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Ah, the Silver Line, DC’s current pride and joy. It opens up the world of the Metro to a whole new batch of people – but apparently not that many people who read on public transportation. After traversing the singular Silver Line stops past Falls Church for two hours and not encountering any book readers (granted, it was mid-afternoon on a Wednesday, so the stations were all but empty), I made my way back up the line to some of the more popular stops that were still Silver. Thanks to these two readers for chatting while waiting for their train.silverlinereading2

Name: Danielle

What are you reading? The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais

Why are you reading it? I really like cooking and French things and this is a book about French and Indian cooking.


Name: Rob

What are you reading? A Whole Different Ball Game: The Sport of Business and Baseball by Marvin Miller

Why are you reading it? Sometimes I like to listen to music, but you know how when you start reading a book you just can’t stop? That’s where I’m at right now with this one. I read 30 pages on the way to work.