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This weekend MCPAW animal shelter is having a White Sale, which means all animals that are white or have white are available for 50% off the adoption fee. MCPAW is a relatively new animal shelter in Montgomery County, and all of their residents need new homes, so see below for some of the available animals. All of the ones being featured this week have white in them so you can take advantage of the discount! Normally, we only feature cats but today we have some bunnies and a ferret as well.


Misty is just the sweetest cat, and she happens to also be beautiful. Her thick white coat is soft and flawless, and she has gorgeous blue eyes. She is on the older side, so if you are looking for a low-key gal who is happy to curl up on your lap, she is the cat for you.


If you find perfection in imperfection, you will love Henry, who has one ear that doesn’t stand up. Playful and energetic, Henry doesn’t let his ear get him down. He loves attention and would be a great companion for anyone.


Bud would be the perfect buddy for anyone!


These two shy guys are absolutely adorable and they are best friends, so they will have to be adopted together. They like to be petted, and are generally quiet and easygoing.


Ferrets can be fun pets, and they shed less than cats so if you want something less ordinary, consider adopting fairy. She is soft, furry, and shy, and will make a great additional to your household.