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all photos: Jeff Martin
all words: Mai Nguyen

Casey Patten and David Mazza are both Philadelphia natives and co-founders of Taylor Gourmet. For those of you who don’t know yet, Taylor Gourmet is a popular Italian deli that serves superb hoagies with several locations in the D.C. metro area. A few weeks ago, they both graciously welcomed us into their homes, and more importantly, their fridges.

First up is Casey!


At first glance of his overflowing fridge, it was a bit surprising to hear that he actually lives alone because there’s enough to feed a whole family of five!

TaylorFridgesforBYT17 TaylorFridgesforBYT21

As a huge sandwich whiz, its no wonder that his fridge has a whole section dedicated to just high-quality cheese such as port wine cheese, goat cheese, provolone and romano.




Another food item that he’s not short on is meat. He has beef, prosciutto, minced ham, cured ham, “enough margarita pepperoni to last through the next nuclear war,” and “insane, insane, insane” Andouille sausage given to him from an employee who got it 100 miles outside of New Orleans. Even when he opened his freezer for us, there was so much vacuumed-sealed meat that it started spilling over.

TaylorFridgesforBYT14 TaylorFridgesforBYT13 TaylorFridgesforBYT16

However, if he had to choose one, Patten says he wouldn’t be able to live without Taylor Pork Roll (no connection to Taylor Gourmet) which he describes as a “better version of Canadian ham.”


Casey loves coming up with new dishes by using whatever he has. Being the awesome cook that he is, he graciously shared a recipe for an amazing breakfast perfect for those hangovers.

Boil a couple of eggs, cut in half and scoop out the egg yolks. Here’s the recipe for the filling:
– Boat load of pork roll
– Egg yolks
– Paprika
– A touch of cayenne
– Heinz 57
– Goat cheese
– Mayo
– Parsley
(The basic idea is that its deviled eggs with pork roll filling.)

So why does he have so much meat and cheese? Well, Casey describes his fridge as a reflection of what is going in the store. Taylor Gourmet often samples a lot of items to bring the customers the best items, and instead of throwing the “rejects” away, he takes them home.

Favorite Snack: Pepperoncini, which he eats like popcorn!


Currently Obsessed with: Kumquats (he’s a huge candy junkie so he’s trying to eat healthier and calls these “natural Sour Patch Kids”)


Fun Fact: Proud owner of a bottle of Avion Tequila (many of you Entourage fans may know this significance)

Next, we stopped by David’s crib.

Like Yin and Yang, David’s fridge was the complete opposite of Casey’s fridge. Its a bit bare aside from a few condiments, bottles of water and frozen food. However, David and his girlfriend just moved into this new location in mid-February (and we stopped by about two weeks after when they had moved in) which may explain the lack of food.

TaylorFridgesforBYT41 TaylorFridgesforBYT44









But where David lacks in food, he makes up with his amazing hot sauce collection.


David loves hot sauce and of course he has the ever so popular rooster sriracha as well as the regular tabasco (which is his favorite). Its a pretty amazing collection with brands from Korea, China and other countries.

TaylorFridgesforBYT26 TaylorFridgesforBYT27 TaylorFridgesforBYT28


Don’t worry though, David and his girlfriend don’t starve themselves just because their fridge is empty. They both enjoy eating out and getting take out a lot. A few of their favorite places are Mandu, Chipotle, A&J (in Annandale), Pho 75 and a papusas place in Columbia Heights.

When David does cook, his quick go-to meal is:
– Mario Batali Aruba sauce as a base
– Hot sausage out of casing (cook down until its brown)
– A little butter
– Polenta with broccoli and a bit of rum

Favorite Snack: Wasabi Peas & Goldfish

TaylorFridgesforBYT40 TaylorFridgesforBYT45

Go-To Hangover Breakfast: Shin Ramyun Noodles