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2017, what a time to be alive! It’s kind of a little bit like that feeling you get when you’re in a creepy, isolated house with lots of glass windows at nighttime // you don’t want to look outside because it’s terrifying, but also, you should probably do it anyway just in case there is a psychopathic murderer standing in the woods. A REAL SOPHIE’S CHOICE, Y’KNOW?! It’s enough to drive any decent human being mad, so we’ve decided to ask friends and other cool people to give their two cents on how to remedy the insanity with self-care, whether it’s through YouTube videos, pictures of puppies, pizza…WHATEVER! 

Today’s sanity advice comes from yours truly, Jp Sisneros, BYT DC contributor and human who is tryin’ to stay sane RN! 

Here is what is keeping me sane!

My meds….

But in all seriousness this…

This is an audio clip from the piece “The Vistors” by Ragnar Kjartansson, a large-scale installation piece that was recently on view at the Hirshhorn. I am big a fan of both the Hirshhorn and Kjartansson, and this piece gave me the huge boost that I needed in a period of significant change in my life.

I would go three times a week just to see this piece, because the music and visual elements would sweep me away and bring me to transcendence. I also loved to watch other people experience it, as many others would feel the same way as I did, often brought to tears.

The exhibition is over… (sad face) but I recently discovered that you can get the audio of “The Vistors” on iTunes! This really keeps me going as I use it to reflect on my artistic endeavors and take a breath with all the shit going on around me. So if you ever see a guy with clear glasses, a black hat, and a large beard looking cathartic, I’m probably reflecting on life and its sentiments with this song.

I graduated college with a degree in Musical Theatre… Yes, that’s a thing. When I graduated I denounced performing and quit doing my favorite thing cause I became jaded and resentful. I even wrote a long dramatic post on blog about why I stopped performing.

However, after a series of events… I’m doing a show. Going back into the biz that I once thought was barbaric. It has been three years since I’ve done a show, and I am honored that I get to work at Signature Theatre in Arlington. The idea of getting to do something that I truly miss (and eventually being able to share that experience with BYT readers) really keeps me sane.