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all photos: Kimberly Cadena

Warren Brown’s Petworth home has got to be one of the best places for a child to grow up- your father is constantly inventing new ways for you to get a sugar high through his highly successful “From Scratch” cake baking empire, Cake Love.  Fortunately for Warren and his wife, they have a handful of precious months before their daughter is old enough to develop an addiction for the crack cocaine of solid foods- CAKE. An now, while their living room floorspace has been taken over by a giant infant jungle gym, their fridge remains the domain of the adults. Let’s take a peek inside.

Warren B's fridge-25

I thought perhaps their inside of the Brown family refrigerator would look something like Candyland, instead I saw organic produce and soy milk.

Warren B's fridge-3

The Browns prefer to cook for themselves- opting to grill chicken and fish. Warren assured me that I’m certain to run into multiple soy milk containers upon every visit to the fridge but never a piece of red meat.

Warren B's fridge-9

Warren B's fridge-12Warren B's fridge-13

When I saw that the Browns’ keep their own compost I remarked at how progressive and green they were, Warren looked at me and responded, “A compost bin? It’s just for like gross stuff if it’s left on the counter, Where else do you put all the smelly stuff? I mean we’re not like food-zealots about stuff, we just don’t eat certain things.

Warren B's fridge-23

I found items from the H Market, the Korean Market in Virginia on every shelf. The Browns like to shop at the market for their specialized Asian products as well as super cheap produce and a reasonably priced fish selection.

Warren B's fridge-11

Warren B's fridge-22Warren B's fridge-21

In Warren’s cheese drawer we found a massive nugget of homemade cream cheese which he told us was for use in a very special carrot cake recipe. Kimberly and I almost passed out when we saw this as we both adore carrot cake and prefer highly unbalanced cream cheese/bagel ratios.

Warren B's fridge-4

Warren B's fridge-8

As far as condiments go, Warren and family prefer brown mustard to mayonnaise and worship at the powers of Colgin’s Natural Liquid Smoke which is exactly what it sounds like- wood burning bbq stoke smoke condensed naturally into a bottle of magic.

Warren B's fridge-14 Warren B's fridge-15 Warren B's fridge-16

Warren B's fridge-5

Warren B's fridge-1Warren B's fridge-1

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