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This morning we announced our media partnership with MCON 2016. Before you try to tell yourself that it stands for a convention for moms, music, muffins, or any other word that starts with an ‘m’, just read what we have to say about MCON.

(PS: MCON stands for Millennial Engagement Conference)

We talked to Emily Yu, the VP of Marketing and Partnerships at the Case Foundation, and she gave us the lowdown on all of the good stuff that’s going to be happening at MCON 2016. On June 21, 22 and 23 the National Geographic campus (we <3  that place too) is going to be a hub of inclusive entrepreneurship, for-profits for good, exploration, public service, tech, creativity, social justice, and leadership. The way MCON works is that it not only gives its attendees opportunities to listen to speakers who are leaders in various industries, but it also gives them the chance to attend panel discussions and talk to established individuals in fields that they have a grown interest in.

The itinerary of this three day conference is available in full detail on MCON’s website, which you can peruse at your own leisure, but some of the highlights include: a Political Townhall sponsored by The Washington Post, a Politics and Humor Panel sponsored by Funny or Die, and a Morning Run with the founder of CLIF Kevin Cleary. Also sprinkled throughout the three days are MCON hosted parties, lunches, and breakfasts. Yay!

MCON is a product of Achieve and the Case Foundation. Both of these organizations are dedicated to helping people who want to do good and giving them the tools to do so.

“Our CEO Jean Case firmly believes that the next generation is already and will continue to transform how social change is made,” said Yu. “Not just making change but how social change happens, and that to me is part of why this is so exciting and helping see that come to fruition through MCON.”

The ideas of engagement and inclusion are at MCON’s core. What has made this conference successful (and worthwhile for its past attendees) is the fact that it gives people the opportunity exchange ideas through meaningful, in person interactions. MCON celebrates ideas for social change. Whether you’re tech oriented, business oriented, or creatively oriented MCON has a place for you.

Tickets are available for purchase on the MCON website. But because this is a millennial conference and because it’s 2016, there will also be a free live stream of the event available for anyone who can’t make it in person.