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all photos: Jeff Martin

May is FOOD MONTH on BYT (after SEX, focusing only on life’s necessities with our themes) and as such you can expect a visual overload of food posts. One of the regular columns we are doing is: WHAT’S IN YOUR FRIDGE; where we explore the window to everyone’s soul: the contents of their fridge/freezer.
We will be intruding onto the kitchens local people of note, readers, food critics and chefs, pr people and beyond.

Today: We barge into Washington City Paper Tim Carman’s Fridge (Read all about his misty water colored memories of our visit here)

Things you should know before we start: Tim Carman is the (terrific) food columnist for the Washington City Paper. He studied fundamental culinary techniques with Susan Watterson at L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg. He has been a staff member of The Houston Post, Kansas City Star and Houston Press (where he also served as the editor for James Beard Foundation winner Robb Walsh). Carman lives in Takoma Park with his wife and dog (Coltrane) and did not clean his fridge out for us, even a little. We appreciate him for it all the more.



Cereal, Bread crumbs, Schlafly reserve (a sign of craft beer madness to come), Nuts, White Birch soda from Foxon Famrs (available only in New Haven, though rumor has it Pete’s Pizza in Columbia Heights has a stash they’re currently selling), Kosher salt



Texas Memories, Beatles, Monty Python, Old articles, Invitations of all kinds (clicking to enlarge images is always recommended on BYT-ed) and  James Joyce’s refrigerator


\ fridge-timcamran-10 fridge-timcamran-1


lots of IGourmet.com cheeses (Cheese of the Month club was a Christmas present from Tim’s sister-in-law): pavve vecchio, raschera, Sweet Orange Marmelade, Quince Paste, Homemade Apricot compote, Soy Sauce, Lots of Asian centric spices (“You really can’t cook without them”-I wonder where we heard that one before?), Capers (officially becoming the fridge mascot in this series), Chili Garlic adn Lemon Sauce, Lime Pickle, Wasabi Mustard, Honey Truffle Mustard,Salad Dressing, Pearlized Onions,  KRAFT single cheese slices

fridge-timcamran-15 fridge-timcamran-14



LOTS OF BOTTLES: Apple Cider, DogFish Head Beers (Carmans served only “90 Min” at their wedding, which is such a high alcohol percentage beer that Tim’s father-in-law ended up leaving the reception to bring in some more of “the normal beers”), Rogue Beer, Raging Bitch Flying Dog Ale (“Really good”), STUBBS’ BBQ Sauce (Carman lived in Texas for a while and has a smoker n the back yard but they actually don’t use the sauces that often because “if you do it right, you really don’t need much sauce”), Struffoli take out from New Haven, where Carman has been spending time for a story, Whole Jalapeno peppers, Concorde grape paste, Grape Jam, Pineapple Coconut Mango relish, Relish, White Fig & Balsamic Jam, Tandoori Paste, Eden Organic Barley Paste (which they use in their bagel dough, to cut the sweetness a little), Red Peppers in Garlic, Ketchup, Mustard, Eggs, minced garlic, Mayo, Coltrane’s dogfood (boiled beef & rice, since he is an old dog and needs soft, simple foods), Cornichons, Pickled Wild Cucumber, Ricotta Cheese, Salsa, Tonic Water, Peach Butter, Sake, Orange Juice, Lemonade, Pickled Okra, Milk AND SO MUCH MORE

fridge-timcamran-29fridge-timcamran-23 fridge-timcamran-22 fridge-timcamran-24 fridge-timcamran-18 fridge-timcamran-29fridge-timcamran-26 fridge-timcamran-30


One lone head of lettuce (“This goes to show just how much we actually cook in house”)



Smoker Meats, Hamburger Rack, Pie Crust, Zappardi’s frozen pizza, Lasagna from McLean’s Keaton Hopkins’ Cucina 39, Crawfish, Hamburger Rolls, Pork Spare Ribs, Fresh (frozen) Pasta, Brocolli & Pasta, Original Skyline Chilli, More fresh pasta, Lobster ravioli, Roasted Salmon, Strip Steaks, Fetuccini (are we noticing a meat/pasta pattern here, because we should, Bone Marrow, SoCo Creamery’s Mackintosh Graham Cracker Ice-cream  (“We usually have much more ice cream around”), Chicken Sausages, Filo ough, White Beans, More Frozen Dog food AND Teeth ice cubes.

fridge-timcamran-46 fridge-timcamran-44 fridge-timcamran-45 fridge-timcamran-43 fridge-timcamran-42 fridge-timcamran-41 fridge-timcamran-54 fridge-timcamran-53 fridge-timcamran-47fridge-timcamran-50 fridge-timcamran-49 fridge-timcamran-55

And that is what is in Tim Carman’s fridge: Food writers need their comfort Italian food too. And good beers.

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