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The US Open kicks off here in NYC today, and I am BEYOND STOKED. I’m headed out there later to watch Serena Williams play Maria Sharapova at 7pm, which is undoubtedly the most bonkers first round matchup in recent memory. Will I be hungry while I’m out there? TBD! But if I do get peckish, there are LOADS of quality options on the grounds, and I have a feeling I’m gonna have a tough time deciding.

First things first, though…

Okay, it’s not FOOD, but you absolutely need to have at least one Honey Deuce (pretty widely available at the various Tennis Village bars) while you’re at the US Open! IT. IS. TRADITION! (But also you get to keep the cup which is p. Neat. #COMMEMORATIVE) 

Alright, NOW for the food


Has David Chang ever done us dirty? NO. Fuku will be serving up the expected spicy chicken sandwiches, plus there’s the signature US Open 110 Burger ft. Pat LaFrieda beef patties served on Chinese bing bread from Hot Bread Kitchen. Hell yeah!


Any Jose Andres enterprise is great in my book, Butterfly being no exception! Tacos, tortas, ceviche…all great things, all good (in my opinion) summer food, and this one will be high on my spots to visit list.

Lure Oyster Bar

Oysters are admittedly not for everyone, but they ARE for me! Lure has some quality ones, plus they’ve got things like crab cakes and lobster rolls for people who are feeling slightly less into slurping. 

Fish Shack

You can also do lobster rolls at Fish Shack, plus shrimp cocktail, poached salmon salad and MORE, all created by Chef David Burke. HERE FOR THIS.

Poke Yachty

Staying in the seafood zone, who doesn’t love a poke bowl in the summertime? Loads of different protein options (classic tuna, spicy tuna, salmon, crab and shrimp, or a more vegan friendly tofu), and v. easy to customize. I can get on board with these slight health vibes.

Farm 2 Fork

While we’re in healthy town, we obviously should shout out Farm 2 Fork, where you can get your hooks into some #POWERBOWLS ft. grains, greens ‘n other superfoods. (Because let’s be real, there’s no place like the US Open to make you feel like a nutritionally inferior human, and salads can help with that!)

Korilla BBQ

For even more bowl options, there’s Korilla BBQ to the rescue! But I’m way more interested in the kimcheese fries than anything else, you guys. Amen to the kimcheese fries.

Melt Shop

While we’re talkin’ fried potatoes, Melt Shop delivers on the cheesy Shop Tots. They’ve also obviously got grilled cheese options, which might be a solid choice on a night like tonight (it’s supposed to be much cooler than usual), but not my go-to for summertime eats! JUST TOTS FOR ME, THANKS.

Neapolitan Express

Speaking of cheese, everybody’s favorite pizza food truck will be setting up shop to sling loads of beautifully charred pizzas! Again, not necessarily something I think might be my go-to on a hotter day, but if the weather holds, who knows!

Pat LaFrieda Meat Co.

I don’t eat too much meat anymore, but if I did, Pat LaFrieda would be the spot I’d want to post up. The filet mignon steak sandwich looks incredible (and probably tastes even better), so if you’re down to spend close to $20 on something like that, then this is a solid bet. Plus let’s not forget about the LaFrieda Double Burger, which looks DEADLY.

Hill Country

Continuing with the meaty options, if you’re in the mood for a BBQ twist, then obviously get to Hill Country for hot links ‘n brisket sandwiches! Sides like fries and mac ‘n cheese seal the deal – this is not going to be your healthiest bet, but still v. delicious!

All images via US Open website