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2017, what a time to be alive! It’s kind of a little bit like that feeling you get when you’re in a creepy, isolated house with lots of glass windows at nighttime // you don’t want to look outside because it’s terrifying, but also, you should probably do it anyway just in case there is a psychopathic murderer standing in the woods. A REAL SOPHIE’S CHOICE, Y’KNOW?! It’s enough to drive any decent human being mad, so we’ve decided to ask friends and other cool people to give their two cents on how to remedy the insanity with self-care, whether it’s through YouTube videos, pictures of puppies, pizza…WHATEVER! 

Today’s sanity advice comes from BRANDON WETHERBEE, DC Editor extraordinaire! He says…


Seemingly every other year RuPaul becomes the celebrity that most impacts my life. 2016 was another year of Ru. What elevated the most important drag queen in human history to the front of my brain was their podcast What’s The Tee?

The show is hit or miss. It’s extremely guest dependent. The three most recent episodes features the best of the feed (2017 will be the year of Katya), a very good episode with Bruce Vilanch (really) and a nearly unlistenable 90 minute chat with co-host Michelle Visage.

Why is this keeping me sane? RuPaul has lived through more than most. And rather than fight for the next 4 years, RuPaul is going to party. And I am heeding RuPaul’s advice (It’s all in the most recent episode but it doesn’t really begin until after an hour in and you do not need to listen to Michelle try to convince RuPaul that she’s a theatre queen because it’s insufferable. Just trust me.).

The book that’s keeping me sane is Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bronx Is Burning by Jonathan Mahler. Similar to looking to RuPaul for guidance, I’m reading about the recent past to understand what’s going on.

The 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series victory will forever be tied to the election of Donald Trump. The 1977 Yankees are tied to the rise of Rupert Murdoch, the Son of Sam murders and the 77 NYC Mayoral race. Everything is tied to everything else and the book does a fantastic job connecting the dots. We don’t live in political or cultural bubbles. The world is not coming to an end. Like it or not, there will be a new president. Like it or not, 2017 MLB Opening Day is around the corner and we may have new World Series champions.