coverage is not full blown like the snow, but on other hands is specially documented at moments of candid desperation. And as all of you who hibernated there this weekend know, there was too much fun and were too many places to be at a snowy once. I managed to squeeze in no particular order a Malcolm X park of amusement gawk where everyone subtracted 20 years from their age and acted the remainder, a Burns & Holland happy hour basket of fries and extra hours of double vodka sodas at Wonderland, pink champagne and a frozen pizza at a Mt. Pleasant all-girl house, and a group virgin visit to Madam’s Organ. Photos may or may not describe said places or things, and are also subject to change.


S St.


Malcolm X park.


A lion and a mouse at Wonderland.


Snowman in Shaw [note sunglasses at night.]


Libby seen through the creephole at Wonderland.


An igloo body on 5th.