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2017, what a time to be alive! It’s kind of a little bit like that feeling you get when you’re in a creepy, isolated house with lots of glass windows at nighttime // you don’t want to look outside because it’s terrifying, but also, you should probably do it anyway just in case there is a psychopathic murderer standing in the woods. A REAL SOPHIE’S CHOICE, Y’KNOW?! It’s enough to drive any decent human being mad, so we’ve decided to ask friends and other cool people to give their two cents on how to remedy the insanity with self-care, whether it’s through YouTube videos, pictures of puppies, pizza…WHATEVER! 

Today’s sanity advice comes from BYT’s own Jose Lopez-Sanchez! Here’s what he suggests:

NPR Music’s YouTube Channel

I know that loving NPR is a DC cliche, but you’d have to be a heartless monster to fail to recognize the invaluable work they do in terms of education and cultural preservation. Specifically, NPR Music’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of incredible music and live performances from a wide range of artists – spanning household names to rising stars – and the crown jewel is the series of Tiny Desk videos. It’s hard not to crack a smile while listening to stripped down versions of songs by Gucci Mane, Corinne Bailey Rae, T-Pain, PWR BTTM, Anderson .Paakthe list goes on and on. It’s one of the best things our city has to offer, and people around the world. Even in these bleak times, Tiny Desk helps keep me sane. Many, many thanks to Bob Boilen, Robin Hilton, and the rest of the NPR Music team.